Sunday. And we have a plan….

Sunday. And we have a plan….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
After a superb couple of days with my dearest mate Anita, talk talk talking, gas gas gassing, yack yack yacking, it’s time to get back in the Clarity saddle and gear up for next week.
In case you aren’t aware, GRAY FRIDAY is on the horizon…
The website is like a ghost town today… tumbleweed is rolling across the road…
everybody’s hanging on for the showdown at noon…
or in our case 8am tomorrow morning!
I just looked back at what I wrote to you a year ago today, and we are pretty much playing by the same rules! So I’m just going to copy-paste last year’s blog here. Why reinvent the wheel? Life’s way too short, as Neet and I established whilst talking the hind legs off a donkey at the Spa!!!
Here goes then, with a few little tweeks…
At Clarity Towers things are hotting up in readiness for GRAY FRIDAY.
In case you are new to this ’ere bloggy fold, let me explain…
We don’t do Black Friday. Sounds way too dark.
No, no. We prefer to go for GRAY!


33% off all Clarity-Branded products.

If we sell out of a certain stamp or stencil or Groovi plate, we will make more. So your order may take a little longer, but this is a bonafide sale. The third off price is guaranteed.

Addendum: If we sell out of Fresh Cut dies, that may take a little longer, because we don’t make them! We draw and design them, the artwork is entirely original, by Mel or myself, but they are produced by our friends in China. We have plenty in the cupboard though, so we should be alright for GRAY FRIDAY!

If you’re a member of our clubs,
your 10% – 15% discounts are added too. That’s substantial.
So it might be a very good idea to join today if you haven’t already!
I will speak to Jeannine, Sally and Louise in the office, and they will activate the club discounts on the website by 9am tomorrow morning if you join today.

Yep. Teamwork makes the dream work.Here we see the Clarity team all set to chirp n serve!

But what about the other things we sell? I hear you ask,
Are they not in the GRAY FRIDAY sale?
No, sorry, can’t swing that…

but I thought we’d have a cracking 24-hour BLOG BLITZ SALE leading up to Friday, and cover some cool craft items which won’t be in the weekend line-up.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll launch cool daily sales here.
These items will sell out though, so first come first serve.
Online, and on the phone 01732 868215.

All next Weekend? Not just the Friday?

You may recall that our website crashed spectacularly a couple of years ago. The only redeeming factor was that cyberspace went into global meltdown, and all the big boys, like Amazon and John Lewis, fried too!
So to play it safe, rather than risk a repeat performance, we decided to spread the sale window over the whole weekend.

The 24 hours BLOG BLITZ SALE will start tomorrow –MONDAY

Tell all your friends – Share the news.
Or don’t. Buy them presents instead!
See you on the other side!

End of last year’s transmission.

That’s it. So much has happened in the last year! But this sale is is really big deal. Not a clearance. No, no, no. A proper blanket sale, across most of everything. You opportunity to buy what’s been on your wishlist for a while at a greatly reduced price.

It went crazy last year, and the Clarity Team handled the deluge like absolute stars. This year, they are even better prepared.

Love & Hugs,

31 thoughts on “Sunday. And we have a plan….

  1. I have saved some pennies for the Gray Day sale and now you tell me there are extra sales??? What are you trying to do to me Barbara?? Lol. I shall have to be picky and only buy what I REALLY REALLY NEED!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Looking forward to it – best week of the year. 😘😘😘 xxx

  2. Wow, you and your team are amazing, this is such a hugely generous offer, made even more so by the 24hr blog blitzes running up to Gray Friday.
    I will admit that I’ve been building a little list! Working out a budget is also a necessity!!
    Thank you, Claire x
    p.s. Glad you’ve had a wonderful time with your friend Anita.

  3. Hi Barbara, glad to hear you enjoyed your day with your friend it is always special.
    Hope you got in on some treatment ‘s and feel rejuvenated.
    I know you don’t need any more work at the moment dare I say it fresh cut dies club!!!!!!!! Only teasing
    😫 sorry.thsnks for this great sale.
    Lynn xxx

      1. Hi Rosalind, thank you for that.
        It will be great as always, to ‘recieve a monthly treat to get your teeth into.
        Once again thank you.
        Lynn xx

  4. Thank you Barbara & Dave and Clarity-team, looking forward to updating a bit! Why not cut and paste – would be daft not to ! Have a goo d day x x

  5. I have a couple of overtime shifts this week that are going to pay for my shopping list, hopefully! I have quite a long list thouh, so I might need to edit it.
    I remember the chaos from a couple of years ago, and I am glad that capacity has increased which should reduce the stress on both sides.

  6. Your all in for a busy week good job you had a relaxing spar. Early night tonight sure clarity towers will be buzzing in morning when those orderers start coming in if was nearer would offer hand enjoy today xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Just started using the Groovi Plates and love them. I have nerve damage in my left hand making it difficult to do a lot of things but the Groovi Plates are perfect for me as they are easy to use. You have given me a new lease of life and I am on plate 7 of Twas the Night. Thank you so much. Love the blog too xxx

  8. Dear Barbara. Just got back from a week in the Lake District. (Supposed to be to spend time with my daughter) but she had so much to do we didn’t get many opportunities.
    So happy to have a lovely letter and plate to come home to. Thank you. Also a sale, oh dear. Will be spending more money Xxxxxxx

    more money. Glad you had time for a break.

  9. Oh my – I need to write a (nother) shopping list!! This is such a generous sale Barbara – Claritystamp really is a classy company. Thank you!

  10. Oh dear just got back from looking after grandaughter who had to have gall bladder operation,and to save pennies,but blow it you are only here once so damn thd budget,and thanks to Dave for the gift at NEC she WAS thrilled ro bits and got the crafting bug now,just like nan ,regards to you all.lilian

  11. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to us???
    I figured my small (minute!) quarterly pension would cover the ODS and Tina’s goodies this month. Then you come up with these generous offers. What’s to do I ask myself? I have a list of ‘likes’ but not necessarily ‘needs’ so it looks as though I will have to either be good and sit on my hands or bat doe eyes at hubby for funds!!!
    I am looking out for more information on the Fresh Cut Die club, cost etc., which I believe starts in December. I will be renewing my menbership of the other clubs too.
    Pleased you had a good time with your friend, it really does us good to relax and have a good chinwag with a like-minded amigo.
    Roll on 9am Monday morning…………..

  12. Oh my, oh my! How am I going to resist? I have no will power. Is there such an organisation as CA? If so I can see myself ending up at the weekly meetings.
    Seriously though, you and Clarity are very generous, including everything in the sale and not just end of line or overstocked items, like other companies.
    Glad you had a good time with Anita and hope it has set you up to deal with the manic week ahead.
    By the way, adding to my dilemma is the upcoming ODS on Hochanda, as I saw the new plates on the website header and they look gorgeous! Help!!!
    Hugs Annette X

  13. Wow I love the clarity gray fridays that last the weekends so generous so looking forward to the new die club in December just need more information to cost etc .i enjoyed the weekly daily sales in September 25years so will look forward to these too .
    No wonder you need to have a break your amazing at the pace you keep going at and all at clarity towers too .
    Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

  14. Ohh I do love a bargain but my bank manager won’t
    But as I always say I can’t take it with me lol
    So on that note I will be shopping 🛍 lol
    Have a lovely Sunday. Hugs 🤗

  15. Oh Barbara!
    What wonderful news as I’ve be waiting all last week wondering when Gray Friday would be? I will now have to look at my list and see what is what and will there be things on your blog that I want?
    Will have to talk to the bank manager nicely this week first 😉.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. Xx

  16. Well the rest of the mini word chains are certainly on my list, having started my collection at the NEC. Tina’s Doodle Flowers are another set that I’ve been eyeing up as well as some more of the 3 way overlay stamps. I have a couple of dies on my list too, so it’s a good job I get paid soon. Clarity has so many amazing designs that I could do with winning the lottery and just getting everything I don’t already have lol. Thanks again to everyone who will be run off their feet over the next few weeks.

  17. Hi Barbara
    How exciting, I love tge build up to grey Friday. I’m going to write my Christmas list this week so hubby can put in an order. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend catching up with your friend, just what you need before the madness that will be next week.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Got my wishlist at the ready, but may have to leave a few things for ‘Ron’ what with the big guy’s visit on the horizon. Liking the look of the upcoming ODS too…. what a dilemma! Good to know you had a blast at the Spa. x

  19. Your ‘black Friday’ sale is the only one I bother with as I know what you are selling is actually your own products and not just cheap stuff you have got in for the sale. Also I know you haven’t put the prices up recently just so you can ‘reduce’ them for the sale. Can’t wait to have a browse, have a few items on my ever expanding wish list to tick off. Roll on next weekend! XX

  20. Evening bloggy friends, hope you have had a good weekend. I have been busy painting and glittering my Christmas unicorns. Soon be ready for their ribbons and then they are finished. Then I just need to get started on my cards… XX

  21. Hello Barb, looking forward to the blitz sales as well as Gray Friday. Glad that you had a great time with Anita, and managed to relax. Bx

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