Hi there,

And there it was. The NEC is over for another year. Well, until March.

The stands are being taken apart, and there is a lot of crashing and clanging in the hall. We have lots of help. Brother Steve and Sean, our new General Manager at Clarity, drove up together to help, which is a massive relief. We may have sold a lot, but my oh my – we could keep going for another month with the gear we brought with us!!!!!

Have I been busy doing demos? Not much!!!!!! Here are just a few of the Fresh Cut pics I did. I bounced between stamps and dies all 4 days. I gave away loads too!

Plenty of little Christmas presents here though!!

Anyway, I’d better go help the team!

Time to trundle back down the motorway. Thanks for coming, watching and supporting. You make it all worth while x


Love and hugs,


21 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. Well done to you all. 4 very successful days for you and all your visitors. I bet you get packed and home in good time. Hope you have a few days to relax and rest! XX

  2. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good weekend with lots of time for craft…either spending or doing! XX

  3. Best craft products out there….Was lovely to meet you Barbara you such a inspiration. Love everything clarity. We just landed home going to look at all my contraband I brought and you kindly donated .lots of love keep up the good work …Sharleen xxx

  4. I could say time to have a break but know you are trundling off to Germany tomorrow. Thank-you for all you do for us by taking part in these shows. Hope you have an easy journey home. xx

  5. Safe journey home to all the clarity team and then safe journey to you and Dave tomorrow to Germany!!! I do hope that once Wednesday is over you will take a bit of time out to relax and restock your own energy!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. Thank you, Barbara and the whole of the wonderful Clarity team, for all you have done. The stand was awesome. The Make and Take was full every day from start to finish. I have already decided that next time, I am coming every day to fit in everything I want to see and do. I shall make sure I have new batteries in my scooter. I only just made it back to the car yesterday. Have a safe journey home. xxx Maggie. (Silvercrafter)

  7. Safe journey to the Clarity crew, and I hope your voice holds out Barbara. Thank you for signing my calendar even though you’ve probably signed loads over the last four days, great show and great company xx

  8. Int it weird that we all give a sigh of relief that it went so well for you & the Clarity fam!
    And we have a new member too. Welcome & big hugs to Sean. Hope you settle in quickly. 🤗

  9. Safe travels home to all of you and thanks again for all you do. I hope that all goes well again in Germany and then perhaps you can have a breather and spend some relaxing family time. Love to all. Annette X

  10. Hi, so glad you had a good weekend at the NEC. I came on Thursday. Spent far too much money and will now have to save hard for your March visit.
    Have a safe journey home.

  11. Sounds like a very successful 4 days so pleased you all will be shattered safe travelling home day of tomorrow or not as your of to Germany hugs Joy

  12. After all the work at the NEC you must be cream crackered. Don’t know where you get your energy from.
    Hope the German trip goes well.

  13. Hi Barb,
    Watched Paul’s show today and was pleased to see another sell out – very quick too! I love here plates and although I said I wasn’t going to buy, I did! However, Dave has bought them for me bless him! So glad that the show has been enjoyable and successful for you ( and I bet shattering for you all) . I hope that you have a safe trip to Germany and that the shows there will be successful as well. Following that, I hope that you’ll be able to have a well earned rest or a break away somewhere to recharge the batteries. Love and hugs,Alison

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Really enjoyed Paul’s show today did you? Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  14. Enjoyed Paul’s show today, and shows on previous 3 days. Safe journey home, and trip to Germany, then hopefully you will be able to have some relaxing time. xxx

  15. Glad the show went so well and enjoyed seeing you and Paul with your fun TV slots. Have a safe journey to Germany and hopefully after that you will allow yourself a break of some sort. x

  16. Hi Barbara
    It was lovely to see you and Paul on the telly again this weekend, once again full of inspiration and energy, where do you get all that energy from??
    So pleased you had so many sell outs too, but you must have so much stock now that you have increased your products once again.
    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next.
    Love & Hugs

  17. Hello Barb, hope you all reached home safely. All the shows were brilliant, and packed with inspiration and arty goodness. Thank you. Perhaps I may be able to come in March. Take care all. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Loved Paul’s show yesterday, good thing I was ironing and couldn’t order! Hope the breakdown went smoothly and you got home at a reasonable time. Safe journey to Germany today.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Playing catch up after a weekend away with no wifi. Quite enjoyed it actually but glad to know your time at NEC was busy and fruitful after all the efforts of you and the Clarity team x

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