Not a day too soon…

Not a day too soon…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Just tuned in to the latest news of chaos from Gatwick. A drone has brought the airport to a standstill? Over 750 flights have been cancelled? They are bringing in the military to find the operator? Dearie me. Am I right in thinking that a lot of schools finished yesterday? So a lot of families will be flying out to love ones and on holiday today? What a shame for those people. I watched an interview of a very elderly couple who were flying somewhere. Or not. 5 hours on the runway in the plane, then unloaded into the airport again. What a bloody shambles. If that were my parents, it would finish them off.

So this morning, you can imagine how grateful I was when I looked in on our Mark, who was sound asleep in our house, in the freshly made bed, with the lovely clean linen. Not kipping on the floor at some airport, like hundreds and hundreds of people right now. He flew in to Gatwick South Terminal yesterday at 12 noon. One day later. One day later, and the whole system has collapsed because of somebody’s poxy drone. Wait till they catch the offender. And they will.

What kind of idiot gets pleasure out of causing chaos and upsetting peoples’ plans like that? Do these people get off on the power trip, do you think? The fact that they CAN adversely affect others is evidently enough. Some kind of perverse spite sport. Pretty sick though.

Rant over. Spent the day with Mark, and was thankful to be able to.

He took his Mum for a Full English! Full plates and empty stomachs one minute –

Empty plates and full stomachs the next! We do like our HP Sauce, don’t we Markie?!?

I remember Grace last year, having a little epiphany whilst studying the HP Sauce bottle on the kitchen table.

“Mum Mum !! Did you know that HP stands for Houses of Parliament?”

So we all pretended we knew that, but of course, we probably didn’t….

“Look! There’s a picture on the front of the bottle of the Houses of Parliament. HP. Houses of Parliament. Get it?”

Aha moment? Come on! Confess. Who didn’t realise that?

We had our breakfast in a rather impressive building : Brenchleys of Maidstone

What a wonderful room! Mark and I had neither of us been in there before. We don’t usually go to Maidstone, except to visit the Golden Boot, the BEST shoe shop in the world for those of us blessed with big feet! Was it a Dance Hall back in the day? Was it a glorious library? What could it have been?  Our interest was peaked, so I googled it…

NatWest Headquarters. It was a blimming Bank, built as a bank for the bank. Oh how the mighty crumble. Nowadays you have to search high and low for a NatWest branch in ANY high street. And here they had a magnificent, splendid, prime location. What it is now? An upmarket Wetherspoons to be honest. Boy oh boy. Is this a race to the bottom?

Ah well.

We got our big shoes for big feet, spent a glorious day together, talking good sense. He’s off up to London to meet his mates for the evening, and now it’s time for me to go to the pottery studio and collect my pieces out of the kiln from last week. Woohoo!!!

Grace flies in to Heathrow on Saturday. I do hope she lands safely, with no drones or glitches. What a crazy world we live in.

Have I mentioned Clarity? No. Not a word about it. I handed it over to the team today, so that I can savour the time with my boy.

Love & Hugs,



34 thoughts on “Not a day too soon…

  1. How have I reached the age of 60 without knowing t that fact about HP sauce. This blog is a mine of knowledge. Enjoy the next few days xx

  2. How fabulous to be able to spend the day with Mark and what a gorgeous breakfast it looked too. I think our country is going to the dogs personally, no banks in any high street but pubs galore!! Hope Grace makes it home ok too. Enjoy your family time Barb, you so deserve it. Hope Dave’s doing ok?? Much love xxx

  3. What a handsome boy you’ve got there, Barb. Enjoy every minute. I know you will. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for us during the year. I know Clarity is a business but it is a very different business. We only meet at the Open Day and the Parchment Retreat but I can honestly say I look on you , Dave and the team as my friends. Clarity is a glowing example of reaping what you sow. Fingers crossed that Grace arrives safely on Saturday with no hitches. Hope Dave is better now. Love Rachel xx

  4. I have to say, quite truthfully, that I did know what HP stood for. It’s my age. I have a few years on you, Karen. I am glad Mark arrived before this dreadful situation and hope that Grace does not get caught up. I feel so sorry for those who were hoping to fly out to meet up with much loved family and friends. I believe the criminals can be put into prison for five years. They deserve a lot more than that after the distress they have caused. Well done to you, Barb, for letting the team get on while you spend precious time with Mark. xxx Maggie. (Silvercrafter)

  5. I hope those responsible are made to pay for all those spoilt trips to Lapland, lost honeymoons & precious time at Christmas with family and friends. Thankfully I have finished work today and we go out for our office lunch tomorrow so I wish you Barbara, Dave & family a very happy Christmas. I also send good wishes to all at Clarity Towers, enjoy your Christmas lunch & I look forward to reading about your celebrations. Happy Christmas to you all & enjoy a much deserved rest xx

  6. How lovely, to see you enjoying time with Mark. I am so relieved that Grace is coming into Heathrow, as the situation at Gatwick is bound to have a knock on effect, once it is resolved. It incenses me so much that I can’t watch it on the news, or I cry. To see those poor people, desperate to see their families and many having saved for ages to do so, facing the prospect of missing their trip is just too awful.
    I am looking forward to seeing your pottery.
    Have a wonderful time at the Clarity party tomorrow and my very best wishes for a Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you for everything this year. Hugs Annette X

  7. I didn’t know that about HP ! Nor did hubby ! Learnt something today. As for the drone business – can’t get my head around it, those poor people just stuck and their plans in ruin. Let’s hope they do catch them and make them pay and come up with something to stop this happening again. In the meantime I hope the pottery turned out well and can’t wait for the pics! Enjoy your time with the family. X

  8. Look that breakfast looks really yummy! We’ve not been out for breakfast for a while but I think we’ll wait now til after Christmas.
    Colin loves his HP sauce whereas I prefer tomato ketchup!
    I hope Gracie gets home ok on Saturday! I watched the debacle about the drones on the news today! The sooner they catch the people concerned the better and I hope they dish out a decent punishment for them to act as a deterrent to others too!
    Have a great day tomorrow with the clarity crew! You all deserve a rest and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Glad. You are having some down time with your son and Grace coming home tomorrow.
    The place where you had breakfast, was so beautiful a lovely high ceiling.
    Hope Dave is feeling a lot better now.
    Have a great Christmas and New year,also all good wishes to Clarity Towers have a good one after all the hard work you all have put in looking after our orders.
    Lynn xx🎄

  10. Hi Barbara,
    What a handsome son you have, he’s got your smile, and it’s so good you have some quality time together. Hope Grace’s journey is uneventful too.
    I think the person flying the drone is suffering from jealousy and wants to hurt people who are happier than they are. Such a shame that so many Christmases are being ruined. There is enough turmoil in the world without this.
    Hope your pots turned out well.
    Having spent 2 days stamp in’ and Groovi’n l am very relaxed and looking forward to the coming days. Have been looking at past blogs for inspiration and reminders. So useful, like a crafting encyclopaedia. Thank you for all you put into this.
    Good night, sleep tight.🍒🍒🍒

  11. It’s staggering how a few individuals find this stupid act satisfying. Hopefully they will catch the idiots very soon. It’s almost like a disaster movie isn’t it?I’ve finished work today too so I can fluff pillows and tweek the decs & buy more chocolate, talking of which………………..
    did you know (or even want to know😜) that M&Ms were named after the founders of the Mars company Forrest Mars and William Murrie?
    (OH worked for Mars owned company, Pedigree Petfood, so is full of fascinating facts. He didn’t know the HP fact either 🤔)
    I’m a Heinz Tomato Ketchup girl myself💝

  12. Ketchup is my favourite.
    What a shame about the drones. They will have to restrict ownership and make them identifiable. Someone has already said that the maximum sentence is five years for the drone offence. But there are alternatives. Whoever is doing it is causing fear, alarm and distress to quite a number of people – which is assault, if passengers complain to the police to make it an individual offence. Also, it is the first time I have wondered about restorative justice – imagine having to meet 10 000 people to say you are sorry and listen to how it made them feel… That could take longer than five years. And it might be the best option if it is a child on holiday, though for this I think the rule should be waived and they should be named and shamed however old. Since the drone was out at 3 am reportedly, their parents need a serious discussion too, if it is a child.
    Anyway, let’s ignore them as far as possible, rather than reward their attention seeking. Thank you Barbara for sharing Mark and your breakfast. Far more the spirit of the season. I am glad you have left work behind today and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas – as well as everyone else on here and connected.

  13. Errmmm nope I didn’t know H.P. stood for houses of Parliament. How strange? I wonder why? Glad you have had a good day with Mark, I have had a quick bite to eat in Brenchleys before so I did know it was a bank, I love the dome on the ceiling. Hope your makes at pottery are beautiful. XX

  14. Evening bloggy friends, had a tiding afternoon and part way through got a bit bored so did some crafting! More to tidy tomorrow but I made a big dent in the mess today so not as bad. XX

  15. How lovely that you got to spend time with Mark in such beautiful surroundings. Our local ‘spoons in Cambuslang is also very grand. It has been beautifully restored after it seen decline as a bingo hall. Originally it was a cinema and they gallery has been restored complete with mannequins in 1920s clothing and usherettes with confectionary trays. Even some of the seats down stairs are old cinema chairs!
    I love how lots of old buildings are being repurposed and restored for future generations to enjoy.

  16. Hi Barb,
    I bet Mark is so pleased he landed yesterday. I can’t believe the stupidity, selfishness and total irresponsibility of some people – not Mark! No the mindless person/people who sent a drone up. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I heard. All those poor people who’ve had their plans,hopes and dreams shattered in one stupid act. I’m sorry but 5 years is not enough punishment ( especially when they’ll probably be out in a couple of years) – there needs to be a really stiff, harsh punishment. Anyway ,I’m pleased you’ve had a lovely day with Mark. The ex bank looks fabulous ( love the dome). Hope you were pleased with your latest creations, can’t wait to see the photos. Love and hugs,Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well what a washout today was! I was so looking forward to going to York( which I love), but 20 minutes after arriving in the city centre ,the heavens opened! I felt like a drowned rat and wished that I had webbed feet and feathers! My knee was aching like mad with the dampness, so after 1 and half hours we’d had enough and drove home again. Serious waste of a day even if I did get a couple of bargains in sales! Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  17. madness what is happening at Gatwick. Such a shame for all those families whose plans are being destroyed, there was one set of parents taking their kids on a surprise trip to Lapland, not happening. Makes me feel like crying. I did not know that about HP, will store that away in case it comes up in a quiz. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your lovely boy. xx

  18. It’s lovely for you to spend time with mark hope grace doesn’t get caught up in any disruption.
    Hope this idiot gets a proper sentence when they catch him so sad for all the people traveling.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family hope Dave is feeling brighter?christmas wishes to all at clarity xxx

  19. Stupid people don’t give a ‘flying fig’ to the possible (probable) chaos their actions cause so I sincerely do hope they catch them! Good to see your ‘boy’ has a healthy appetite and that you both enjoyed your breakfast. I must admit (sad person that I am) I did know about HP sauce, comes from it being my brother’s fav way back when we were children… never really understood its attraction tho’. xx

  20. Hello Barb, such lovely photos of Mark, he really is good looking. So glad you spent some quality time with him. I think I need to go to Maidstone, not just for the breakfast, but for the shoe shop too, as I struggle for shoes, having been blessed with big feet. Whenever I moaned, my Mom would always say, at least I was firmly anchored. I wonder if my hubby knows about the HP sauce fact, he loves it, may quiz him on that. As for the idiot with the drone, I would pay money to see when they arrest them and cart them off to jail. I could think of a prefect, but very un-ladylike term to describe them. Glad to hear that Grace will soon be home too. Take care all. Bx

  21. Hi Barbara!
    Just wanted to say how pleased I am that you’re getting into pottery! I studied ceramics at uni and it has been an interest of mine for years ( too busy at Hochanda for it to be anything more these days!) so if you need any help give me a shout!!
    Anyway, Hope you and the family have a lovely Christmas & New Year. Xx
    P.s. He’s a good looker, your Mark!!!

  22. How Barb so glad you’ve got time to spend with the family after you’ve worked so very hard all year. We’re off to Romania on Monday to spend Christmas with my daughter-in-law’s family (thankfully flying from Heathrow). It will be very different from our traditional Christmas are home, but I am cooking a British Christmas dinner on Boxing Day to share with the Romanians (got the Christmas pudding ready to pack!) 🎄🎁

  23. So pleased for you Barbara, It will be lovely to have them around you. I am sure Grace will arrive with no incidents either, they are going to be hot on it now. I think it’s always one of the safest times to travel,(after something happens). Wishing you all the very best for the most happiest of Christmases together. Here’s to an amazing New Year 2019 for everyone.Take care and lots of love.xx

  24. I love this blog entry a lot as we all read it every day and think/say “when are you going to take a break Barb?!”. Now, you have your lovely son and your beautiful daughter will be with you in a few hours! Christmas time is for family and you will have yours. THAT is what makes me happy. Love you xx

  25. Seem to be a day behind howdod I not do yesterday’s may be the excitement of are wardrobes coming third time was supposed to deliver first time said lost them don’t know how you loss to big heavy wardrobes so anyway arrived at last. Sounds like you and Marc had a great day full English very nice new shoes sounds great pray no problem with flights tomorrow so Grace arrives safely to the right airport will you sleep tonight with excitement have to look for today’s blog know xxx

  26. Glad you had a good time with Mark. You must be so proud of your boy. I hope Grace arrives safely and on time. Wishing you, your family and all at Clarity Towers a happy. healthy and peaceful Christmas. xx

  27. Well said Barbara. Your blog is such a good read. Thankyou again. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and new year.

  28. It’s sad to say, as someone who really dislikes all sauces, that I did know about the origins of HP sauce, although I really don’t know how! One of those random things you pick up along the way I guess. So sad for all those folk who had their travel plans disrupted. I was so relieved we had decided to drive rather than fly down for our Christmas trip to see family. Enjoy your time with Mark x

  29. What a lovely day and yes what a blooming going on with these flipping drones. Glad both of your children made it home. Don’t forget to show us your pottery pieces, I love reading about your potty adventures lol x

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