MONDAY 24 Hour Blog Blitz Sale – Bottled Inks & Mica Powders

MONDAY 24 Hour Blog Blitz Sale – Bottled Inks & Mica Powders

Hi there!

Thanks for joining me. Well, here goes…
This week, in the lead up to GRAY FRIDAY,
we’re having a very special 24 hour Bloggy Blitz Sale.
We have picked a selection of very cool, crafty products which are worth having in your stash, and have reduced them greatly in price.
But only for 24 hours!
When the clocks strikes 8am, I will post the blog
– and the blitzy sale of the day will commence!
Today I am offering up a selection of bottled inks – Distress inks and Alcohol inks – and the other things which wrap around those core products.

20 % off Bottled Inks

We have a limited stock on these.
So when they’re gone they’re gone. First come, first served.
If you’re a Clarity Club Member, we have added the advantage of that below each product too, so that you can see your immediate savings.

First, in pole position, are the Alcohol Inks from Ranger.

We have had great fun this year, using these inks on our Gel Press plates and stencils!

Adirondack Alcohol Inks

£3.70  £2.96

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.66

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.52

Next, Yupo Paper.

This synthetic paper is fantastic for use with said Alcohol Inks. This is how I designed all those Designer Papers ! Northern Lights, Indian Summer etc. (look out for them on Friday!)

Yupo Paper

£8.99  £7.19

+ 10% Gold Club Member £6.47

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £6.11

Next up: Alcohol Blending Solution.

Gotta have it! Stock up, I say. This stuff is like Hen’s Teeth!

Alcohol Blending Solution

£4.98  £3.98

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.59

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.38

Key buy: Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt

A vital addition to your stash. You chomp through these little felt pieces of felt with alcohol ink on Yupo Paper. And get the blending handle which is next, too. Even though it has sponges, it doubles up perfectly as a felt holder! The felt clings to the velcro.

Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt Refill

£4.99  £3.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.59

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.39

Ink Blending Tool

£4.25  £3.40

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.06

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.89

And here are the foam refills. Ideal for use with inks AND acrylic paint. Simply rinse out before the paint dries –  and reuse.

Ink Blending Foam

£4.25  £3.40

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.06

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.89

Very Important bottled inks in my box of tricks: Distress Reinkers

Distress Reinkers

£4.00 £3.20

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.88

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.72

These are obviously intended for squeezing new life into your dried out ink pads – but oh! The number of other things you can do with these little bottle of colour is crazy!

Add to water and create spritzer ink.

Add to Shaving Foam and create fab backgrounds.

Drip on our Blending mat, spritz with water and make your own designer paper.

Make your own custom stamp pad using Cut n Dry foam felt (see below)

Cut ‘n’ Dry Felt Pad

£4.45  £3.56

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.20

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.03

These Mica Powders by Ranger are wonderful too.

Mix with a little water and create beautiful mineral paint.

Add to water in a little spritzer bottle, and create shimmery spray

Use dry, and dust over stamped Versamark.

Apply on adhesive tape for a metallic finish.

Mica Powders

£2.99  £2.39

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.15

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.03

So there we are.

This inks and sundries sale is live until midnight tonight, or until things sell out.

Love & Hugs,



10 thoughts on “MONDAY 24 Hour Blog Blitz Sale – Bottled Inks & Mica Powders

  1. Just watched the making of the John Lewis advert….love it. I’m an Elton John’s & CHRISTmas fan so love the strapline “some gifts are more than just a gift”
    Then I thought how Claritystamp has given me that gift. Corney as it may sound I’d like to thank you for that gift. My friends & reli’s love the cards etc they receive now & I’m my mum in laws fave daughter in law, so can’t be bad.🤗

  2. Great blog sale, I bought some inks and mica powders when they have been on offer before. I can hold onto my pennies a little longer I think, unless I get some more yupo paper. Oh, decisions, decisions. xxx

  3. Decision made – I’m stocking up on this “too good to miss” offer.
    I have made a list of other “needs” in anticipation of what is coming up in the next few days. This may prove to be an expensive week what with Grey Friday and the ODS as well.
    Never mind, I really do not need the Christmas outfit I planned – I’d rather craft!!!!!
    Happy days xxx

  4. I am thinking about the mixatives and Yupo which is very tempting…lol. You make choosing so difficult Barbara as there is so much I would like to get, but do I need it as firstly I don’t have a lot of storage space for all my things, and secondly, there is the finite amount I am able to spend…lol. Thanks for these great offers though Barbara. x

  5. Hi Barbara
    What great offers, I’ve still got the yuppo paper from last year to use, I must get round to playing. I think we are in for an exciting week!
    Love Diane xx

  6. Hello Barb, you are making this a very difficult week, whether to wait or buy, buy, buy now. I think I will just have to go for it. A really great offer. Take care all. Bx

  7. Thank goodness I haven’t succumbed to inks and stamping, as much as it is a great craft and skill. At least I have one day when I don’t have to resist temptation!
    My new club plate arrived today and I love it. Thank you! Annette X

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