Last Day of the Year.

Last Day of the Year.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Are you celebrating this evening? Seeing the old year out? Welcoming the new year in?

Dave and I are keeping it quiet, staying in, lighting a log fire and generally keeping out of trouble!

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

Yep. A busy year indeed!

So as we gear up to tackle 2019 and all it has to offer, may I just take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty, friendship and support throughout the past year, and wish you health, wealth and happiness in the year ahead.

My New Years resolutions? To never ever tire of doing the next right thing. How about you?

Love & Hugs always,



63 thoughts on “Last Day of the Year.

    1. Just want to wish you and clarity family a very Happy New year. Your products and appearances on Hochanda have really helped inspire me throughout what has been a horrendous year health wise.
      Can’t wait to see what you do next 😊

  1. Happy New Year Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity family ! We are going to family but as hubby as a cold they might chuck us out ! As we’ve ended the old year with an accident I hope things don’t get worse than that in the new one ! Loved all the things you’ve done and a beautiful photo ! Look forward to 2019 to see what you come up with next ! X x x

  2. We are staying quiet tonight as well. Out an awful lot last week and it has caught up on us a bit. Lot for us to celebrate this last year and I hope 2019 will bring more joy. Wishing you and Dave a very Happy New Year. xx

  3. Yes it is a quiet night for us too. Just too much bother to fight with the crowds to sit in a pub and not be able to hear ourselves think!! And on top of that you have to pay to go into your local??? I don’t think so!! Looking forward to all you are planning to bring us in 2019, I just hope I can keep up!! Lol. Hope you have a happy, healthy New Year. Much love. Xxx

  4. Wishing you a wonderful new year too. I’m staying in tonight and happy to do so. I will continue to read your blog one day at a time….. xxx

  5. You and Clarity have certainly had an incredible year, both in the business but in your personal life. Your marriage to the lovely Dave has to be the highlight of the year, but even here, you thought how to give your guests something special to remember, and certainly succeeded in that aim. You have revolutionised the world of parchment with what you have given us this year, giving so many more people the chance to return to the craft as well as bringing hundreds in to try and fall in love with what was a dying art. It is hard to see how you can top 2018, but my New Year hope for you is good health for you both and the chance to enjoy each other’s company. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Happy new year Barbara. I’m not a great ‘poster’ but just want to say thanks for all your hard work and inspiration. I stray and dabble with other companies at times but always come back to you. Looking forward to what 2019 brings us all. xxx

  7. Hi Barbara I look forward to reading your blog but have only once put a reply in , so today is the day I must send you Dave and all the Clarity best wishes for the new year, yippee I ordered a Light wave today😀

    Love and best wishes
    Mary x

  8. Happy New Year to you, Dave and the whole Clarity family!
    Lovely sunny wedding picture – what a cracking couple you are.
    Like your New Years resolution Barb. Think I agree with you on that one.
    I’m having a low key evening too, I like it that way.
    Enjoy your evening and I look forward to seeing you at the retreat in the new year. Xxx

  9. We will be staying at home too. Thank you for all your inspiration this year and for sharing your wedding day with us. Wishing you, Dave and all the Clarity family all the very best for 2019. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us ( look out bank balance!!! ) 🙂 xxx

  10. Happy new year to you and Dave and your family Barbara. And of you need to rest in a peaceful area, welcome to Guergaro whenever it is a good ideafor you as long as we are there (2 or 3 years). Much Love to you and Dave. Elisabeth

  11. A quiet evening here too, watching the festivities on the TV & looking out for my brother & sister in law. They have tickets to watch the fireworks, a surprise birthday treat for my S in L & ticks off 1 of her bucket list.
    Wishing everyone a Healthy & crafty 2019. With what seems like an exciting year ahead for Clarity we won’t be wealthy in the money sense but we will be in the amount of knowledge & skills we will learn from each other. xx

  12. Happy new year to you and Dave and all at Clarity. Hope 2019 is as successful for you personally and business wise as this year was. Have a nice peaceful night. Xx

  13. Yes Barb – it has been a wonderful and fulfilling year for you and Dave. The highlight being your wedding – which you shared with us all, in your typically generous way.
    Team Clarity have all pulled together to support you and you all deserve the success that has been yours.
    Neill and I are staying in this evening (at my sister’s in Warwick) and looking after their dog, whilst they are away overnight to see in the New Year with long standing friends.
    I would like to wish you, Dave, Team Clarity and all the wonderful people on this blog – a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  14. Hi Barbara,
    First let me say what a beautiful photo, and what a momentous year for you all.
    I still cannot believe how fast the last year has gone and that Christmas is now behind us.
    Thank you for this great blog, not many would have treated us so well for 365 days without a break.
    2018 had its problems but they are now behind us and we must be positive looking forward. There look to be some exciting things coming from Clarity in the next few weeks to keep us busy.
    The bubbly is chilling, the dinner is prepared, and we’ve got some great films to watch this evening so
    may I wish you and Dave, your family, all at Clarity Towers and all our bloggy friends a Healthy and Happy New Year.
    Love and hugs to all
    from Cherry & Ray🍒🥂🥂🍒

  15. We are off to some friends in the village. There will be about 14 of us who can all walk there and back. Going out at our bedtime like the youngsters do!!
    Happy New Year to all of you and to all on the blog xx

  16. Happy New Year to you all too! Thankyou for the blog and the lovely craft work you show us. Lovely wedding photo! Looking forward to seeing what crafty things you have lined up for 2019! Xx

  17. Happy New year to you all at clarity ..
    We are spending it at Cobb’s bar Guildford ,staying in angel hotel , first time we’ve celebrated for about six years 😁😁 . Hope everyone has a good evening whatever you are doing x

  18. Happy New Year to you and yours Barbara and a Happy New Year to all of my bloggy fiends too! Hope 2019 brings you much health and happiness xxx

    Ditto Maggie’s words – you have given parchment craft the kids of life and I believe die cutting has had a real shot in the arm too!

  19. Happy New Year to you guys too.🎆🎇🎉🎊
    Thanks for all you’ve brought to my crafty world. I’m looking forward to all that 2019 has in store…….in fact I’ve saved my christmas money for that very purpose🤗
    Tonight will be OH, me and Jules Holland. Not that I can take him seriously after listening to Dead Ringers ont’ radio last week.😜

  20. Good heath Wealth and Happiness to you and yours.Yep all’s quiet in our household as well.All I can say keep doing what your doing as we all appreciate it as well as the blog each day a real laugh at times thoughtful at others. So hope I 2019 is as good as this Year

  21. Happy new year to you and all your Clarity team. Looking forward to next years goodies (even if the Bank Manger isnt😀). Having a restful night had my 2 grandchildren for 4 days one 5 years and one 15 months and I’m sooo tired. Might be asleep when 12 arrives. 😂.

  22. Happy New year to you too
    I’ve had a lovely day with my mum and grandson riding trains and trams in sheffield 😁. Then a quiet night in with the hubby xxx

  23. Just want to wish you and clarity family a very Happy New year. Your products and appearances on Hochanda have really helped inspire me throughout what has been a horrendous year health wise.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next 😊

  24. Happy New Year, Barbara, to you and yours. I look forward to seeing whatever you get up to next in 2019 – I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. Thank you for all your beautiful designs, and ideas, and the outpouring of creativity on this blog that just keeps on inspiring us. xx

  25. Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year. Quiet night in with pizza and Groovi. No resolutions as I will only break them & feel guilty although if I am two stone lighter this time next year I would be a happy bunny.
    Enjoy your celebrations everyone – whatever you do. Xxx

  26. Happy New Year to you and Dave and all at Clarity, looking forward to all the new goodies in 2019. Early bed and book for us two, 2019 will be there in the morning when it will be a long beach walk and home for the last cooked breakfast before its back to the dieting.

  27. Open fire sounds wonderful on a cold night. We are also staying in having a Pitzza takeaway just waiting for it to arrive. Happy new year to all at Claritystamp staff friends blogs etc and special to you and Dave Barbara and lots love Bob Joy and Karltie she is shouting Barbara is the best HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE XXX

  28. Hi Barb and Dave

    Myself,Craig,Kaci and Lola are too having a quiet night in,we will be watching Peter Rabbit (Again!) can you tell we love the film lol.
    Absolutely love everything you make,produce,and the way you are a lovely down to earth lady!! 💕 All the best for 2019 lovely Hugs Wendy xxx

  29. Thank you for everything this year and for taking the time to write your blog every single day.
    I hope that 2019 will bring you as much happiness as this year has.
    My very best wishes to everyone. X

  30. Happy new year to you, Dave, all at Clarity towers and all on here. Let us all remember to take care of ourselves x

  31. Hello Barbara – may my family and I wish you and your family and all the wonderful people who visit this blog everyday a very happy New Year. God Bless you all and here’s to a brilliant 2019. Lots of love Donna X

  32. Hi Barbara and everyone, wishing you all a brilliant 2019, with lots of new goodies to try.
    Wishing Barbara and Dave and all at Clarity a brilliant New Year.
    To all on the blog, have a good one , what ever you are doing.
    Lynn xx

  33. To Barbara, Dave and the whole Clarity family …… Happy New Year to you all, Looking forward to all thing new in 2019.

  34. Happy New Year Barb and Dave. Here’s to peace, love, health and happiness for 2019.
    All our very best wishes,
    Barb and Martin xxx

  35. Happy New Year Barbara and Dave
    We are like you staying in might open a bottle of bubbly later.
    As for any resolutions not given it a thought lol 😆
    Maybe I should resolve to make a Christmas card every week and not get so flustered trying to make them all last minute. Xxxx

  36. Hi Barb,
    Dave and I are having a quiet night in too. Just had a lovely meal and are now watching the latest Mission Impossible film , then later it will be Jools Holland – if I last that long! Thank you for everything you’ve done this year and I wish you, Dave ,your family, all at Clarity and everyone on this blog a very happy New Year and I hope that 2019 will be good for everyone. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  37. 2018 was a full on year for me too with my very successful trip to New York, which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Barb, Dave and all you lovely Clarityites. Then Samuel started at college and I had to get used to him not being here (still a work in progress!!)
    2019 isn’t looking as good at the moment but what I will promise is that I make the best of every situation, continue to be an advocate and ambassador for all the charities I work with, to visit, phone and be host to as many friends and family as I can and to be the best friend, daughter, sister and above all – Mum that I possibly can. Love and happy new year to each and every one of you xxxx

    1. I’m going to do a little groovi in bed looking forward to all the new clarity treats you bring to us in 2019
      Have a wonderful night with Dave sitting by the logfire
      Love and hugs to all on the blog for 2019 xxx

  38. Happy New Year to you, as well! I truly enjoy your blog and your videos. You make me smile, and you also make me believe I can make beautiful things!

    We never go out on NYE. Too many drunks out there, and here in Michigan, the weather is usually horrid. Raining right now, was freezing rain earlier. Yuck.

  39. Lovely photograph, thank you so much for the inspiration. Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year Barbara and Dave, and all at Clarity, and all on the blog. xxxxx

  40. Happy New Year everyone at Clarity, hope you and Dave have a great night and healthy and potty (pottery) 2019.
    Keep up the great work and am looking forward to August already.
    Early night as working tomorrow


  41. Hi Barbara
    WOW, so many messages today sending best New Year wishes to everyone. So I would like to join them in wishing You, Dave, your Family, your Extended Clarity Family, your Friends and everyone who reads your blog, health and happiness throughout 2019 with some fortune and luck thrown in for good measure, just so that we can all afford to purchase some of the lovely new Clarity goodies.
    I would like to thank you and your Dream Team for your devotion to all of us and your patience and inspiration that you fill our lives with.
    Love & Hugs

  42. Happy New Year to you and the whole Clarity family.
    Quiet night in for me, too – I had even thought that I might have an early night but I got engrossed in some Groovi work and lost track of time – with little over 40 minutes to go, I might stay up to see the New Year in after all!

  43. Happy new year to you and yours…. We had a quiet night in with a film and the telly. And calming Charlie down with all the fireworks.
    Thank you for all the inspiration over the last year and for all the innovations. But most of all thankyou for your friendship. That’s what makes being on your team very special.
    My resolution is to be happy and bring happiness to others if I can.
    Much love to you Xxxx

  44. Just got in from a very nice evening at our local, climbed the very steep hill home at a steady pace and had a welcome cuppa. The Christmas lights around Newlyn harbour were looking beautiful with all the colours reflected in the water.
    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year xx

  45. Happy and Prosperous New Year to the whole of the Clarity family. Thank you Barbara for making me smile and laugh out loud so many times. I hope that 2019 will be a good year for us all. First time I have commented here, but I read your blog every day. Once again a Happy New Year to you all.

  46. I’m another who rarely comments but would like to wish you, Dave and the whole Clarity family a very happy, peaceful and successful New Year x

  47. Happy New Year to all at Claritystamp, so many amazing innovative products, must get on and have fun creating with them, thank you too xx

  48. Hello Barb, we had a lovely evening out with family, but not manic. Wishing you and Dave a Happy and healthy 2019. Bx

  49. I stayed in my bed with an awful cold. Didn’t much care for the celebrations when feeling rough. Anyway, wishing you a Very Happy New Year to you and yours and all the magnificent team at Clarity! X

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