QVC Germany – here we come!

QVC Germany – here we come!

Hi there!

Or should I say, Hallo meine lieben Bastelfreunde!

Well, here we are in Düsseldorf, the sun is shining on the Rhine, and we are just about to head into town to find the little food market we stumbled across yesterday.

It’s Dave’s Birthday today, so I am trying to park the panic, which always creeps in prior to a TV show. Honestly. You’d think after all these years that the nerves would subside, but no. And Germany is a whole other ball of wax, I can tell you! Just one hour today at 8pm, and on QVC 2. the Second channel. Ah well. What’s my mantra? This too shall pass.

Here are the products I am showcasing over here, plus some beautiful samples….

Tina Cox Tina CoxJosie Davidson

Dee ParamourLinda SpencerJane TelfordDee Paramour

Dee ParamourDee ParamourCarole PankszteloBarbara Lancaster

Maria MoorhouseMaria MoorhouseMaria MoorhouseMaria MoorhouseShelagh Metselaar


That should keep us hopping for an hour! Fingers crossed it all sells out quickly!

Time to go and focus on the day ahead. There are 11 hours between now and then,  and I would like to enjoy them, not panic about what will be over in the blink of an eye.

Love & hugs,

Barb xxx


35 thoughts on “QVC Germany – here we come!

  1. Happy birthday Dave have a wonderful day celebrating together enjoy the market. You are going to rock tonight on tv you are a natural. Hugs to you both have an amazing day Joy

  2. Enjoy the day celebrating with your lovely hubby and only think about the show just before you get there. You will be awesomely brilliant as always so no worries on that score. Nerves is a positive sign, if we didn’t get nervous it would mean we didn’t care and we all know that just isn’t true. Have a fabulous day, brilliant show and ……. breathe!! 😘😘 xxx

  3. 3rd attempt does want to take my comment. Happy birthday Dave enjoy your day have lots fun together. Your going to rock tonight Germany are going to love your goodies and show hugs to you both Joy x

  4. Happy Birthday, Dave. Have a super day with your lovely wife. I’m sure the shows will be fine and just like here, you will be sold out before you can blink. Love and hugs. Xx

  5. Wonderful samples as always, and I am sure your show will be fab, the British ones always are. Many Happy Returns Dave, you share your day with my Hubby, and a wonderful little man called Phoenix Evan Ward.

  6. You will be fine Barbara once you get going. Happy Birthday Dave, hope you have a lovely day together. It is my 60th birthday today. I am off to have lunch with my daughter and Mum & Dad. x

  7. Hello Barbara,
    Happy Birthday to Dave, hope you have a great day together celebrating.
    Looked at what you are show casing today, it seems an awful lot to get through if the samples are anything to go by but I am sure you will be terrific as usual.
    If you get nervous it means you care, but really Barbara, it rarely shows on TV but when it does and you get the giggles it makes us all smile.
    All my Clarity orders arrived yesterday and I have had great fun trying them out, made for a relaxing afternoon after 4 1/2 hours at the hospital with hubby.
    Have a good

    1. I can’t believe my luck!!!
      Ray has just booked us in to the Spa Hotel for three days and a place for me at the Retreat. What a surprise – didn’t think it was possible for us. He’s a treasure.
      This is will be my first time at a Clarity event and I look forward to putting faces to names I have become familiar with over time. See you there…………

  8. Happy Birthday Dave, it’s my Moms 90th today as well. Hope you have a lovely day exploring the market in the sunshine. It’s hammering down with rain here. Barbara, I am sure you will be fine later on the tv. The samples are fantastic as always.

  9. Hallo, liebe Leute! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Dave. Hope you both have a lovely day in Düsseldorf and that all goes well tonight. You are always so natural on TV which folk love so I am sure you will be great. I have found online and look forward to watching the programme. As always the plates and the samples are great. I feel a purchase coming on! Alles Gute. Bis nachher! Hx

  10. Blimey…..lot to get through – loads of luck dahling…
    Happy Birthday to Dave – it’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow (I’m really pleased with the card I’ve made for him), mine on Saturday. You are certainly in the right place for cakes!! (and chocolate).
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie!!

  11. Go for it Girl You will sell out .Design team Samples are Amazing /stunning /fantastic .
    Dave enjoy your special day .love to you both XXX

  12. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you manage to relax a bit before the show. Goodness you have got to showcase an awful lot in an hour. You will be great, you always are. xx

  13. Happy Birthday Dave ! Have a lovely day and a great show – I don’t know why you worry ! LOL ! I love the parchlet plates, they’re my go to for a simple card but they can be made into so much more looking at the samples and I will try one day. What a great idea by Dee – with iris folding with the stencils – I’d not thought about using them that way, however would I be able to devise the pattern? All the samples look great – well done team as usual! X

  14. Happy birthday Dave, have fun in Germany.
    Good luck with the shows, think they will go well as the samples are beautiful. XX

  15. Happly birthday Dave. Hope you’ve both had a fab day. Barbara I’m sure the TV show will be up to your usual standard (ie brilliant! ). Safe journey back to the UK when it’s all over 😊

  16. Well done, Barbara – great show on QVC Deutschland and so much packed into it. Groovi, stamping, dies – no wonder all the sell outs! I’m sure you will enjoy a lovely birthday meal with your dear husband now – Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Sehr herzlich, Jutta

  17. Wow! you’re certainly going to pack the hour, with so many wonderful products! And it’s definitely a case of, if one type of crafting doesn’t take your fancy just wait a minute ‘cos we’ve a whole raft of other options to show you! Highlighting the wide-ranging versatility of Clarity.
    I have to say, when I got to Dee’s bauble sample with the snow scene, I found myself scrolling up and down to look at the stamps and then the scene, then the stamps again – where have the father and child got their hats and scarf from?!! Very clever!
    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day and a great evening

  18. Hi Barbara
    Happy Birthday to your Dave. I’m sure you will both have a lovely day, and it sounds like you are in the right place for the weather, it’s horrid here!! Cold and wet!!
    My word you do have a lot to get through in an hour, but we all know you are superhuman and I’m sure everything will be a sell out as always.
    Love & Hugs

  19. Hi Barbara
    Happy birthday Dave, I hope you’ve both had a wonderful day in Germany looking around the markets. I’m sure the tv show went brilliantly, that’s a lot of products to demo in an hour – and on the conveyor belt tonight we have……. great design team samples again, they are clever aren’t they.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Hello Barb, and a belated Happy Birthday to Dave. Hope you had a good day together, and that the show went well. Knowing how you work, I would say it did. The samples are beautiful, who could fail to be inspired and buy some of the goodies to try replicate that arty goodness. Safe travels back home. Take care all. Bx

  21. Happy birthday Dave! Hope the shows went well and the nerves stayed under control? Wonderful samples as always x

  22. Hallo Barbara,
    Ihre Show gestern bei QVC2 war brillant. Ihre Art der Präsentationen waren begeisternd und die Produkte – wie immer – fantastisch. Barbara, Ihre Ausstrahlung wirkt sehr positiv und Ihr Deutsch klingt prickelnd. Das einzige “Haar in der Suppe”
    die Shows sind viel zu kurz und die Abstände der Besuche zu lang. Videos in “Deutsch” wären super. Weiter so……. Freue mich schon auf Januar 2019.
    Gruß aus Germany
    Charlotte W.

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