Coming up tomorrow on telly: New Design Clubs Volume 1.

Coming up tomorrow on telly: New Design Clubs Volume 1.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

So pleased you are liking the Elvis the Elf Hunt! It must have taken a while to plan and organise. I like that my own Clarity Elves got together and sorted it all out as a surprise for me, too. Exceptional teamwork.

So I’ve had the fashion show, deciding what NOT to wear on telly tomorrow. Honestly, I’ve put on just enough weight for EVERYTHING to be let’s call it snug. Or tight. Or uncomfortable. I even asked Alexa to play some tunes, and danced round the bedroom like a loony for an hour, thinking that my derriere might shrink a size. NOT. Call it vanity if you like, but I just like to look presentable on telly. Even after 10 years, I still consider it a huge privilege to be allowed to appear on live TV – shopping channels count too! But I flatly refuse to go out and buy yet another top, when I’ve got enough clobber to do a live show daily in a different outfit for at least a year! At least! Just need to lose a stone. Or bin the lot and start again? I’ve got a walk in closet, and I can just about get through the door!! No! My arse isn’t THAT big yet!! The door is small, and there’s a lottagear in there!

Ah well. Moving on (vigorously, and wiggling the hips), let’s talk about WHAT I’m showcasing tomorrow. Many of you will be Clarity Club Members – either Stamp Club, Stencil Club, Groovi Club – or all 3! The clubs in their present format have been going for 2 and 3 years now. So tomorrow, between 2pm and 4pm, HOCHANDA have kindly given me permission to talk about the clubs, promote the new Die Club, which commences in January, and generally give a shout out to the educational side of our business.

What’s on sale?

We have compiled the first 12 concertina chapters in all 3 categories – Groovi, Stamp and Stencil, and are selling them for the first time ever as a bundle of 12 in a folder. Only on TV.

And just in case the cynics out there think these must be an overrun. Nope. We had to freshly make most of the products, and even order a good few of the project sheets to be able to collate the bundles of 12.




The stock of these bundles is limited. You can imagine they take a long time to make the products and collate. But I am very proud of our Clubs – they are unique in the craft industry. I started the stamp club back in the 90’s! Looked very different then! And I bet there are good and loyal friends reading this blog, who have been members since the very beginning. And I bet some of them have collected all those monthly newsletters too… My, how things have changed.

The stamps, stencils and Groovi plates which are made for the clubs are exclusive to the club members for some months post launch, before we add them to the Past Issues section of our website. They never appear anywhere else either.

But if you are a collector, and you want to collect the set as it were, tomorrow is a unique opportunity to get the first 12 concertina project chapters in a folder. They all stand alone, and would make a super gift too.

Cor! I have just had a little memory moment, of when the stamp club came with a photo attached to the copied instructions! Does anybody remember those days? Blimey! I used to sit and cut every single stamp out by hand in the evenings, on a tray on my lap in the living room, and the kids used to sit on the floor and bag them up, together with the little inserts. Then, when the bagging was done,  they would take turns in sticking the photos into the boxed off area on the front of the instructions. Hahaha! I remember when glue runners were invented! We thought Christmas had come early!!

Ah well. Life rolls on, eh. That’s on the agenda tomorrow afternoon too. I shall be taking some of  the stamps, stencils and Groovi from the chapters, and putting another creative spin on them. After all, I have been learning and gathering ideas since they were launched too. So even if you already have these goodies, do tune in to see what else you can do with them!

And as for the new Fresh Cuts Die Club, starts in January and sign up info will be revealed imminently. Very excited about that one, too. The Club Die prototypes are already in. And very beautiful they are, too.

Love & Hugs



37 thoughts on “Coming up tomorrow on telly: New Design Clubs Volume 1.

  1. I started with moon shadow and still a stamp club member . I have four plus years of the tutorials too and they still inspire me. Thank you Barbara x

  2. I think it’s about time, I have spoken to lots of people that aren’t aware of the clubs and always recommend them. So having them on TV now is not a moment to soon. I love the parcel each month, it’s my personal time to have fun and create for myself. Without being selfish of course, I do love to share.

  3. That’s called contentment Barb ! I’ve put on some extra weight too and am in the same position as you, every day I say, right! I’m going to start ! LOL !!

    Glad to know I haven’t got to spend out on the club things as I have the lot ! It’s the new groovi plates I’ve got my eye on, in addition to Tina’s new ones ! Looking forward to the show and don’t worry, you always look great and I love your tops, tight or not, and I’m sure there are a lot of us in your position !

  4. looking forward to the start of the fresh cut dies, with the groovi plates and dies I will be kept busy, especially on trips in motorhome. I have set the recorder for all the shows.

  5. I remember and have all my stamps from those early days in the NDC. Love my collection of Groovi NDCs too a monthly treat which have always been my Birthday present which lasts all year. Would recommend to any crafter. Dies sounds tempting too

  6. Well I would say you are feeling contented, so easy to put weight on not so much fun getting it off again. Personally I think you look great. I remember those early design sheets and still have them in a folder. Looking forward to the launch of the die club. Will I be joining, You Bet I will!! xx

    1. Hi Lynne,
      The start of a Fresh Cut Die club sounds great.
      As you and others on the blog and Groovi World Wide have helped me such a Lot with information a great big thank you for all you have done.
      You bet I will be joining.
      There is always something different at Clarity.
      Have a great weekend all.
      Lynn xxx

  7. Oh I remember the ‘old’ club days very well, indeed I have my project sheets (with photos still attached) in a folder and won’t part with them as still refer back to them occasionally for info or a refresher on certain techniques (pattern building with the corner stamps for example). Great idea to showcase the clubs on TV as I think some people are still a little hesitant to join if they’re not sure the kind of things they’ll receive each month. Loking forward to hearing the details of the die club and as my membership is due for January it’s the perfect chance for me to decide what I go for. Looking forward to the new plates too as from the snippets I’ve seen they look gorgeous so they may just have to be ordered. Oh yes and happy to say I’ve found Elvis! Safe journeys xx

  8. Hi Barbara,

    What lovely memories your business has brought you over the years, especially those where your children were involved. How wonderful xxxxx
    Loving the sound of the new die club xxxxx
    I will be watching tomorrow, you inspiration drives me xxxxxxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  9. What a great idea,haven’t been a member of th he clubs from the start but have several folders worth and all the newsletters that came with them. must get round to using them more

  10. I only joined the stamp club this year (after much deliberation), it was the comments from your existing members that made my mind up – and I LOVE IT!! Best of all is the ‘personal’ letter from you, which brightens up the day, no end.
    I’ve just spent a happy couple of hours stamping the stamps I have so far onto copy paper to cut out masks to make them even more versatile.
    Don’t worry about your bum- you are behind a desk!
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  11. You always look stylish and I wouldn’t worry too much about a few extra pounds, as we all have them too!
    I have been a member of the Groovi Club for 2 years now and look forward to my treat every month. I M sure that you will gain many new members tomorrow, when they see what is on offer.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the new ‘royalty’ plates, as they look stunning. Have a safe trip to Peterborough. Annette X

  12. I can’t wait for the Fresh Cut Die Club! I’ve been a member of the Groovi Club since the beginning. Sounds like you’ve joined the roly-poly club with me – Not that it shows on you! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, for once I’m at home and can watch live! x

  13. Ohh I am so looking forward to the show tomorrow and you always look great Barbara whatever you wear.
    I’ve been a groovi member from the first one and as others have said I look forward to the happy post arriving each month.
    I have been checking out the one day special too
    OMG what a wonderful collection of plates they are definitely going into my basket I can tell ya
    And the Elf hunt is a brilliant idea
    Ihope I remember to check in daily my memory is terrible lol
    Have a lovely evening folks
    Hugs xx

  14. Hello Barbara – looking forward to the shows tomorrow. I like to learn something new in crafting every year. Wanted to learn stamping so not only joined the stamp club but the other two as well. It’s the best thing I did. Every month I can’t wait to receive my parcel. It has guided me through the last year and helped me so much with my stamping journey. Can’t wait for the die club in January. Anyone thinking about joining the clubs, don’t hesitate, it’s great. Have a good day tomorrow. lots of love Donna X

  15. Hi Barb,
    Oh I remember the days of the stuck on photos – I have a big Clarity file with them in. I look orward to my envelope landing on the doormat every month and spend the next half our with a mug of coffee and settle down to read the newsletter do then the three project sheets. It is definitely ” me time” . I love it. So looking forward to the die cut club as well, that will be a must, I’m sure. I’m sure you will look gorgeous in whatever you ‘ squeeze’ into and everyone will be watching the demos ,admiring the new Groovi plates and the stunning Design Team samples to worry about what you are wearing. You always look lovely and I’m sure tomorrow and Monday will not be any different. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxxx

    1. Hi Alison – long time no speak. I hope you are still doing well with your knee. Yes – I can confirm that I put in an order in the Gray Friday sale! Lots of love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  16. Oh I love dies and I am a bit addicted. That new club will just up my street. I have just asked and it can be my Christmas present. I can’t wait to find out the details. Hugs Jackie

  17. Hi Barbara – it looks set to be a fabulous couple of days on tv. As others have said – whatever you choose to wear will be great. Totally understand how you feel about the extra weight. I had lost such a lot of weight worrying about hubby whilst he was so ill, but have now put some back on.
    Safe journey to and from the studios. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – long time since being on here. Neill is thankfully much better physically, but mentally he still has a long road to travel. He is waiting for some counselling regarding his PTSD – so it’s very difficult for him some days – but we shall beat it!
      I have found ‘Elvis’ – it was on an item that I purchased in the recent Gray Friday Sale.
      Love and hugs to you all. Gilly xxxx

      1. Glad to hear Neill is improving but total recovery takes time. People forget that it can be as hard for the spouse as the patient, what with all the worry which comes with the caring, so please take care of yourself too. Although I don’t know you personally you are in my thoughts. Best wishes to you both, Cherry

        1. Ah, thank you Cherry! That is very kind of you.
          That’s what is great about Barb’s Blog – we do sort of get to know one another on here. When I went to the Leyburn Open Day last year, lots of people came up to me and asked if I was Gillyflower from the blog. It was such a wonderful experience and I would love to go to again sometime xxx

  18. Just wondered if there is such a thing as an index page for the club projects. I have my folders going back a few years and was thinking it would be handy to be able to look at a glance what stamps stencils groovy was in each folder . I was looking through the other day having forgotten just what I had . If not feel a day of photographing and creating one might be a Christmas holiday job !

  19. Look forward to seeing the demos and for once will not be tempted to spend as I already have all three portfolios lol. Will be looking out for the next Elvis clue too! Have a great show and hope you find an outfit you’re happy with.

  20. I for is will definitely join the new club. I love getting my happy post each month. Yes I remember the photo stuck onto the instruction sheet. I’ve still got them all and the news letters !! x

  21. Love hunting for Elvis, great idea from the Clarity elves. I have been a member for a few years now and have some of the older ones with the hand cut pictures. Wouldn’t want to be without my monthly Clarity fix and I already know I want to be a member of the new die cut club. Looking forward to seeing new ideas for the past club issues on TV tomorrow. XX

  22. Evening bloggy firends, just watched Strictly so popped in to see the blog. Hope everyone has found Elvis today. XX

  23. Well I remember those first design club sheets with the photos stuck to the front of the sheets. I remember thinking then, I will never be able to do stuff like this!! I used to look forward to those newsletters every month (& still do), I kept them all – justbin case you ever wanted to put them into a book!! 😂😂 I am so so looking forward to the new Fresh Cut Die club. Personally I always think you look amazing, both on the TV and in the flesh so stop worrying woman and just knock em dead!! Xxxxx

  24. Ah memories!! I still have most of a set of the original stamps -with photos -stored away!! Also the later stamp club items. Looking forward to the shows and also to info about new club which I want to join

  25. Whatever you wear Barbara you will look great, but how you manage to put on weight with all the running about you do is beyond me. Must be contentment!!!
    I have been a member of all three clubs since 2016 and have taken advantage of some of the earlier offerings as they came up. Really looking forward to info about the die club and will definitely be joining but may have to go to monthly if I keep all 4……pension permitting!!!
    Haven’t found Elvis yet but will keep looking. Ordered the stamp and Groovi plate as he will compliment some of the fairies and toadstool items and be good for fantasy cards as well as Christmas.
    Will be watching the shows tomorrow and recording Monday’s.

  26. I’m a very new Gold member (Stencil & Stamp). I have set tv to record. I’m devastated to read that I can only get these bundles via Sunday afternoon tv show. It’s sure to be a sell out but I cannot watch the programme! The two sets would be absolutely perfect for me. Any ideas out there? Please. Su (Shrewsbury).

  27. Unfortunately I missed yesterday afternoon’s shows so I have that pleasure to look forward to but very excited about the new Die Club that is launching in January – can’t wait, you’ve really got me back into using dies again, the Freshcut dies are just so……. well Fresh x

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