I did a wheelie up the outside!

I did a wheelie up the outside!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Just got carried away here! Was supposed to read through my TV notes one more time and make sure everything’s pack. So what do I do? Well, maybe I haven’t done enough demos to cover two hours. Maybe I should do a couple of quickies, just to CMA (cover my bottom). Three hours later, I’ve got everything back out of the boxes and am having a fine old Groovi time.

But I did have a little epiphany. I was trying to do a really simple coaster. You know, something special for the Christmas table. I thought, if each guest had one coaster, and then we Groovied their name and the number of the verse on the back, then the guests could read out the poem after Christmas dinner, or on the 24th in our case (we celebrate Christmas Eve –  German style)

Anyway, the edges looked a bit rough. The plan wasn’t to spend hours picot cutting and doing gridwork on each coaster – although I might if I had more time (NOT THIS YEAR !!!) And it was a bit tight to add an outline frame. So I was stumped…

Then I remembered this little fella! It’s a little Pergamano embossing wheel

Then, in a twinkling, and working from behind, I whistled round the edges! The wheel travels in the Groovi tramlines too! BINGO! I remember now! Paul and I worked this out ages ago…

Couple of things I figured out as I was doing this: You need the Groovi Guard to hold the work flat if you want to get really close to the edge, like here:

Add a few stars, bit of whitework, a little vignette with a Stencil brush and ink – and the job’s done. Coaster Verse No. 9 is DONE!!

Anyway, let me tell you what is being showcased tomorrow from 2-4pm.

We launched the completed collection of Twas the Night Stamps earlier in the year, and added the final 5 designs, remember?

All available individually, in sets of 5, and in a big bundle with the Universal Framer.

What do we call it the Universal Framer? Because I drew it to be useful at all times, not just at Christmas.

Which reminds me. I did draw these stamps myself (aka ©Barbara Gray 2018) That’s why they span almost 20 years!! So much else going on! Mmm. So the copyright looks more like an epitaph ! 1998-2018!! Hahaha. Dave said something sobering the other day.

He said that on a gravestone, when it says for example, 1900-1985, that little dash between the two years was the LIFE!! Food for thought…


So tomorrow, I am launching the same designs, but in GROOVI format.

Here are the new final five :

New Collection 11-15

And here are the original 10

Here are some lovely art samples created by the ever clever Clarity DT.

Maggie ByfordSheila BradleyMaggie Byford

Linda PageJosie Davidson

Josie Davidson

Jane Telford

Formidable artwork, eh?! I certainly won’t be producing anything that fabulous, but I’ll have a good go in the alloted time!

Here’s the inset plate that slots inside the Starter Kit Plate mate.

And here’s the whole collection which is on offer tomorrow. If you already have the original set, then of course, the last five are available separately too.

Complete Collection including Alphabet plate/Universal framer  & folder


Right. Time to get on.

I hope you can join me tomorrow.Here are the times

SUNDAY  2-4pm. 6-7pm and 8-9pm

MONDAY 9-10am 12-1pm 5-6pm

www.HOCHANDA.COM . SKY 673 (24/7) .    FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)       FREESAT 817 (24/7)


See you on the other side!

Love & Hugs



    22 thoughts on “I did a wheelie up the outside!

    1. My my, that’s a damn clever bit of kit now innit? Might have to get me one of them there wheelie things. I have said it before but I will say it again, the designs you come up with are awesome and what’s more you have THE most awesome design team. Whether it be stamps, stencils, groovi or mixed media – Clarity is tops in my book. Hope you got a good night’s sleep and are raring to go tomorrow. I have set you up on record just in case I miss you. Have a brilliant day with sell out products. xxxxx

    2. Don’t know why but all these have brought tears to my eyes….. I only stopped for a cuppa in the middle of a spring clean because of visitors tomorrow! Must get the remaining groovi plates and plan something for next year for my little great-niece and nephew. She’ll be just getting old enough I think. X
      P.s. such inspirational samples x x

    3. You are Wheelie funny my lovely friend !
      Can’t wait to pull up by the fire and have a Groovi sunday!
      Lots of hugs xxxxc

    4. Hi Barbara,
      These are my favourites. Just waiting for the last 5 Groovi plates to finish my project. I’m just a big kid when it comes to Christmas. Love the DT samples, inspiring.
      Then of course I will have to have the ODS as well!!!
      Really looking forward to the weekend shows.

    5. My mum was German so we celebrated on Christmas eve too. Sadly she passed away just before Christmas and my dad passed away the following day, 42 years apart so now I don’t do Christmas anymore. I digress! I was wondering, will the wheelie work on card? I’ve tried doing Sue Wilson’s piercing technique but I’m not very good at it, hence my question.

    6. The Design Team have come up trumps again, I expect there are more to be seen tomorrow as well. Must put the shows on to record just in case something crops up to stop me watching & also for future reference. I have that little wheel in my kit but forget to use it. It makes such a pretty edge so must use it in future. Enjoy the rest of today ready for tomorrow’s mammoth schedule as you appear to have been left to fly solo or is the A team taking a detour from the Wirral to help ?

    7. Brilliant, so looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. I need to check if I have the wheelie tool, fab idea. Amazing inspiration from the DT as always, see you tomorrow x

    8. Thank you, Barbara. I just wish that this had been in yesterday’s blog to remind me to get the wheel out, having spent a long time embossing loads of dots round the inside of my frame. Maybe, we should have a “tool of the week” to remind us about our lesser used tools in our kits. Must go and set up the recorder for tomorrow’s shows. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    9. This is my favourite Christmas poem takes me right back to childhood. Used to be a challenge question to name all the reindeer, got that one down years ago! Love crafting at this time of year, out with the autumnal colours and glittery projects … although to be honest I always manage to get the glitter in whatever time of year it is! Xx

    10. Afternoon bloggy friends, wet and windy outside so I have been painting (and glittering 😁) unicorns and helping my Mum cut out quilt blocks. Relaxing now before thinking about dinner and then it’s Strictly time. Xx

    11. Evening Barbara! I’m really getting my clarity fix this weekend… Port sunlight today and you on the telly tomorrow and Monday!!! At least it helps mask the problem that I have a broken fridge freezer and might have to chuck out some stuff… Grrr!
      I suppose these things are sent to try us.
      Hope you get to relax tonight. Love and hugs xxx

    12. Lovely samples, I have the little wheel but forgot it and I have embossed the edges of a lot of cards recently, never you mind I shouldn’t forget again, should I. Thank you so much for the reminder. So glad you’ve completed the set of ‘Twas the night’ in groovi, must get them. Already bought the stamp ones. Have to watch you on catch up as out tomorrow. xxx

    13. That looks a great tool and plates and art work all excellent as always .record set I hope as away at moment thinking of you tomorrow will catch up during week xxx

    14. Hello Barbara – I really do love you Barbara – just when my head has run out of ideas you come along with a great idea. I totally forgot I have the wheelie tool. Have fished it out and tomorrow will have a play. Been doing Christmas cards all day, my brain is tired out. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Lots of love Donna X

    15. Recorder set and I definitely need the plates to complete my ‘Twas the Night’ collection. DT look to have done us proud again if what you’ve posted are anything to go by…doubtless there’ll be many more tomorrow on telly. Looking forward to the shows and will be hiding the remote so hubby doesn’t get his sticky mitts on it – lol! xx

    16. Hello Barb, safe travels to the studios, looking at the gorgeous samples and what is on offer, I think all the shows are going to be busy. All set to record. Have a fabulous time. Bx

    17. Hello Barbara, I would love to tell you just how amazing the whole Groovi Craft is and to thank you for bringing this beautiful craft to us too.
      I am disabled and my mobility is severely lacking due to joints and spine problems so I have to keep my mind as you so rightly put it “in the Groove! ” I have wanted to try this for quite some time but always that nagging thought I can’t do this!
      As you have also mentioned i colouring and this is very therapeutic too but I felt I needed to stretch my mindfulness and WOW WOW I watched your two hour show on Hochanda and that was it I couldn’t resist any more and bought the beginners pack and 3 other plates.
      I love it and it does just take you into that special little bubble and gets you in the Groove.
      So a huge hug thanking you so much for bringing this beautiful craft to me. I really have to have ’twas the night collection and the nursery rhymes collection….Hooked!

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