It’s an Elvis the Elf Hunt!

It’s an Elvis the Elf Hunt!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in!

Do you realise that it’s less than a month to Christmas?! Today is the last day of November! Yikes!

And so, the Clarity Elves have been busy again! Wait till you see the Christmas game they have created for you! I was impressed when they showed me, I really was !

You see, years ago, I drew an elf. I thought it would be fun to do a double-stamp, so you could stamp his front AND back. I wanted to turn him into a paperchain….Anyway, I put him in a drawer and left him there, because I had always planned to draw a gingerbread man and a fairy in the same way (yet to happen!). But lovely Lisa at work found him, and fell in love with him, gave him a magic kiss – and brought him back to life!

Then, the rest of the Art & Design guys set about hiding Elvis the Elf (Yep, they even gave him a corny name!!) all over the website!

My job today is to introduce you to Elvis,

and YOUR job – starts tomorrow – is to go find him every day till Christmas! We’re not going to torment you and just send you off into the Webby wilderness without a skooby! No, no. There will be daily ditties to help you!

Follow the daily clues, via email, Facebook, or the homepage banner, and see if you can track him down. Make a note of each product that you spot him with, and after the 24th,  send us your completed list via email to


Everywhere you find the little Elf, he’ll have been sprinkling a little magic dust, and the prices will drop by up to 50%.

If you get all 24 correct, we’ll enter you into our prize draw for a £200 Clarity Gift Hamper. Results to be announced on 1st Jan 2019!

Happy hunting!

Right. Ready?

So, here’s your first clue for tomorrow

Piece of cake! I know, without even looking !!!! But don’t tell anyone when you DO find him! Just note where you spotted him for all 24 days. Feel free to shout FOUND HIM when you do though!!! Let’s have some fun!




As for Elvis the Elf double-stamp (and in Groovi!), he’s on the website now, at a special Introductory Price.

Save 20% off the actual price right through until the 24th December.

Elvis the Clarity Elf Stamp

£12.99  £10.39

Elvis the Clarity Elf A6 Square Groovi Plate

£4.99  £4.00

And please, do tune in to next Tuesday’s YouTube, where I set about making a pair of Elvis-earrings, using – wait for it – SHRINK PLASTIC !! They’d be a hell of a pair of earrings if we didn’t shrink him!!!

Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “It’s an Elvis the Elf Hunt!

  1. Wow, that is great Barb, I never did find out who won the Easter Egg hunt earlier this year, do you have a link to that one. Anyhoo, will try give this a go. I am sure I can go quite mad on the website with £200. Good Luck everyone. Bx

  2. You’ve got to love an elf hunt! My colleague at work was moaning the other day that she would have to think up 24 antics for the elf again this year, and I suggested she get the elf to think of 24 activities and chores for her daughter to do instead, to prove to Santa Claus that she’d been good! Looking forward to joining in, and thanks for the clues – in the egg hunt I nearly lost it looking for that last egg!!! Susan x

  3. I love Elvis. I will be looking out for him. As soon as I saw him, I was ready to ask if he was on the website to buy, then I actually read the rest of today’s blog. I think he will definitely come home to me to have some fun. Well done, Lisa, for bringing him out of that drawer into the light. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. This looks like a bit of fun ! I’m sure I’ve got shrink plastic in my room that I’ve never used – probably never to be found again if I look for it ! I love the little elf ! X

  5. I love a good competition. Will certainly give it a go. Elvis looks real cute, I have been looking for a lovely elf this afternoon. I saw one last year but did not buy it now regret that decision. xx

  6. Love all things Christmas and this Elf will keep me well occupied. Loved Elvis too, have a wonderful selection of Christmas songs by him and I will play them while hunting. I’ll get the OH to help me look.
    One of hubby’s jobs used to be ” ‘elf ‘n’ safety ” and every year (while he was working) throughout December he would wear ties, socks, hats and jumpers with a seasonal theme. Drove the Directors nuts especially the Elf hats with bells on (he had 5 different ones) but they did have a laugh. I decorated all the offices on 1st. December and didn’t take them down until New Year. On the last working day before the holiday I catered a huge buffet for all the staff. It was such a joyful time. Now we are told that no one does Christmas at work, only a single tree in reception. So sad!!!
    More goodies arrived today so having a happy crafty time.
    Spotted the forthcoming ODS – looks like I will be on the naughty step again

  7. What a great idea, loving a bit of elf magic. Hope I can crack the code each day and find him. I think I will have to get the stamp as he looks so cheeky. Parcel number 2 arrived today, bit more to sort into folders over the weekend. XX

  8. I spotted Elvis on the ‘new products’ page earlier, and wondered whether there was a ‘reveal’ coming, now we know all – thank you Clarity Elves.
    The earrings look fabulous, are you going to wear them on TV Barbara?
    Have a great weekend everyone, happy crafting
    Claire x

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you, I love a competition, don’t often win, but I do enjoy the taking part.
    I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow, what happened to the rest of the year. Time just flies by.
    Love & Hugs

  10. Hi Barb,
    Looking forward to finding Elvis every day ( hopefully!). Figured out where to look for clue 1 tomorrow. Really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt earlier in the year. The Groovi and stamp are so cute too. Just had a sneaky look at the new plates for the ODS – fabulous – really need them even though I can’t really afford them! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Evening Barbara! Oh that Elvis is a very cheeky elf… He just jumped into my basket…. Twice!!!! I can see me having a bit of fun with him!!!
    Well done to Lisa for letting him out of the drawer!
    Good luck to everyone who is looking for him on the website throughout December!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  12. Love it!! I’m always up for a game like this, such fun. And I love the concept of Elvis the Elf too – I look forward to seeing some samples using the back & front. I’ve got a penguin stamp set (not Clarity, sorry!) that follows the same concept – makes a great spinner card. You should complete the set – Fiona the Fairy, Gerry the Gingerbread Man (and could I suggest also Pablo the Penguin and Ronnie the Reindeer …)!

  13. Ooh, what fun! You do realise that my family may not get fed for a few weeks, as I will be spending all day looking for Elvis! They will have me locked up. Let’s just hope he really hasn’t left the building and I am searching in vain 😂
    The new plates look good, so can’t wait to see them in more detail on Sunday. Have a good weekend. Annette X

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a great elf, love that he’s double sided too. Oh are we in for some fun and games! I like a treasure hunt. Haha Barbara and shrink plastic, such a laugh, that’s one to watch.
    Love Diane xxxO

    1. Hey Penny, do you think we can stay up till midnight for 24 nights?
      “O YES WE CAN!”
      we all shout in unison👯🤗👏😵

  15. Hey Penny, do you think we can stay up till midnight for 24 nights?
    “O YES WE CAN!”
    we all shout in unison👯🤗👏😵

  16. Wow what a great idea! Am now off to the website to start the Elvis hunt 😃 Looking forward to the TV shows tomorrow as well – good job I’m still off work as nothing else will get done! 😀

  17. Found Elvis, first place I looked thanks to the clue! First Gray Friday parcel arrived yesterday, lovely.
    Horrid grey, overcast day here, very damp and depressing. Think I will start wrapping some Christmas presents, I am uncharacteristically organised this year,bit of a worry, something is bound to go wrong.xx

  18. OMG, I really should pay more attention. So yesterday spent a fairly long time looking for Elvis !!!!!!! Mmmmmm, will try again today …. what a twitmus. Happy Elf hunting 😀

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