Last chance to post that card – A gentle Jayne reminder….

Last chance to post that card – A gentle Jayne reminder….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. How’s your day been? An ever optimistic friend of mine always used to say that we have good days and growing days. Well, in that case, I’ve grown lots today!

Just seem to have rolled from one bullshit situation into the next one. And I still can’t get into my PJ’s yet and switch off! Ah well, this too shall pass. But these are just irritating little pebbles in my shoe – not harrowing  game changers. So let’s get it in perspective, shall we, Gray ?!? In fact, when I stop to reflect, there’s nothing wrong. All merely opportunities to prove I can handle them!

I was thinking about dear Jayne today. Jayne Nestorenko. Do you know it’s almost 2 years since she died. TWO years. Doesn’t seem possible. Boom. She loved Christmas.

So you see, in an instant, problems? What problems? Change the subject, before you get sad, Gray.

Do you know this artwork by Jayne? It is so special. Just like she was.

Crikey! Cards! I haven’t written mine yet!! Have you?  When’s the last post?

Got one more business call to make at 7.30. Then I’m off the hook, so perhaps I can write a few this evening.

What are our posting hours? Can I ask tomorrow and get back to you? I know everybody’s still a-pickin and a-packin at Clarity, but when the Royal Mail cut off is I’m not altogether sure.

Friday is our Christmas Ding Dong Lunch, and the office will be shut after 12 noon.
Monday, Christmas Eve, Clarity is CLOSED.
Mrs Santa said we ALL need a day off.
Love & Hugs
Mrs Santa

26 thoughts on “Last chance to post that card – A gentle Jayne reminder….

  1. Christmas Eve is hubby’s birthday and the day after Boxing Day is my mother’s. We always have extended celebrations which bookend Christmas nicely. Just got to remember to make their birthday cards now lol. Enjoy the rest and family time everyone and thanks for all your hard work.

  2. What lovely memories of Jayne and hated to believe that it is 2 years. She is fondly remembered.
    My new club plate and newsletter arrived today, so thank you. It is lovely. I was sorry to hear that Dave’s health has been causing concern again and yet you still make sure that all we blog followers don’t miss out. What a wonderful lady you are, but please remember that we would all understand if you missed
    a day. Family first! Anyway, I do hope that Dave is ok.
    Enjoy this week of anticipation. Christmas and your kids arriving! 😀 hugs Annette X

  3. Hi Barbara, love reading your blog, love Jaynes plates, have used them a lot this year.
    Today your letter and the club Groovi plate arrived, love that too.
    You mentioned Dave not been well, do hope he’s ok now.
    Nearly there for Christmas, enjoy your family time and have well deserved rest
    Love and God’s Blessings to you all xx

  4. Hard to believe two years have passed since Jayne died – how time flies eh? Hope the last business call goes well so you can put those pj’s on and curl up with Dave. Looking forward to finding Elvis tomorrow. Much love. Xxx

  5. Just stay focused on that lovely Christmas lunch when I am sure you will all relax and enjoy yourselves. Not long now I bet before your kids arrive for all the festivities, that will lift your spirits. I never know the posting dates just hope my cards get there in time. Still there is always one that arrives from someone at the last minute that I have forgot. xx

  6. Royal Mail’s last Christmas posting dates for 2018

    •Tuesday, December 18 for second class mail.
    •Thursday, December 20 for first class mail.
    •Saturday, December 22 for special delivery
    Did you hear me scream when I looked it up? How did that happen?! And I don’t even have the last business call to make. Rest well.

  7. Hi Barbara and everyone, well it’s nearly here!!!! Sometimes I think all of this for just two or three days.
    I here you all say hum bug !!! But still love the time with family and friends.
    Yes time goes by so quickly, as you say two years since Janyne passed. When I first started card making Jayne was thought to be the best and we all looked up to her .
    Sorry to here Dave’s has not been to well I wish him a speedy recovery.
    Thank you Barbara and all your staff at Clarity for all the hard work and patience you all have.
    Wishing you and all a great Christmas and a happy New year.
    Lynn xxx

  8. Hello Barbara, last Royal Mail posting dates as follows:-
    Royal Mail 2nd class – Tuesday 18th Dec
    Royal Mail 1st class – Thursday 20th Dec
    Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed Saturday 22nd Dec. Hope this helps. Received my club goodies today, and was sorry to here about Dave. Hope everything is OK. When something troubling comes into our lives, the old saying a problem shared is a problem halved often rings true. Sharing with other people lightens the burden, caring for each other is what life is all about. Never feel you can’t share your woes Barbara, although we are not physically present we can send love and support to you from across the miles. Hope you and Dave have a lovely evening, lots of love to you both Donna X

  9. As it is now 8pm hopefully you will have finished your phone call & been able to switch off for the rest of the evening. Last 2nd class post is tomorrow & 1st class is on Thursday. I think I have done all mine now just my mom’s to sort out tomorrow when I go over. Christmas seems to be gathering a pace & my to do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter but hopefully all will be done in time.

  10. Oh lovely Jayne, still missed by so many people. Like many others, it was Jayne who got me started in paper craft. In fact, I still have a recording of her last appearance on C&C when she introduced her last Christmas stamps and watched it earlier this week. Sorry Dave has been unwell, hope he’s better soon.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Received my club goodies today and am sorry to hear poor Dave hasn’t been well – really hope he’s on road to recovery.Find it’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since lovely Jayne was taken from us. She is greatly missed by many people. My cards are all posted, but I’m lucky in that I don’t have a company to run and all that that entails. You’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment and if you don’t get cards written or sent, then so what? People who love you will understand. Your kids will soon be home , you will be able to recharge your batteries in the company of those that mean the most to you. Sending love and hugs to you and Dave, Alison xxxx

  12. Hello B arbara,
    Sorry to hear Dave has been unwell, but never be afraid to share your woes as we are all there to support you in thought if not in person.
    Received my club pack this morning and am looking forward to the new ones next year. They do mix and match well.
    Thanks to those who gave the posting dates for the UK but I think overseas dates have gone.
    We have no plans made from now until twelfth night, apart from food shopping, we just want to chill after a hectic year but we will watch your Hochanda show on the 25th. Hope you have recorded it and are not live at 7am!!!
    The stamps from Jayne are superb and I have used them a lot. Your sample shows just how good they are. She is missed by all.
    Try to switch off and have a relaxing evening with Dave. Hugs🍒🍒🍒

  13. The artwork from Jayne has been inspiring to the likes of me and it will continue for a long time. What a gift to leave something such as this for a legacy. Hope Dave is well on the mend and that you both have a happy festive time

  14. From reading your blog & the newsletter it sounds like you & yours have been through “it” girlie. Hang on in there, not long till you can keep your PJ’s on all flipping day if you want to!!👯
    I respect your thinking when it comes to prioritising. Family first every time. There’s a few people that I’ll miss this Christmas which makes making memories & investing in celebrating the season with people we love all the more important.
    Happy Christmas Hugs to you & the Clarity Family. 👬👫👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💏👭👬💑👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👭👫

  15. My club envelope was waiting for me tonight and the designs are beautiful. Sorry to hear about Dave not being well lets hope that the new year sees him on the road to recovery. Sad to think about people that won’t be here to celebrate at Christmas, makes me more determined to appreciate all the times I spend with family. Hope your last call of the evening went well. XX

  16. Hope Dave recovers quickly sorry had bad day but next Monday will be so much better with beautiful Grace and Marc landing. Sending big hugs and lots love pray tomorrow is a better day xxx

  17. Sorry to hear that Dave hasn’t been well, hope he is feeling much better by now and that you can get to relax. It’s funny how at a festive time we think about those we love who are no longer with us. It’s always been a poignant time for me as I lost Dad on 23rd December, a long time ago. It doesn’t seem 2 years since dear Jayne passed away. Just love her stamps especially the Christmas ones. My happy envelope arrived this morning, really lovely. Thinking of you Barbara, you just need a holiday and time with your love

  18. Hope your call went well and that you’re now in relaxation mode? I’ve been quite organised about Christmas this year but I’m behind work wise sadly! Tomorrow is another day though so I’ll keep chipping away and hope it will all get sorted by Friday. Big hugs to Dave and hope he’s on the mend x

  19. Hello, yes time flies………………
    Have a wonderful Christmas time , time to relax and having fun with the families.
    The whole clarity Team made a fantastic Job in 2018 !
    Thank you ,

  20. Hi Barb, hope you got those PJ’s on and sat and relaxed with that lovely hubby of yours for a while. A fitting tribute to Jayne, she was such a lovely and soft spoken lady, with bags of talent, and eager to teach and share her knowledge. Big stress about the posting dates. Have to get a wiggle on. Take care all. Bx

  21. Lovely to get my club goodies today. Hope that things are getting a bit better. Grace and Mark will soon be home and I hope that the Clarity Team have a fantastic break,my goodness you all deserve it after such a hectic year.

  22. Thanks for my club plates, all lovely, which arrived yesterday. Sorry to hear Dave hasn’t been well and I hope he’s recovering now. It’s lovely that Grace & Mark will be over again, it doesn’t seem two minutes since it was last Christmas! I’v done my cards now, but have my sister’s birthday to do for Sunday. I thought that was it but now of course we have great nephew’s 1st birthday on 29th! I think the no. 1 might be out for that ! I love Jayne’s plates and stamps and her flower stamps are the go to if I cant think of anything to do. I bet the team can’t wait for the break ! X

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