NEC and a NEW Groovi Christmas Bauble & Sentiment Collection

NEC and a NEW Groovi Christmas Bauble & Sentiment Collection

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! What a day!  Greetings from the NEC day 3.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The live TV stream with Hochanda and Hayley was so much fun. The building was buzzing. The vibe in the building was just like the good old days. Honestly. I went straight in the office here and booked a huge stand for next March AND November. Got to be done.

So on to tomorrow. Paul is doing another Live TV show, and will be showcasing a really lovely little set of Groovi Baby Plates.

Enjoy the show, and enjoy the artwork here! Excellent word plates for Christmas!

Jane TelfordLinda PageJosie DavidsonSheila BradleyJane TelfordChris WalkerJosie Davidson

Josie DavidsonAmanda WilliamsJane Telford


Thank you to all who visited the stand, to those who watched at home, and to the team. All in all, a splendid day.

Love & Hugs,



24 thoughts on “NEC and a NEW Groovi Christmas Bauble & Sentiment Collection

  1. Lovely to see you all at NEC today. Loved the live show too. Bought lots!!!!!!! Hope your voice gets better. Lots of love xx

  2. I enjoyed it from home. You did make me laugh when you dug yourself into a hole, it went from bad to worse! 🤣🤣💕

  3. Lovely to see you all today at the NEC. Loved your show! Bought lots, two visits to the beautiful Clarity stand. Hope your voice gets better. Lots of love xx

    1. You were brilliant on Hochanda at NEC today Barbara. Lots of laughing(how you keep your train of thought defeats me!!) and lots of lovely demos and goodies. You can be pleased all round!

  4. I do love all the Groovi plates. I need a lottery win for sure, so I can buy them all! I was showing the Groovi system (& what it you can achieve with it!) to a friend today and she was that impressed that she wants me to do her wedding invites!! How cool is that?!

  5. Watched the show today, cracked up when you got the giggles!!! Great demo. So glad everything is going well.
    Lovely art work, DT does it again. Put my order in to Clarity this afternoon and will be getting the Groovi Baby plates tomorrow. Looking forward to see what Paul comes up with this time.
    It was nice to be able to put faces to the designers you name when showing samples. Thanks for introducing them to us.
    Try to get a good rest tonight as being the last day tomorrow and a Sunday it is likely to be manic with people trying to pick up last minute bargains.
    Sweet dreams.

  6. Loved show did make me laugh was so much fun sounds a wonderful time so when is it in March see if we can come love ally pally and would love to visit NEC too have a great last day xxx

  7. You were great today on the show, such a tonic, all that laughter. I really wish I could have been there. Your cooling fans were working very well!!!
    Look forward to seeing Paul tomorrow. Hope your not too tired.
    Your design team as usual produced some beautiful samples. Wish I could get to the Christmas cards, I have had so many birthdays,and wedding anniversaries. Have a good day tomorrow xxxxxxx

  8. Great show at lunchtime, loved it when you got the giggles (can’t think why that happened?! lol) Honestly don’t know how you carried on as everyone in the audience got the hidden joke too! Great to see Sam on TV albeit a bit reluctantly. Looking forward to Paul tomorrow and just hope the audience aren’t so naughty minded! xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I haven’t watched the show from today yet but it sounds like I’m in for a treat again. Love the new plates, what a great collection. Beautiful design team work too. Hope the final day goes well and the breakdown of the stand goes smoothly so you aren’t too late home.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. I couldn’t watch today, as I am in Tewkesbury celebrating a friend’s (of 45 years) 70th birthday. We have had a wonderful, happy day and I will catch up with your show when I return home tomorrow. I am so pleased that you have enjoyed the NEC show and happy that you have booked for next year. I know that it is tremendously hard work, so thank you again, to you and all the team. One more day, then packing and off to Germany! Sleep tight. Annette X

  11. The hall was certainly buzzing today. managed to catch some of your show which was great. Sounds like it has been a good show for you and pleased you will be there next year. Hope the cookies helped to re-charge your batteries. How you get through four days I really don’t know, my legs are trashed. xx

  12. Ordered my new stamps they looked wonderful. I also had a treat because my matching dies arrived yesterday and they are beautiful too. Good luck with your last day. Xx

  13. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone saw the shows today. Those new stamps looked so good I can’t wait to play. Xx

  14. You were in wonderful form on the TV today Barbara, and you and Hayley were great together. It’s no wonder your voice is going with all the talking you do . Enjoy the last day. x

  15. Had a fab day at NEC today, took my mum and introduced her to our Barbara who gave her a hug and told her that I was a lovely lady, way to any mum’s heart, tell her how great her kid is. Mum loved it of course, thanks Barbara, it made her day. Went back later to get my Calendar signed, thanks again, had lovely chat about exciting plans, can’t wait until January. Talk about cheering up my least favourite month. Hope rest of show goes well, rest that voice up and take it easy in Germany. Off tomorrow to do my lino cut Christmas cards, can’t wait. Fab weekend all round. Once again, thanks, thanks and more thanks, the only reason I still go to NEC show is to see the fab person, our Barbara and her great team, you never disappoint. Sleep and rest well. Karen xxx

  16. Hello Barb, wow and wow again, what beautiful plates, and the samples, well it goes without saying that they are incredibly lovely and creative gorgeousness. Have to catch up with the show yet. It sounds like everyone is enjoying the visits too. Take care all. Bx

  17. Went to NEC yesterday (Saturday). Thank you for the warm welcome Barbara, always good to see your lovely face. Great demo on the stand and also on live tele – I even went to the Clarity stand straight after and bought a ‘big floppy thing’ – hilarity all round. Great to see my friend Hazel on the stand and look forward to a catch up coffee with her soon. Just love the Clarity family.

  18. At the NEC yesterday (Saturday), loved browsing through and buying lots of goodies on the Clarity stand and watching the midday demo with Barbara; what a laugh! Such a pleasure to watch the demos, as I am new to paper crafting (sewing has been my passion) thoroughly enjoying learning new skills. Barbara you and your team are an inspiration, love all your designs (have started my xmas list already!)

  19. Had a lovely day and spent up at the NEC mainly on the clarity stall 😊. So pleased you will be there next year. The November show is the start of our Christmas countdown. You and your team are always lovely and extremely helpful and your demos so inspiring.

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