Tina’s NEW Butterfly Petites will flutter by at 11 today!

Tina’s NEW Butterfly Petites will flutter by at 11 today!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Spinning like a top again! This ‘ere carousel is gaining momentum!

One minute we’re paddling through thousands of GRAY FRIDAY SALE orders, the next we’re gearing up for TV again!

And inbetween now and Sunday, when I scoot up to HOCHANDA with Paul, darling Tina Cox is launching an exquisite little set of Butterfly Baby Plates. Today, in fact! At 11am, and then again at 3pm. Watch online at HOCHANDA.COM

I spoke to Tina yesterday evening, to find out how she was feeling, because she has been very unwell recently. She, like many of our crafting friends, suffers from Fibromyalgia, and has had a particularly bad flare up recently. I also asked her permission to mention it today on the blog, because it is not my story to tell. Thing is, I find her amazing. She has so much on her plate, SO MUCH. Yet she just keeps going. It goes without saying that we offered help; we could go up and assist, we could drive her, we could do the show for her! But she is a very determined woman is Tina. Stronger than she thinks. The show must go on, is what she said. RESPECT.

Wait till you see what she does with these little images, designed by her good self! Crazy good. And also a super addition to the layering panel plates she launched a month ago.

Here are a few super samples from the ever clever Clarity Design Team.

Glynis WhiteheadJosie DavidsonSheila BradleyCarys James-Richards
Carys James-RichardsKaren JacksonSheila BradleyGlynis Whitehead

Here’s a glimpse at what else is on the TV counter today.




Tina CoxLinda WilliamsCarys James-Richards



Jane Telford

I do hope you can tune in and watch – I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot of Parchment techniques from Tina again!

Love & Hugs,



18 thoughts on “Tina’s NEW Butterfly Petites will flutter by at 11 today!

  1. Respect to Tina indeed. So many suffer in silence with fibromyalgia.
    I’ve planned my day around Tina & her creative works of wonder, so very pleased she’s able to make it today. Big cyber hugs to you Tina. We’ll all be cheering you on…..I hope you know that girlie 🤗👯💃🤸👍👌👋✊👊🤛👏💕

  2. These are superb! Well done Tina! Also well done for not letting fibromyalgia stop you from doing something you enjoy! My daughter has it so I know how hard life can be at times! Good luck with the show! Thanks Barbara for letting us all know about Tina.x

  3. The plates look fantastic, I have tried to tell myself I don’t need anymore plates but these are just a great addition to the last set. Have set the shows to record as we are out for lunch with our daughter. Destination unknown as a late birthday treat for myself, my husband & my Mum. I look forward to catching up later to see what great ideas Tina has given us. Thanks to Tina & the DT for more great samples & sneaky peaks.

  4. Bless her haven’t watched yet recorded ready to watch may watch one know when she does amazing looking at pictures butterflies look wonderful. Waiting on my first delivery any day know. They say change is as good as rest not sure if true you will have change on Sunday you and Paul no packing orders just making more lots love hugs xx

  5. Thank you for letting us know about Tina, she is a real trooper and did a great job on today’s shows. Have ordered the new plates as they will compliment the layering set and the petite set.
    I have a great respect for those who carry on regardless through illness and adversity – I truly believe it helps to be positive.
    Love to all.xxx

  6. I’m new to the groovi world and first time I’ve seen Tina on the tv I was amazed at what she can do she looked a very independent determined woman I learnt so much from her today with the shading and the colouring and the cutting out. I’m so happy to say I ordered the plates and will look out for any future shows. Her designs are beautiful and I can’t wait to start creating with parchment in the new year. I’m really a stamper but I think I’m going to love being part of the groovi world. Thankyou all so much for the inspiration 🙂 much love xxx

  7. Hi Barbara and everyone, I know exactly how Tina feels I myself have the condition it can be very debilitating.
    So my thoughts are with Tina.
    Looking forward to seeing the shows.
    You do have some beautiful plates and choosing can be very hard.
    Who would have thought how big this would become.
    Have a great show and take care.
    Lynn xxx

  8. Hello Barbara

    I agree with all you say. We met up with Tina for lunch as usual and she looked shattered. Hopefully between now and January she will be able to rest and recuperate.

    Have recorded both the shows so got them to look forward to sometime before your show on Sunday afternoon. Seeing Paul at Colemans Craft Warehouse big Demo Day on Saturday so, hopefully, more sales and converts from that.

    Roz xxx

  9. Poor Tina always puts a brave face on things and never complains. I watched the first show today and she was brilliant, as usual, so many thanks to her. The plates are beautiful and if I don’t get a Clarity gift voucher for Christmas (😢) they will be at the top of my wish list in the new year.
    Many thanks for my first order, which arrived today. It was only small, but still exciting to receive. Have a good evening. Annette X

  10. Hi Barb,
    My cousin suffers from this and I know how much pain she can be in when she gets a flare up so I do feel for Tina. She did a wonderful job today and the new plates were gorgeous- I love butterflies and they can be very useful! The samples were as gorgeous as ever – well done to the brilliantly talented DT. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Very,very windy today up here and very wet. Wonder how many are on the naughty step today ? Love and hugs to all,Alison xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Tina you are a superstar, well done you for battling on. The new plates are beautiful and as usual the design team samples are stunning. I’ve been working today so I’ve missed the shows but I will be watching on catch up.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Just going to watch Tina’s shows on catchup, the plares look lovely, I thought I had enough too but can you ever have enough of butterflies and flowers. Have to wait for the new year for those. Hope Tina feels better soon.xxx

  13. Tina is a wonderful lady carrying on that’s dedication fibromyalgia is so debilitating I know because I’ve been diagnosed with it too .
    I received my clarity grey day parcel today just had craft with my new groovi plates looking forward to my second grey parcel when it’s dispatched thank you clarity towers for your hard work .

  14. Hi Barbara
    I truly know how Tina feels, I too have Fibromyalgia, and it can get worse in winter with the cold weather. Wrap up warm Tina. I hope you feel a bit better soon.

    I watched Tina’s shows today, and she is amazing, she has such a talent, and is so creative and inspirational, she is a joy to watch. Lovely designs as usual from the Clarity Dream Team
    Love & Hugs

  15. Hello Barb, well all due respect due Tina, watching her, you would not know that she suffers from fibromyalgia. Even though I am not very into parching, I do like watching her, as she has very good tips and is very inspiring. The shows were good yesterday. Looking forward to the Sunday shows, but will have to record, as Christmas deccies are going up, and in this house it is quite an exercise! Take care all. Bx

  16. I have only managed to watch a part of one show. Out yesterday busy dressing Christmas trees at a local church. Lazy day today so will watch. The team designs are lovely as usual. Well done Tina, sorry to hear you are suffering. Hope you will now have the chance to rest and recover. Love your designs. . Love. Xxxx

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