Time to stop, step away from the plate…

Time to stop, step away from the plate…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

This will be a very short blog though, because I have had enough. And enough is enough for one day!

Forgot to eat all day, kept ploughing on, head down. And before you know it, I’m dying for a pee, fed up, narky – and my neck is killing me.

My fault entirely. At my age, I really should know better. But there you go. Just desperately trying to dash the TV  T’s and Dot the i’s today, so I could chill a bit tomorrow. Sometimes you just want to do NORMAL STUFF! But, as they say in Medway – ainappeninere….

Ah well. Let’s turn this around. Let’s get positive. The shows are all set. The artwork is almost all done. The notes are almost all written.  The samples from the DT are super. Everything is ready to be loaded into the car. And apart from the last hour, when I went all hangry, Becca and I had a fun two days doing art together.

Dave and Paul are up in Port Sunlight, Cheshire (near Liverpool) with the lovely Northern crew. Their stand is all set for the Stamp Festival tomorrow. I’m sorry I can’t be there. But that’s the thing. I just can’t do it all.

It’s a cracking little show, and just like a stamp show should be: arty, creative and well attended. It was always my favourite show to do.

So if you ARE going to the Festival, do be sure to go say hi to the team. Please go easy on Paul – he’s hurt his shoulder, poor lad.

So now it’s time to switch off, isn’t it? I’ve still got a mixed media sample I want to stitch together, but I may leave that till tomorrow.  The holes are made, which is a start! It is coming together nicely.

Love & Hugs,



30 thoughts on “Time to stop, step away from the plate…

  1. If I was closer, I would have made you something to eat today! Try to have a relaxing evening. You deserve it. Xx

  2. Listen to your body and time to relax. It must be very hard when you have so many important deadlines to meet. Not going to Port Sunlight but it is somewhere I would like to go one day. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  3. That’s what I love about you Barb – you tell everyone else you were narky – they don’t need to tell you – and, you know the reason why! 😉😉 Have a relaxing evening tonight and have something to eat and drink. Tomorrow is another day and your fabulous fella and the rest of the team will smash it at Port Sunny. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows very much. Xxxxx

  4. All we can say is thank you for doing it all and giving us the pleasure, sometimes it must seem like a chore to you but we all know it’s not really and you love it — if not you must be mad for carrying on LOL !! Have a lovely show at the weekend, why am I always cooking for loads when you’re on – good job there’s catch up! Hope Dave, Paul and the crew have a great show too. Whenever I read Port Sunlight I think of washing up liquid ….. xxx

  5. Relax this evening. Tomorrow you will look at things with fresh eyes!!!
    I’m off to the festival at port sunlight and really looking forward to seeing the team there!!! I love that little show and it’s good to be able to catch up with folk.
    I’ll also look forward to watching you on TV on Sunday… Great products coming up for everyone!!!
    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  6. Hope you’ve got over your ‘hangriness’ and had something to eat. It’s amazing how, when we’re crafting we get so ‘involved’ that we forget to do the basics such as eat etc. Anyhoo, hope Port Sunlight is well attended for Dave and Paul and am looking forward to the weekend shows with the lovely new goodies! Safe journey (s) to all. xx

  7. Its amazing how time flies when we get engrossed in our crafty projects. Hope you are able to switch off tomorrow for a few hours.

  8. You’ll have to put an alarm clock in your craft room Barb and set it for breaks and lunch, so easy to forget to eat when crafting. Most people say they eat cake and chocolate when crafting but if I’m crafting I dont even think about food, how is it then that I still don’t loose weight. Hope the boys have a great show at Port Sunlight, ond if the shows I’ve not visited although I’d love to, suppose its because you have to book way in advance and I dont plan things early enough.
    Try to chill and rest your neck before you go to Hochanda.xxx

  9. Hi bloggy friends, been having fun yesterday and today making Christmas cards and the odd birthday card. Mostly groovi but hardly any white work and yet they still look really pretty, lovely sunshine today and really warm. Not too good a forecast for tomorrow, so stay safe and dry as its supposed to be very windy and wet, hopefully not where you live.xxx

  10. Sorry you have had a rotten day, and bad on you for not eating I would have ensured you ate, as it is one thing I always make sure of.
    I for one have had a fabulous day, slight downside was no crafting as I was attending the eye hospital, but I got the all clear following my cataract op, and given the go ahead to get my new specs, and managed to get a cancellation appointment for tomorrow morning – so should have new specs by middle of next week! I shall be able to see to craft again!
    Added bonus was they are going to do the other eye – didn’t expect that as it had been said that the local authority weren’t going to pay for second operations! So am on list and it will be in next 4 to 5 months, as also put me on short notice list for any cancelled ops. whoop whoop!
    Really happy bunny. I can already see the difference with just one “new” eye – can actually differentiate between paint colours. Just think what two new eyes will be like ! (ok bit of B that I can now see the wrinkles on my face, but hey ho I just won’t look in the mirror to often. rofl!


  11. You really must take care of yourself!!!
    When I know I’m going to have a mammoth crafting session I make a sandwich and a flask of coffee and set an alarm to remind me to take a break. That way I don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen and don’t get flaky from lack of sustenance. A wise old bird once told me that even if you only take a 20 minute break away from what you are doing, then you go back to the job refreshed and the work goes much better. It does work……..
    Hope your neck feels better soon and that Paul’s shoulder is not too bad.
    Have a restful evening and try to get a good night’s sleep.

  12. Aww, wee soul, I feel like wrapping my arms around you tight Barb, and sitting you on your sofa with a blanket wrapped round you, and looking after you for a wee bit. Wish I was there to.

    Please always know that the effort you put into your TV shows, blog, shows, retreats etc., and Clarity products, is soooo much appreciated by many many people. It’s just no said that often, (wrongly, in my opinion!) it being human nature to many to be vocal when something goes wrong, and silent when praise and thanks is due!

    I’m looking forward to your shows, and will be watching all. Hope you can have’ you’ time this evening and all day tomorrow, doing whatever you feel like, even if that’s nothing. You deserve it. Love you xxx

  13. Greetings from Port ‘not so’ Sunny…. home of the famous Sunlight Soap…Yep, we’re all set for Happy Stampers North West tomorrow…the Clarity team have done their best, Paul and Maria will be demoing, Heather and Sue helping with all product queries, and Len and myself running the shop. It’s usally pretty busy , so looking forward to the Festival…. Sorry you can’t be with us Barb. xx

  14. Hello Barbara – naughty, naughty missing meals, but in all fairness often do this when I get engrossed in crafting. Suddenly hours have passed and I wonder why I’m so hungry, and why is my husband in from work? Easily done, especially under your sort of pressure. Relax and enjoy some good food. Lots of love Donna X

  15. Please take care of yourself Barbara. I have heard that Port Sunlight is a lovely show. The boys and your team will be brilliant. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend.
    A big HUG from Chris. X

  16. Sorry you won’t be at Port Sunlight tomorrow – we’ll miss you – but we know your team will take good care of us

  17. Hi Barbara. Take care of yourself. The shows will be great . I have been thinking of Port Sunlight all week. Wish I could have gone, it is where I first met you and found groovi, a years ago. My friend who came with me has been quite poorly so not fit to travel. Such a shame as we both enjoyed it.
    Spent today making a card for one of my granddaughters birthday, only to be told the post in
    Canada is taking three to four weeks, don’t know why.
    Looking forward to watching on Sunday. Xxxx

  18. Hi Barbara

    You work too hard, and even though you must know by now just how much we all appreciate your hard work, you really must take time for yourself every now and then.
    I’m looking forward to watching you tomorrow, and I’m sure that the boys will do a Stirling job at the festival too.
    Rest now, tomorrow is a new day.
    Love and Hugs

  19. Just had a nice time catching up on your blogs. Always really enjoy reading them so thank you for giving us some of your very precious time. Lovely artwork.
    The last few weeks have been a bit full on with husband having an op and needing tlc, painting the new cupboard built to house Clarity crafting stuff that I don’t necessarily use but can’t throw anything away as I love it all and then this week I’ve been in hospital for an unintended short stay 🤒 and the called back yesterday to be told blood tests revealed I also have sepsis (reassuringly not the superbug type). Antibiotics and rest should do the trick. Hence the catch-up time.

    Lovely picture of your Mum & Dad many congratulations to them. What a great gift and getting a card from HRM obviously the cherry on top of the icing. After applying I was lucky enough to get invited to a garden party at Buck House to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in the Summer of 2002 as I was born on the day she became Queen. Accession Day (6th Feb) is never celebrated and rarely mentioned so this was a nice recognition of the day.
    Love the coil pot. I still have my large coil vase l made at evening classes many, many years ago: my best friend’s similar vase didn’t survive the firing – it still rankles when she sees mine 😠 . The process of rolling sausages, coiling, shaping and smoothing is very therapeutic and I remember the classes being so much fun just as you have found.
    This weight business is a bit of a conundrum (this is from someone who has a degree in nutrition and has helped many people lose weight) – I’ve just had 3 days of eating absolutely nothing because of being quite poorly and still managed to gain a pound🤔.
    That’s enough of my ramblings. Best wishes for the weekend. You will be great as always: possibly, like a swan, paddling frantically below the desk but appearing absolutely serene and in control above.

  20. Take care of yourself and enjoy the shows. Never been to Port Sunlight, one day maybe, I know it’s a really popular show xx

  21. I’m off to Port Sunlight today -yay! Sorry you won’t be there but the Clarity team are always so lovely and helpful. Looking forward to Paul and Maria’s demos today then all your demos on Sunday and Monday.

  22. Barb you are an amazing woman, but you must look after yourself. I hope you find some quiet time today amongst the final prep. That’s as important as doing all the work. I’m looking forwards to watching the shows tomorrow – you always inspire me

  23. Hi Barbara
    I hope you’ve managed to have a good nights sleep and your neck is less painful today. It looks like we are in for a real treat this weekend, I’ve to,d hubby we need to be home in time. I’m just catching up on the week, work keeps getting in the way big time. Love your pot and what a great friend to make too. I think you could keep her supplied with tasteful canvases! 😂. I hope all goes well for the boys and the team up at Port Sunlight, I think they will have a blast. Try to relax today and have a safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx

  24. Oh Barb, you do need to take regular breaks and remember to eat, it will not do you any good at all. We need you find fettle for the tele. Hope Dave and Paul get on ok at the show. Love the look of your mixed media piece. Take care all. Bx

  25. Ooooo I missed yesterday’s blog! How did that happen???? Anyway, hope you managed to get some relaxing time just for you last night. Looking forward to seeing what amazing demos you have planned. I always love the name Port Sunlight! Sounds so happy. Good luck with the show Dave and Paul. Xx

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