YouTube Tuesday – A Mixed Media Masterpiece

YouTube Tuesday – A Mixed Media Masterpiece

Evening everyone.

Paul here, I hope you are all well.

Barb and Dave are on a “secret mission” and have been caught in traffic, so I thought I had better get the blog sorted whilst the dinner is cooking!

I have just finished watching the lovely Maria work her magic with the scrumptious Viva Decor Modelling Paste in this week’s YouTube tutorial. If you haven’t tried the modelling paste, then I urge you to give it a go!

Grab yourself a drink, and maybe a piece of cake and let Maria show what to do!

As ever, get 20% off items used in this week’s video, until next week’s YouTube.

Journaling Stamp Set

Modeling Cream

Poppies 7″ x 7″ Stencil

Best of the Rest

Palette Knives

Canvas Boards 6″ x 6″

Canvas Boards 8″ x 8″

Black Archival

Coffee Archival

Pack of 5 Assorted Mounts

Sponge Brushes

To make things a bit easier, click here to see all the above offers in one place.

Are you new to YouTube? Did you know that we have our own channel? Everything Clarity is covered, stamping, stencilling, Groovi-ing, die cutting, you name it, we have it covered! Click HERE to go the main page.

Oh dear, I smell burning! I had better go and see what is happening in the kitchen!

Have a great evening whatever you are up to.

Happy Crafting.

Paul xxx

24 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – A Mixed Media Masterpiece

  1. Hello Paul – great YouTube, will certainly give this a go. Hope dinner is ok and you haven’t served up burnt offerings, so easy to get distracted especially when crafting is involved. Have a lovely evening Paul, Lots of love Donna X

  2. A beautiful project, and Maria makes it look so easy, really takes away the fear of mixed media. Bit of an optical illusion too (or is it just me?) – it looked to me as though the artwork was inside a frame, not on top of another canvas.
    Are the modeling creams prone to drying up/solidifying in the jar? I have some gilding wax products (not all Viva Decor) which have gone rock hard!

  3. Great video, Maria makes everything look so easy and achievable. Great teacher with great products. A secret mission sound like fun, hope your dinner isn’t too burnt! Xx

  4. Hey Paul, thanks for the YouTube link. I didn’t realise you could get a notification, so I’ve invited the bell now.
    Living Maria’s demo & very tempted in the gungy stuff. The meringues on Bake Off looks very similar actually😜

  5. HiPaul,
    Wonder what the secret mission is, Barbara does like to keep us in suspense!!! Thanks for doing the blog for her.
    Nice project from Maria but not really my thing at the moment but may try it later.
    Ordered more brushes today – they have proved to be a blessing for me as I prefer delicate colouring and find sponges and blenders don’t always give me the effect I like. Must stop spending soon though as we have car repairs to pay for. Priorities – Priorities!!!
    Hope the dinner wasn’t spoiled. Enjoy.

  6. What a beautiful piece of artwork. I keep thinking I will have a go at mixed media, but haven’t plucked up the courage yet. I have this stencil and stamp set so, who knows, I may give it a go! Thank you for the inspiration Maria. x

  7. I have also just watched this weeks you tube videos by Maria. I really must give this a go as I have all the ingredients, just need to take the plunge. Thanks for covering the blog tonight Paul, hope the secret mission was successful. No doubt we will hear about it in due course, we just have to be patient !!

  8. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for taking over the blog tonight. Watched all of the videos this afternoon and really enjoyed them. Lovely project and one that I might just have a go at, although haven’t got the same modelling cream. Maria makes it look so simple. Wondering what the secret mission is? No doubt we will find out when Barb wants us to know! Love and hugs,Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all well and that my namesake (Ali) isn’t /doesn’t cause you too much disruption ! Very windy here at the moment I must say. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  9. Really enjoyed Maria’s mixed media demo, hopefully it will inspire me to have a go. Thank you Paul for standing in with Barbara’s blog. Somehow I missed seeing you at Ally Pally.xx

  10. Great ideas on the video today, and beautifully done by Maria. You have got us wondering now Paul about this secret, though now you have told us, not so secret mission of Barbara and Dave. Hopefully we will here about it soon, us being very curious to know. Hope your dinner was still edible. x

  11. Hi Paul,
    Don’t worry if your dinner has burnt, my mum always told me that Carbon is good for you, that might have just been an excuse for all the burnt offerings she gave us though!!!
    Oooooo we do love a “secret mission” I hope they are not stuck in traffic for too long!!
    Loved Maria’s demo, looks like great fun.
    Love & Hugs

  12. Hello Paul, I hope the dinner was not burnt. The video is as always superb, full of inspiration, tips and techniques. Will have to get some of the pastes. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hi Paul
    What a great you tube, it looks fun to do. I have the stencil, it’s one of my favourites so must have a play with other things besides ink! Hope your dinner wasn’t too badly burnt.
    Love Diane x

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