Boxing Day – Special Edelweiss

Boxing Day – Special Edelweiss

Hi there!

Happy Boxing Day!

Another glorious day here, although I never left the house today.

Scurried round like a loony this morning, because we had all Dave’s family and a bunch of friends over this afternoon and into the evening. In fact, the kids have all just gone off up to the pub, and Dave is in the living room with our dear friend Shona drinking tea, whilst I pop up to chat to you.

It has been a pretty full on few days, I must say, so forgive me for not blogging on time or doing anything even remotely crafty! Haven’t had time to even click on Facebook and wave!! When you only see your kids once or twice a year, you focus on them and on making their stay special.

I feel like we nailed it though. All the meals were very popular, there has been much laughter and good energy around the home. Not a cross word – not even when the candle set fire to the lovely embroidered cloth at the Christmas Day breakfast, or when water started pissing through the kitchen ceiling AGAIN (although Dave went very quiet on that one!)

But now I would like to spend an hour with Dave and darling Shona. I love this woman. She and I have known each other for many many years. She is a gentle woman and a kind woman. Her daughter also. They both work at Clarity nowadays, and I am so glad of that.

I must tell you a story. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the office, and we were talking about flowers, because I am currently illustrating a floral alphabet. I was saying that I had done the Edelweiss for the E. Well, the entire design department stared at me blankly when I started singing Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. You know the one! So  I went downstairs, and told Shona and Sophie that my dulcet tones had fallen on stoney ground. Well, Sophie came round this evening, and had a little present for me. She brought her ukulele with her, and sang the most beautiful rendition of Edelweiss you can imagine.

How thoughtful is that? I will upload her song tomorrow if I can. Blog isn’t letting me. But here’s the original, just in case you don’t remember it….

Must dash now though…

Love & Hugs,



19 thoughts on “Boxing Day – Special Edelweiss

  1. Sounds like you have had the best Christmas time.
    I have had a good time too, thanks to lemsip!
    Just finishing packing as I am driving over night with my sister and her kids down to Bristol to visit my Aussie cousins who are over visiting my other cousin. So excited to see them all again. Back up on Sunday so not much time with them, but will treasure the few days we have.

  2. You mean to say they didn’t know Edelweiss ?! Are they just so young? How sad for them ! Such a pretty song. A floral alphabet sounds interesting. We’ve just said goodbye to my sister and brother-in-law, Mum went home early as she was tired as did my niece, her partner and their two little ones they were also tired but had a good feed up first ! We all meet up again on Saturday for great-nephew’s birthday – guess what I have to do tomorrow! Yep a first birthday card ! Looking forward to gettting the Groovi out again ! Glad you’re having such a lovely time with yours! X

  3. What a shame this wonderful film did not appear on our screens this Christmas. Such depressing programmes on “council house telly” (to quote my husband!). We were talking about it earlier, no good , clean entertainment and fun anymore. How we used to laugh over Fools & Horses, Morecombe & Wise and other Christmas TV classics. Oh well I guess that’s progress for you. Shame.
    Hope everyone had a good Boxing Day xx

  4. Looks like you’re enjoying the holiday despite the indoor rain. So good to see you switching off from work for a while and we are all grateful that you still take the time to blog for us.
    Floral alphabet? 💐🌸🌺🌹 Better start saving!!!
    Lazy Boxing Day for us – absolutely wonderful.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Hi Barb,
    Nobody will hold it against you for wanting to spend time with your lovely family and Dave’s. To me, that is what Christmas is about. It is good of you to take a little time to talk to us and I thank you. Eidelweiss is one of my sister’s favourite plants – she has loads of them at her apartment in Switzerland. I’m amazed that there are people who don’t know the song though. It will be lovely to hear Sophie’s rendition of it. Enjoy the rest of the time you have with Grace and the 2 Marks. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. Good evening Barbara, thanks for taking the time out of your family festivities to write the blog for all your followers. Enjoy the rest of the time Grace & Mark are home with you. We have had a quite afternoon & evening , just my Mom & my OH as our daughter & her family have gone to see the in laws. Tomorrow they will be back plus our son & his family so more family fun then. Must remember to take photos as I forgot last year.

  7. Glad gyoy are enjoying your family while they are in the country, soon be off again. Played games this evening and had fun, can’t believe Christmas is over for another year! Xx

  8. Glad another wonderful day look forward to hearing the song and video how wonderful enjoy rest of your time hope that leak gets fixed and not to much damaged xxx

  9. Thank you for keeping us in touch daily and thinking of us, even in the midst of your special family time. Your joy shines through your blog posts and it is lovely to know that you have enjoyed every moment with your family.
    I love the Sound of Music and hearing Edelweiss always makes me cry! Maybe we could have musical Groovi plates!? A Kiss from a Rose by Seal was a favourite of my dear mum and I am sure that there are many others 😂 Blimey, I must have had too many ‘sherries’, sorry!
    Anyway Barbara, enjoy the rest of your family time and love to all. Annette X

  10. Sounds like a perfect Christmas (apart from the fire and flood). So glad you have taken some time out for yourselves xx

  11. Sounds like you have been having a fabulous time and I for one am so honoured that you still find time to pop in here to chat with us. I didn’t have time to pop in yesterday as my daughter, her partner and our 3 grandchildren were here for the day. What a lovely day we had, nothing nicer than hearing excited happy children tearing open their presents, laughing and playing. They make my heart swell, they really do. Ooh, a floral alphabet, now that sounds fabulous, stamps as well as Groovi I hope?? Day of crafting for me today I think, calm and relaxed after the festive buzz. Much love. Xxx


  13. Hi Barb, what fabulous memories have been made this Christmas in your household. One of my favourite songs from Sound of Music, how lovely to hear it live. Bx

  14. I’m so glad that in this fast moving world, you still make family the first priority. Make the most of the kids when you see them, then you can feed on those happy times when they go back to USA. Enjoy these special times and have fun!

  15. So pleased you have had a great Christmas break with family and friends. We are currently in Gloucester visiting my daughter, her husband and our 2 amazing teenage grandsons so I know all about savouring and being very protective of that precious time together. It doesn’t take an air flight for us to see our children but they are a long drive away and they lead very busy lives so our Christmas and Sumer holiday get togethers are the highlights of our year.
    Interesting that your Clarity Team don’t know the songs from The Sound of Music even if they haven’t seen the film or stage musical. Perhaps you should have added a beat box!!

  16. Edelweiss makes me cry. Every. Time. Bitter sweet memories come flooding to the fore and off I go……….. but it is a beautiful song. So pleased you’re able to spend some time with Mark & Grace. C xx

  17. I love that song from the Sound of Music and it makes me cry whenever I see or hear it. How the heck in this day and age not know it lol! Been lovely reading your blog regularly, will try to keep up with it a bit more often because I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Don’t ever apologise for wanting to be with your kids Barbara, it’s what makes you special and why so many of us visit you so often xx

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