Deerie me!

Deerie me!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Just a quick blog today, to show off a couple of our new Christmassy Heart Dies, which you may have seen on Hochanda a couple of weeks ago. I launched them at the NEC, if I’m not mistaken. We’ve had them as stencils for years,

Deer and Heart aperture stencils

and they make brilliant dies, too.

Deer Heart Aperture Die

Dove Heart Aperture Die

One of the things we figured out recently was that you can cut out blank masking material with the dies, so I thought I’d try the deer on this atmospheric Card from the Shenandoah Petites collection.

The Shenandoah Papers or Card toppers are ideal for this kind of work, because they have all got a lighter area which blends into a darker outer area. Like this one, which moves from pink to grey. Pinky Gray!!

Load a Clarity Stencil brush with a grey ink pad. I love Watering Can Archival, so that’ll do. Sweep across the mask.

The thing is, the mask is a complete seal, isn’t it. We will get a really sharp definition on the lineart.

Yep. Razor sharp outline…

Let’s try a little highlight, lowlight technique, to make the image pop. Lovelights first. That means a dropshadow on the lower edges. See how I have used a pencil to add a shadow underneath the image on the righthand side? Makes such a difference!

Now for the highlights. That involves whitening the image on the inside. See the white pencil on the inside of the shape? And on the top of the image?

Now it really looks 3-dimensional. As if it’s raised off the card.

That’ll do. Just wanted to show off the blank masking material. It’s a very useful thing to have.

And if you haven’t got a mask for a stamp, but you want one, then simply stamp the image onto a piece of copy paper, stick a piece of the mask material on the paper – and cut out the shape with the paper. Don’t try stamping on the material itself. Takes forever to dry!

Why do I think I’ve already told you this? Probably because I have !!

Love & Hugs,



12 thoughts on “Deerie me!

  1. Ooh I love that. I have the mask material and have also tried stamping on it and you’re so right, it takes AAAAAAGES to dry!! Lol. I shall be trying your way for sure. I am supposed to be on a spending ban too but I may have to review that for the Gray Day Sale. 😁😁😁

  2. Hi Barbara , loved your u Tube this week brilliant .
    I loved your pot which you produced at your pottery class , it looked amazing the pattern stands out so well i would have been so proud of this if i had produced it.
    Hope you have enjoyed your Spa day with your friend, as i have been a way to a friend who we met eight years ago and the times we all have together ask so special lots of laughs and a few glasses of wine to help the proceedings along.
    Amazing looking how you used the die to make this lovely card love this die and so many more.
    Have a great weekend .
    Lynn xx

  3. Hope you enjoyed your Spa day.
    Need to order more blank mask sheets as I have used this method often with stamps, it’s so much better than post it notes. Must give it a try with the dies.
    Have a good evening.

  4. Brilliant top for stamping on the masking material. It does take a long long time to dry. Thank-you. I treated myself to the heart dies . Beautiful. XX

  5. Brilliant top for stamping on the masking material. It does take a long long time to dry. Thank-you. I treated myself to the heart dies . Beautiful. XX

  6. Beautiful stencils. I love how you are still finding new ways to use all your products. I love using my stencils and have to get these to add to my collection!.

  7. If you did I missed it. I too am keeping my November budget for Gray Day. Though I love John Lewis’ ad so much I may have to save it for a piano….
    …..or more Clarity stash🙊
    “some gifts are more than just a gift”

  8. I have just rec’d my blank masking material and tomorrow I will cut some doves and deer for Christmas cards. The petite cards are so useful as are the designer papers. I think I may have said this before but I am a paper hoarder and find it very difficult to actually use lovely paper. Yours are so beautiful though and I have used many of them because they need to be seen, not hidden away.
    Hugs from Chris X

  9. Got some masking sheets but keep forgetting we’re they are good at putting things in safe place must get some more thenwill find them love what you did with deer x

  10. As I have said before, I am not a stamper or ‘inky art’ kind of person, but I do appreciate this beautiful work. I love your paper pads and can’t believe how much they add as backgrounds to parchment projects. I have always been a paper hoarder, not wanting to use up beautiful papers, but with your paper pads, I can use them freely, as I know I can easily buy more. Enjoy your weekend. Annette X

  11. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for reminding us about the blank masking sheets – I’m like Joy, I know I have some ,but where I’ve put them is a different matter! Great idea to use a die to cut out a mask like this. The Shenandoah paper that you’ve chosen for this piece is lovely and atmospheric. Off to a class with Linda Page shortly, but later this afternoon I’ll be attempting to remember where I put the masking material! Hope you enjoyed your Spa day. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  12. Hi Barb, the dies do make the perfect masks, love the highlighting techniques, they make a huge difference, and great paper choice. Take care all. Bx

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