YouTube Tuesday – The Humble Groovi Grid

YouTube Tuesday – The Humble Groovi Grid

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Today’s Youtube is one of mine. It is a little longer than usual, but then parchment art isn’t speed crafting, is it ?!
And why have we called it the Humble Groovi Grid? Well, let me explain. A Groovi Grid is simply an acrylic plate with loads of holes drilled through it. We have different sizes – A5 square, A4 square, long border grids to marry up with Tina Cox’s pattern grids, and here I am presenting the latest size: the baby plate size, A6 square.
It’s for those of us who want to test the waters, do smaller gridwork, do gridwork on the go.
The holes are either drilled straight or offset (aka diagonal). It’s that basic.
And the grids are either bold, (larger holes) for use with bold tools, or super fine, with smaller holes for finer tools. 
It is a pretty basic concept, albeit precision engineered. 
And yet, the artwork which is created from such a modest, seemingly basic thing can be astoundingly intricate and beautiful. In truth, it defines the art of parchment. Those incredible lace borders, that wonderful framework we gasp as – it is created with these grids. Such a humble tool – yet such a potent one. 
So today I am taking you through some very basic tricks and techniques in the form of a modest sampler. 
I am no expert, but I can show you the ropes!

If you fancy getting to grips with gridwork, today might be a good day to start!

I just watched the video back, and had to chuckle at the end when I said HELP IS ON THE WAY! Obviously, I was referring to the Picot Dies combined with Groovi plates, which blew the doors off recently, when we launched them. And I must say, given my time constraints,  I much prefer to spend my cutting time on the middle bits than the tedious edges. I simply don’t have the time at this point in my life! And the chances are, that come the day I DO have time, my eyesight will fail me! So all hail to the Picot dies!

All the products in the video are greatly reduced;

click here to investigate:

All Groovi Grids

Tina’s Parchlets

1-needle, 2-needle & 4-needle tools

1mm embossing tool

1.5mm embossing tool

Super Foam

Picot Foam

A4 Black Mat

Groovi A6 Square Inset

There you have it. Loads to think about and a simple little lesson in basic gridwork.

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14 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – The Humble Groovi Grid

  1. Thank you so much, Barbara, for this great tuition video, very helpful, at least for me. I LOVE the Groovi products, might have to get some more from these on offer today! Looking forward to Thursday’s Hochanda presentations – more money to spend? Warm greetings, Jutta

  2. Loved your demo today. Watched it on TV with Chromecast so even hubby got to grips with it. The close up filming was so clear you might lose your film maker to Hochanda 😜
    Thanks. X

  3. Really great video for YouTube Tuesday Barbara, so clearly demonstrating the magic of the Groovi plates. Patience, practise and total pleasure in producing perfect little pictures! Thank you.

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Watched the YouTube video tonight. I especially liked the way you showed the various combinations of the plate mates for use with the Groovi plates. A great demo for those just starting out.
    At the moment the baby plates are getting a lot more use than the larger ones so I will be buying the A6 square grid plates.

  5. Need to watch that video will do after this for types to help me must admit my eyes don’t look me doing to much close work so little but often well my leg is finally showing progress slow put sure hope still got to keep it up one very tender area on shin very sore but feel positive at last been a rough 6 weeks never been so low and depressed . Off to bed but will watch video first night night x

  6. Very informative video today, lots of very helpful tips. I can’t believe the different patterns that can be created with just a grid! Thanks for the YouTube videos. Xx

  7. Lovely clear photography for this demo Barbara, really enjoyed this video and like the baby grids, I have some of Tina’s baby parchlets so will be getting the rest

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