A little Bird told me…

A little Bird told me…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Is it time to go back to work yet? I’ve got so many new ideas bouncing around, I really can’t wait to get back to it now! It’s like that old punchline, “Right. Break’s over! Back on your heads!”

I somehow need the structure which Clarity gives me back in my life again; I love what we do, and am excited to get all the new ideas in place. We have had such a wonderful Christmas break with Mum, Dad, Grace, Mark and the rest of the family, and I’m feeling happily energised. There’s nothing like stepping back momentarily, to focus the mind and see what ahead more clearly.

The thing is, there’s so much in the Clarity pipeline, I really need to calm down and make a solid plan, one project at a time. The first thing I want to do is tighten the tent pegs on this ’ere blog! They’ve come a bit loose over the months, and I want to make sure that our tent, which has been a great little gathering place for well over 5 years – one day at a time – is not going to blow over any time soon!

Sunday’s Blog is always supposed to be a step by step project. Remember the little ditty which underpins this daily blog here?

Maybe it’s time to revisit it…

Monday’s Blog is Flowers and Trees

Then Youtube Tuesday’s Video please!

Wednesday’s Blog is from me to you;

Thursday’s Blog is art that’s blue.

Friday’s Blog a private peek.

Saturday’s Blog a new technique.

And the blog which is posted on the seventh day, is step by step – and typical Gray.

So how about a simple step by step that I made this morning, using the superb A Little Bird told me Fresh Cut die, which our clever Mel designed? It’s really easy!

The other challenge for me today is that the blimming blog engine I use has decided to change its format. So what should have been a 15 minute exercise, well rehearsed through daily repetition, has turned into a 2-hour tear-your-hair-out-phone-a-friend-called-Jim-process. 

I have managed to find the caption button, which is great. Now I just need to figure out how to be able to write in between the pictures. Aha! Pressed a button and it worked! Yikes. That’ll do for today!

Ready, steady, go!

Papercut the die out of a 5’’x 5’’ white cardblank
Cut a piece of Northern Lights Designer Paper to fit, and attach to the inside, using a glue runner around the outside, and a fluid PVA glue on the detail parts of the papercut.
Now you should have this beautiful papercut with a lovely muted background.
Let’s make the little bird stand out more. Add a little glue to the inner areas, and…
….find the scrap to fit the inner areas of the bird. This is called paper piecing.
Colour in the bird with Perga Colours, and whilst you’ve got them out, use the bullet ends of the pens to add colour highlights to the other inners of the leaves etc.
Just noticed that the price on these is very reduced…
Now use the grey Perga Colour to add a dropshadow underneath every leaf and branch. You will see how the papercut acts as your guide. Just nuzzle the nib against the raised edge, and drag.
Next, take the fine point of the black Perga Colour, and go over all the grey drop shadows, just tucking the fine nib into the paper cut. This will give an even greater 3-D effect.
Now let’s add some white highlights with the Pergamano white Gel pen. Brilliant little pen! Just lightly use the very tip to create tiny dots.

See how those little dots pull the whole thing together?

Well, I’m going to stop while I’m ahead here.
The Blog Gremlins are playing New Years games here!
Before I delete the lot, and have a fizzy fit, I’d best just say
See you tomorrow !
Where did that year go?!?!?

Love and Hugs,



38 thoughts on “A little Bird told me…

  1. Gorgeous, love the step by step and one of my favourite paper packs too! I am with you about how fast this year has gone! A jolly good one especially joining the Clarity family.
    Wishing you and Dave a fabulous 2019 and can’t wait to see what the new year brings.
    Linda xxx

  2. Don’t you just hate it when that happens !! Change is ok but if it’s not broke don’t fix it ! It always take so much more time, I used to moan when they upgraded our p.c.’s at work ! Never mind you sorted it with some help and produced a lovely project for us! Thank you x x

  3. Well who’d bloomin’ believe it. I’ve been playing with my christmas presents that Santa managed to wrap before I found them & this die was one of my creations. Started slow & simples with a basic black diecut stuck on a Kraft card, but now I can follow your demo. Thanks mate👍
    Also pleased with embossing the spruce trees mask & colouring with oxides. Love that the oxides react so beautifully with water as it all looked a bit muuuurr but finished up with a lovely card, even remembered a moon.🤗

  4. Hope you get to grips with the blog gremlins soon Barbara. Tomorrow will be my 900th blog post and will celebrate the first complete calendar year of blogging since I started mid 2015. I know how much work goes into a daily blog so thank you for leading the way.

  5. A beautiful little step by step there Barb, thanks for that. I agree with you that this year has gone by so quickly – and after the start I had to the year maybe it is just as well. Hoping for a much calmer 2019 I can tell you! Have a peaceful evening with the lovely Dave. Much love. Xxxx

  6. Love your Blog. I sometimes have to catch up and watch a few together and I often revisit when I want to find a particular technique. I am amazed at how many new ideas you keep coming up with and wish you, Dave and all the Clarity team a successful, happy and healthy New Year

  7. Looking forward to a great crafting year
    Love a brand new year with new plans and ideas.
    Here’s to a great 2019 with lots of new crafting goodies and revisiting some of my clarity stash.
    Happy New year to you all xx

  8. Thank you so much Barbara, for all your blogs. I read them every day and really enjoy them. Looking forward to another year with Clarity. Happy New Year to you and Dave. May 2019 fulfill all your dreams. Love and hugs. X

  9. Hi Barbara and everyone, what a lovely step by step today.
    I am just getting started with die cutting, but have bought the Fresh Cut Dies. Looking forward to the New Year challenging my self with your dies.
    Watched your U Tunes and they are great .
    Have a great New Year,
    Lots of good wishes to both you and Dave,and all at Clarity.
    Lynn xx

  10. Good old Jim coming to the rescue again! Love the use of the die! Wish I had energy to do a bit of crafting but just had three grandchildren and a great nephew round and my energy has gone!

  11. Best wishes to all l feel quite sad my craft group withMaria has stopped at Little Suttton l have enjoyed it so much .Pamx

  12. Super blog today – thanks Barb. You’ve inspired me to get into my new craftroom and have a go at this one – it’s really lovely. Happy New Year to you and all the Clarity team…

  13. Wrote a nice reply on my laptop, could not find the emogi I wanted, went back to the blog, guess what, it was all gone. I hate computers!!! Can’t go through it all again, just want to say I love what you do and look forward to what you and the team come up with next year.
    Have a good evening.

  14. You are such an inspiration Barb, with your easy to follow steps you make me feel I can achieve this technique. I can’t wait to get back to normality and start Grooviing again and my resolution for 2019 is to start using Clarity stencils.


  15. Another great step by step. Really looking forward to all the New Year brings from Clarity stamp. Happy 2019 to you, Dave and all the team xxx

  16. Thanks for sharing another way of using the dies. My 9 year old granddaughter passed the comment ” hasn’t this year gone quick” over Christmas so it’s not just the adults who think it has. Looking forward to seeing what you have in the Clarity pipeline, sounds very exciting.
    I had to move some of my craft stash out of the spare room to make room for the bed to be put up for Christmas guests so I have vowed to a) have a sort out as I bring it back down the garden & b) complete the projects I have gathered the bits for !! We will see how that goes !! In theory I should have next Christmas sorted in plenty of time instead of the last minute rush (LOL)

  17. It’s always so exciting when approaching a new year as it is completely blank canvas and could take us on a new path or a well worn one, all options are open. I love this piece on one of your pretty papers, and the dots and shadows really give it that extra something. x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Love these dies! Like what you’ ve done here too – never thought of doing that. Can’t believe that this year is almost finished, although I’m hoping that next year will be less stressful ( although I do know my other knee needs doing! ) . I’m hoping that 2019 will be good to you,Dave, the family,Paul and the Clarity Team and of course everyone on this blog. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got lined up for us but I know I’ll be spending lots! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  19. I am finally catching up, after missing a couple of days. Our router broke, brilliant timing and like Cherry, I hate computers! Technology is wonderful when it works and I am a complete Luddite to boot 😂
    I am so glad that you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family Barb and enjoyed a well deserved break. 2019 sounds even more exciting for Clarity and you certainly sound as though you are itching to get going.
    Wishing you and Dave, all the Clarity family and everyone on the blog a Very happy and healthy New Year. Hugs. Annette X

  20. Love this step by step with the fresh cut die, wouldn’t have thought to do the outline, it certainly makes it pop. Looking forward to seeing what surprises you and Clarity will come up with through the year. Wish you, Dave, your family, all the Clarity Team and everyone on the blog a Happy and Healthy New Year.xxx

  21. Great step by step, was using my Fresh cut dies today and have decided I need to get a Gemini machine as my cut’n’boss just isn’t cutting it! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve in 2019. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      I used to have a cut n boss too and bought a Gemini and I have to say, I love it . In fact I have 2 – the big one and the Junior. I’m sure that you will really love it too. Sending love and hugs,Alison xx

      1. Thanks Alison, glad you think its worth getting. I have been reluctant to change but it can’t cope with the new dies and I can’t be doing with 5 or 6 times through to get an almost cut piece of card. Xx

  22. Thank you for another great step by step, and a year of inspiration, gratitude and fun, it’s great to share the ride with you.
    P.s. You clearly deserve a medal for persistence with the blog today.

  23. Hello Barb, a lovely step by step showing off the dies, they really are superb. Looking forward to seeing all things new and improved from Clarity in 2019. Wishing you and all the Clarity crew and family, including the blog family a very Happy and Creative 2019. Take care all. Bx

  24. Thank you for blogging all the way through Christmas, I have kept up with it,usually late at night! Another useful step by step today,very inspiring. The floral alphabet sounds exciting and 2019 looks as if we are in for lots of new and special things.
    I bought my 5 year old granddaughter one of those magazines with lots of Christmas stamps and made up a box with some cards and an ink pad. She made all her Christmas cards and her mummy found it very addictive so I guess I will be introducing them to Clarity.
    I wish you all at Clarity and all on the blog a very happy and healthy new year xx

  25. I have just found your videos the other day and have been watching them still.

    I just love you work, you make it seem so easy.
    I do hope to learn a lot from you.
    Wishing you a happy, heathy and creative 2019


  26. Hello from 2019 lol, I absolutely love these dies, best ever for sure and I will most definitely try this great demo x

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