Let Heaven and Nature sing – and a very special offer.

Let Heaven and Nature sing – and a very special offer.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Long day at the office today – but very productive, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Berautiful sunny day here in kent. Fantastic light. And the colours are just starting to change, aren’t they? Red, burgundy, claret, ochre – I love autumn!

So I came home to a scrap I had left on the table yesterday – and I’m not talking about the roast pork!!!

Eenie meenie miny mo…

Time to get out some beautiful old stamps of ours…. I LOVE these!! – especially the trees!

Meadowdance and Deerscape

Let’s stamp the Deerscape in a blend of Plum and Black Archival on this scrap then.

Set the scene, so to speak.

Trees next. Whoops. Blotted the trunk a bit too much. I know I wanted misty, but that’s extreme!

Good job these trees double up as hedges if you use the sides! So a little hedgery ensued….

Now we’ve got our old slippers on, we may as well get in character, and add some torn paper hills!

… and it wouldn’t be a Gray original if it didn’t have a….


And I love this word stamp. It comes from a different stamp set. Equally delightful.

Let heaven and nature sing.

Trim the scrap,

Edge the scrap with a Sharpie pen and ruler.

Now for a background layer. This lovely Designer pad designed by Dee is screaming for me to look!

The clue’s in the title.

Wow. Perfect, or what?!?!?

Trim, layer up and mount on a white 8” x 8” cardblank for good measure.

Scrap? What scrap? I so enjoy making something out of nothing.

Done. So let’s have a bloggy special offer for a change, shall we?

If you buy the Deerscape and Meadowdance set,

Meadowdance and Deerscape

I will ask the guys at work to add the entire Let Heaven and Nature sing stampset FREE. GRATIS.


Let heaven and nature sing.

It may not show on your order, but I will make sure the second set comes to you. Debby – are you reading this, oh Head of retail dispatch?! To know her is to love her. Offer ends at the end of this month.

Autumn is beautiful; let’s celebrate it!

#Scottishhighlands #Lordoftheglen

Things are pretty mental at work just now. You must wonder why I take so much time out to do artwork if we’re that busy. Surely I should invest my time more wisely. Actually, this is what keeps me grounded. The busier we get, the more I need this daily dose of isolation and art. And that’s the truth.

Love & Hugs,



28 thoughts on “Let Heaven and Nature sing – and a very special offer.

  1. Beautiful! I don’t know how you come home from a busy day at work and then make such a gorgeous piece of art! Thankyou.

  2. That is stunning Barb! I always love to see you do these kind of things. As for you needing to switch off from work and get into your Art Room – I can totally understand that. My daughter is a Health Visitor in a ‘challenging area’ and when she has had a really demanding and stressful day – she ‘sews her way’ into a happier frame of mind. Sewing is in the family genes! Although I have also got her into crafting too. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Another lovely piece of art. Will have to check my stamp stash – I think these may have already been purchased.
    I too find crafting a way to relax. When I get into the crafting mood I lose track of time I get so engrossed. The only other thing that gets me in another universe is a good book. I dare not pick one up if I have other things to do.
    Very cold here in Norfolk today but it’s bound to warm up soon as I’ve put the thicker duvet on. Where is the Indian Summer we were promised – in October maybe?
    We were married at the end of October and the weather was very sunny and warm.
    Good night, sleep tight.

  4. What a lovely use of a scrap!! I have the bottom stamp and the trees from the set but not the top stamp (the deer). Does this still come on its own? Do any of the Let Heaven and Nature sing stamps come singly? No matter -the card is a wonderful inspiration of using scraps and as I have stamps dating back to the days when Clarity sold Imagina stamps, I can use ancient stamps from my stash with my scraps!! I too enjoy the wonderful colours of a Kent autumn, living as I do, in the middle of ancient woodland on the North Kent Downs.

  5. Beautiful art work from a piece of scrap your amazing.
    I’ve got the let heaven and nature sing set it’s a wonderful set .
    Could I ask the Perga exclusive set do you colour from the back on parchment?
    I would also like to say thank you to Linda Williams for the card she made on hochanda 3rd September 1pm part folded parchment with a brad card it was inspirational I managed to make one it took me a long time to make using the corner snowflake mapping pen sticky ink and the 6pots glitter set especially made for parchment but I’m pleased with it so thank you again xxx

  6. A lovely piece of art work, love the colours. I think craft of any kind is a great way to relax whether after a busy day or not.

  7. If only I had scraps that look like yours Barbara but you are an inspiration as ever. Lovely ideas and when it doesn’t quite work you make it work in a different direction. I hope you can switch off and get some rest. Sweet dreams xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely piece of artwork today, I thought Scottish highlands as soon as I saw the scrap and the stamps you were using. I’ve got the meadow dance set on it’s own, will have to check and see if the deerscape set fell into my basket during a sale and I’ve forgotten about it, it is a beautiful stamp. I don’t blame you for going to your haven and creating something beautiful when you come home, a great way to unwind and relax.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. The dearscape is my all time favourite Clarity stamp and I have used it time after time over the seven years I have owned it. It is suitable for so many occasions.

  10. Hi. “Let heaven and nature sing” lyric has been going round and round in my head for weeks!!! Maybe because I am up to my ears in Christmas cards at the moment. A lovely song, and a beautiful piece of artwork too. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. I wish I could relax after a hectic day by making something so beautiful. I just make snorting noises when I fall asleep on the sofa!
    I so love the stunning pieces you produce from scraps. You truly are an artist.
    Enjoy the week and the promised good weather. As you say, great light and gorgeous colours on the way.
    Annette x

  12. Hello Barb, lovely seeing the older stamp sets come out to create such a beautiful card. I wish I could have 5 minutes in your scrap box/pile, I bet there are some real beauties in there. Take care all. Bx

  13. Beautiful art, might be tempted by the generous offer.
    I was listening to the radio on my way home yesterday when Giles Brandreth came on talking about new scrabble words. The last one he mentioned was “ boobirds” meaning those who have a negative attitude. Thought it was a brilliant alternative word for your naysayers.xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    No one would ever know that was made from a piece of scrap, that “most” people would normally throw away.
    I keep every bit of scrap, I do feel like a bit of a hoarder at times, but you just never know when you will need it!!!
    Love & Hugs

  15. Love your artwork, very atmospheric, Barb. Thank you for sharing. Glad it helps you come down after work. I keep forgetting about adding black to tone down colours, I tend to prefer not to use black but the colours are too bright so I end up giving up, or using black and it not being what I wanted in my head!!!

    Very generous offer too. Thank you. I don’t have any of these stamps, mmm, wonder where I’m off to now…!!! I did keep looking at them but never quite got there, you know me, always at the coo’s tail!!!
    love you xxx

  16. Hi Barbara. I love those colours. It’s so great that you go back to use older stamps and don’t just focus on the new releases. Gives us all lots of inspiration for our existing stash (although I won’t be stamping for a few weeks yet until I can use my right arm again).

  17. Early night last night so missed the blog. What a lovely atmospheric piece of art work. Loving the colours and the misty look of it. Xx

  18. wow – love this – I have the meadow scape already – may need to get deer scape at some point – just bought a load of stencils so maybe next month 🙂

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