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Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Well, this morning, I woke up and realised that D-Day is almost here! It’s almost time to get on the Clarity train which is destined for HOCHANDA, then the NEC and then QVC DÜSSELDORF.

Actually, let’s not call it D-Day. Nearly half a million troops were killed that day in 1944. Beggars belief, doesn’t it? That really stops me in my tracks.  In fact, just that single fact rightsizes ALL the things bouncing around in my mad head this morning. So when I say I am overwhelmed today, I really need to turn that round. Let’s define overwhelmed, shall we?!

What does OVERWHELMED stand for?

O    Odds are I will survive

V     Very likely that it will be fine

E     Everything will fall into place

R     Really nothing that crucial to fret about

W    What’s the worst that can happen?

H     Helps to have prepared so thoroughly

     Excited about the future

L      Lucky to have such Lovely new designs and products to work with

M      Marvellous Team at Clarity

E       Everybody is pitching in

D       Dave. Oh. And Doing the best I can, always. That’s all I have to do.

Yes. Let’s get some perspective on the week ahead, Gray. You are about to spend a whole fortnight in the company of good, kind people, doing what you love doing.

Having just carried out that little Stands For exercise, I must say I feel much better. Should try it more often….

Love & Hugs,




32 thoughts on “O V E R W H E L M E D

  1. I agree lovely comments we should all try and remember what our ancestors gave up for us and try and live up to their expectations of a new world they hoped to create by their sacrifice.

  2. Doesn’t take much to put perspective into things does it Barb? If only everyone would do what you just did before they put their foot in their mouth, oh what a wonderful place it would be, this little planet of ours. Sadly most act first and think later – too late then!! I think it is fabulous how you have grown and diversified the way you have, always something fabulous for your loyal followers to delve into. I love Clarity, I really do. So onwards and upwards, but remembering to take time out for you and Dave. Much love xxxx

  3. Hello Barbara
    I agree wholeheartedly. Our family saying (having been devasted) is ‘It’s not a brain tumour!’. That puts everything in perspective for us.
    Looking forward to Sunday and Monday, and to seeing you all next Friday at the NEC.
    Love, Roz xxx

  4. Thanks for that thought for the day, it certainly makes you think about what is really important in our lives. We can only do 1 or 2 things at a time, there are only 24 hours in a day, happenings yesterday have gone & can’t be changed, tomorrow hasn’t got here yet so just sort today out & hopefully everything will run as smoothly as possible. Off to a family wedding this weekend so have put shows on to record in case we are not back. Take care & try & have some me time over the next 2 weeks or at least a breathing space !!

  5. You’re a wise woman with wise words.
    This morning I’ve poured excess Perga-glitter into my sticky ink. 😱
    But, hey, what does it matter in the light of eternity🤔

  6. Hi Barb, hope your day is going smoothly and you’ve got lots of boxes ticked.

    Aye, it’s unimaginable what those poor guys went through, from being called up, knowing they are likely to die, the whole way through their ordeal and what they had to see, do, endure and suffer. It’s something I regularly think about. I couldn’t have done it, wouldn’t have had the courage. What brave, brave men and boys they were. All their sacrifice so we could all be here, and have the life we have today. And look what many folk do, all the badness, all the waste, all the I’m alright Jack . It’s so wrong. We all should show ultimate respect for all those who fought for us by trying our best to make this world a better place, and being kind and helpful to all our fellow human beings.

    C – customer service awesome
    L -love and hard work you put into everything Clarity, and our love for you and all you do for all your customers
    A – always producing top quality and unique, much sought after products
    R – revolutionary in all you do
    I – innovative, inspirational always
    T – team work makes the dream work
    Y – YOU, you my dear Barb, at the helm, always striving to keep an even keel and steering the Clarity ship in the right direction, miles ahead of all other companies

    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, love you Barb xxxx

  7. It is really important to just pause and take time to be thankful for we have, particularly in challenging times as it does put it to perspective.

  8. How right you are Barbara. It is so easy to get caught up in your own problem and worries. Taking time to think about what other people are dealing with can really put things into perspective. I have been watching the Invictus Games this week and have nothing but awe and admiration for the competitors. Their bravery and sportsmanship have had me in tears on more than one occasion. I only hope that the next time I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I will remember them and their courage.

  9. My dad was born in 1900 and went through WW1 & WW2. He was in the Merchant Navy and was on one of the boats that rescued soldiers at Dunkirk. I will never forget.

    There are times when all of us get overwhelmed by events in our lives, but hey ho, we are still here and carrying on regardless. The past is the past and it can make us stronger when we realise that with courage and determination we can make the future brighter.

    Have placed my vote in the finals and will be willing you to win all 5.

  10. My father, a Royal Engineer, was on Gold Beach on DDay, although he not once referred to it as such but as ‘The Invasion.’ Very little of his war years were talked about, so have only scant information of where he was and what he did apart from building Bailey bridges from ‘the Orne to the Elbe’ to facilitate tank movement and when needs necessitated due to competing in scrambles and hill climbs at home, a dispatch rider.

        1. Hi Shelagh I keep struggling on each day baby steps I’m loving the fresh dies they are so easy to use as tom puts them through the e bosser for me ,I love your designer art xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    What a thought provoking blog today, you are right, it helps us put things into perspective doesn’t it. So many lives lost or changed forever. I always wear my poppy with pride as we owe so much to those who gave so much for us to live in peace. I hope all goes well over the next couple of weeks, make sure you get some time for yourself if you can. Oh I like tge look of the sneaky peek, you are spoiling us! I’ve voted for you in the awards too, I’ve been catching up today.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Just looking at the first die cannot wait to put in my order
    Would like to thank clarity towers I received my dies from the flash sale and my second order is on its way the dies are amazing.going to vote Claritystamp deserves the awards xxx
    Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

  13. You really have no need to worry you are amazing in telly so amazing you don’t things with such ease as others have said clarity rocks you are loved by us all have so much support love out here cannot wait hugs go Barbara your a star xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Really puts things in perspective.
    Cleverly done, as everything you do.
    love & hugs

  15. The last few weeks have been difficult for me and my other half, but your one day at a time motto has kept us going. Knowing you’ve done your best today, that yesterday is the past and that tomorrow will be another day really helps. And all that from a craft blog!!! Thank you x

  16. You have such a wonderful way of helping to put things into perspective Barbara.
    Almost all of those involved 100 years ago have gone now and I hope that they will always be remembered.
    You have such a busy couple of weeks ahead, so hope you have some time to put your feet up as well. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday and the NEC on Friday. Take care. Annette X

  17. So important to step back and take a minute for reflection & perspective when it feels like everything is getting on top of us. I’ve learned that with my recent fracture and spent time being thankful that it wasn’t worse.
    You got such a busy week ahead of you – make sure you take time out for yourself, because according to your acronym you’re overwhelmed with blessings!

  18. Hello Barb, what a fabulous and thoughtful blog post, it is certainly helping me with things I have on the horizon. Travel safely to the studios, looking forward to the shows. Bx

  19. I love this Barb. I need to do it myself. Will sit down later and write my own version. In fact, I think we should all do it. I’m sure it will help each and every one of us. Thank you xxxxx

  20. I see you used the FINE word Barbara. Nine years ago whilst undergoing some cancer (I will never give it a capitol C)surgery, my breast care nurse asked me how I was. I told her I was fine, “no you’re not” she said, I insisted I was. She repeated, “no you’re not, because FINE stands for, F….. up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. That gave me the first laugh since my surgery. I have since passed this on to many. From the poorly person not expected to make a recovery who told me she was FINE.To the lady who got soaked from a car driving through a large puddle, who told me she was FINE. To the ladies on the tills in M&S and Sainsbury when they have just served an ignorant bitch on their mobile, who’s only “interaction” has been to put their card into the machine, they said “it’s FINE, we get it all the time”. Without exception, this has always given the person a good laugh, asking me to repeat or write it down for them to use in the future. With apologies for the F word, no offence intended to my Clarity pals.

  21. Really we that were born after the war have so much to be thankful for and should never forget the lives that were lost so we could be free today .We know nothing of having to make meals out of nothing or having to make do and mend .Thank you to all those men and women who gave up their lives for us .Thank you Barbara food for thought . Y delivery of new fresh dies has arrived off to play .

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