Youtube Tuesday – Deerscape Scrap

Youtube Tuesday – Deerscape Scrap

Hi everyone.

Paul here, standing in for Barbara while she heads to Germany for her TV show tomorrow evening.

When Barbara and I were prepping for the TV shows the other week, I spotted a piece of artwork that she had created.

“Wow!” said I, “how did you create that?”

“Using a new mask” said Barbara.

“Really?” said I.

When designing and manufacturing some of our stamp designs, if Barbara thinks a mask is required, then the lovely Lisa works her magic and it is included. We also went back over some of our older designs and created masks for those as well. As far as I am aware, we are the only stamp company that produces masks to accompany our stamps.

We also have a number of fantastic stand alone masks, moons, landscapes, skylines etc. I remember many years ago, when I was helping Barbara at one of the summer retreats in Cowden, one of the projects required the silhouette of the Paris skyline. It was printed on a piece of copy paper and everyone had to cut it out. Well, lets just say that a number of the Paris skylines did not end up with an Eiffel Tower!

I have just watched this week’s episode and “wow” does not cover it. I didn’t realise that the masks could be so detailed. I consider myself very good with a pair of scissors, but there is no way that I would ever attempt to cut out such fine foliage or the stags antlers!

All is revealed in this weeks YouTube Tuesday tutorial………..

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Happy Crafting.

Paul xxx

10 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – Deerscape Scrap

  1. That’s a coincidence. I seem to have been using quite a few of the landscape and moon masks recently to create scenes. They are so useful! Even the blank mask sheets are great to use instead of masking tape as they never tear your card.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I ordered the deerscape and pine forest masks last week and they arrived 10 minutes ago so I don’t have to wait to be able to use them. Barbara’s deerscape on Youtube is lovely.
    As Clarity are making masks for some of the older stamps I will be going through my stash to see which ones are missing. I keep the masks in an A5 plastic document folder next to the matching stamps so I don’t have to hunt for them when they are needed. I have die cut a few blank masking sheets, they work quite well too.
    Hope all is going well in Germany. How Barbara does it all astounds me, she has such energy.
    The tests all went well this morning. We got there early and each one was done early or on time so now we wait for the results. Hubby seems happier now that he knows he’s being taken seriously.
    Love and hugs – Cherry

  3. AHA!! I was waiting for this kind of offer – just done the order (I was one of those still using my copy paper mask for Paris! we cut out at Sedgefield years ago.) BUT I didn’t see the little sheep – yep, still using the post it masks for them!
    Saving up for the picot dies, but as it’s my birthday this week, I might treat myself! (again)
    Hope you are well Paul. (Always nice to hear from you if Barb’s otherwise engaged).
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie.

  4. Just going off tohave a look – didn’t realise there were so many masks ! I haven’t stamped for ages so it might give me the incentive again ! X

  5. The Clarity masks are so useful can save ages cutting out. I have quite a few of them. Well done Paul taking over again. xx

  6. Hello Paul – lovely to here from you again – loved the You tube demo, will have a play with masks tomorrow, haven’t used them for ages. Barbara as always gives us great inspiration. Have a lovely evening, lots of love Donna X

  7. Good to hear from you Paul. I didn’t realise that my brain was so adept at matching a voice with the writer. Another gift to add to my cv👏🏼 I’ve always avoided masks in the past as they look so delicate, but Barbara used them to great effect so might just have a dab or two.
    Will there be news soon of a new Fresh Cut Die Design Club. I think my membership runs out soon and I don’t want to be caught out. 🤹🏻‍♀️

  8. Hi Paul hope Barbarahas arrived and getting settled in 🇩🇪. Would be with out those landscape etc masks they are amazing life savers must have look if any not got thinks I have most of them made to last to quick rinse and back to normal when loss there sticky Joy x

  9. Great u tube demo from Barbara thanks Paul. Make a beautiful canvas, really must get stamping and brayering again so that I have some scrap papers to use. Must also have a look to see which masks I still need, not bought any for ages. They are so good to use. x

  10. Hello Paul, have not watched the video yet, but I bet it is a good one. The masks are so very useful, and I have a pack of the blank masks, which are great to use with dies too. I have plenty of paper masks for various stamps, but may get some more blanks as they do not tear so easily, and can also be cleaned. Thanks for standing in for Barb, hope her show goes well in Germany. Off to watch the video. Take care all. Bx

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