I am going Potty!!!

I am going Potty!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Hope you’ve been watching Paul’s TV shows. I was glued to the telly, watching how he made that foldy outy card on the 6pm show. If you didn’t see it, you should watch on catch up; it was excellent. More tomorrow at 9am. 1pm and 5pm – stock permitting!

But it’s official. I am definitely going potty. It started about two weeks ago, and it comes in waves. Usually on a Wednesday afternoon….

Check her out !!! This is what she’s getting up to! Today was my first day on the wheel. And I have to tell you – I LOVED IT!!! I didn’t want to leave!


I did throw this little pot. In case you’re wondering why my hands are so clean! I had to wash them to get ye old Ipad out of my handbag so that a fellow potter could take photographic evidence!! Then, when I checked the pics , I thought, “ it just looks like I’m posing!!” Which I am! Hahahaha. I just wanted to show you what I’m up to…

Not as easy as they make it look either. But I did ok for a first time. Good and patient teachers helped.

So the teachers gave me a hand on two of my efforts… guess which one I did all by myself!! Hahahaha. I guess everybody’s getting olive bowls for Christmas unless I learn to come up with the sides a bit!!! I did have a laugh though.

My ambition is to throw pots like the ones in the background. My pottery wheel neighbour made all these in the time it took me to make the Master olive bowl!! Or little dog bowl. Or large cat bowl. I can’t decide yet. CTK. (Chuffed to knickers). There was a time it would have been an ashtray!

All clean and ready to go again. I may have to invest in one of these bad boys….

On the way home after class, I thought about you. I thought about all my dear friends who travel hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of pounds to come on my workshops and retreats. And today I appreciated it more than ever before. I really, really did. All that time and effort and energy and money that you invest in learning my craft. So I thought it only right that I show you that I am doing the same – just in another room. It feels good to be the learner, to be guided. And it is also a tonic to be the beginner, to be the newbie, the potty virgin.

Let me show you the mugs I made in week 1. They weren’t made on a wheel though; they were rolled out, like pastry. And before you say, what happened to the base line? Why is it all rough? That is part of the design! I thought it would look different (it sure does!!!)

Then last week we learned how to make handles and attach them. Not as easy as you think. I had already accepted that mine were going to carry a warning: Do not fill with liquid and Do not use handle. But actually, now they’ve been in the kiln once, I reckon they may be OK!!! Rustic. Very rustic.

#proudaspunch #excitedtobelearning #gladtobealive

Honestly, I cannot wait to get back there. And I don’t care what we do! Pinch pots are fun too! Check out this little fella! Looks a bit rough now, but just wait! It’s not finished yet!!

I must get to bed now. Way too excited to sleep though.

The winner of the birdie caption from the weekend is …. Theresa Goodwin. Thanks to all who joined in. It’s as I always say: gottabeinittowinit….

Love & Hugs,



51 thoughts on “I am going Potty!!!

  1. Great pottery. Well done. I went to lessons years ago and made two castles, clocks etc. Nothing on the wheel. I liked creating things with toilet rolls etc for the castle turrets. Enjoy. I am really enjoying my crafting journey – stamping, groovi – not so sure about mixed media but did well at the retreat and was as excited as you.
    So pleased you are having a good time and lovely to see your smiling face on Sunday – such a treat.
    Lots of love to you all x Anne (Reading)

  2. Fantastic! The mugs you rolled out look as though they have been through the embossing machine with one of your embossing folders! Love it! Sleep well!

  3. I love those mugs and the pattern. Did you use a Groovi plate to make it? So glad you are making friends at you pottery class now. Can’t wait til next Wednesday to see what you make and see your progression. Sleep well and have fun in your class next week.

  4. Those pots and mugs are great, especially as you are a beginner. My dad used to do pottery classes, then we had a wheel and kiln in our garage. He loved it, and I only wish I’d taken more time to have a go myself. I can’t wait for the day that you can use your freshcut dies to make a paper mask for your pot to do a slip wash – it will be amazing!

  5. I’m glad you have an interest so different from your business and that you are enjoying it so much. It is great to see you looking so happy. You work so hard for all of us and we do appreciate it.
    Paul’s demos today were brilliant and I have put tomorrow’s on to record. He does come up with some great ideas and explains them so well.
    Have a good evening.

  6. What great results there is talent showing here as well! I tried years ago my work was much cruder and the wheel was a non starter. Good for you enjoy. Edna Hetherington

  7. Well done for having some ‘ME’ time and having fun along the way. It is never too late to try something new.
    I love the mugs, how did you get the pattern?
    Well done Theresa for winning, I wonder what your caption was.
    Sleep well. xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Well you certainly look as though you were having fun – I hope the rest of the class are accepting you now! I think you’re doing really well. The mugs are cool – as Sally says they look like you’ve put them through the Gemini in an embossing folder – leafy swirl I think!! Paul did a fantastic job on the 6pm show ( only one I’ve seen so far) and the dies are lovely just can’t afford them at the moment – been spending way too much in the last couple of weeks on craft stuff. I’m sitting on my hands for a while! Can you bring out some old stamps or Groovi plates that I’ve already got so I don’t need to buy them!!! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Gosh it’s been really wild up here today! Loads of trees and branches down. In a village near here a really big tree fell and landed on 5 cars! My sister had a massive branch break off one of her trees – had to get the council to come and clear it off the road for £250. Ali certainly made her presence felt! Hope everyone is safe and sound. Awful about the lady who was killed when her caravan got blown into the sea . Hope it’s better weather tomorrow. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  9. Great achievements. I would be very proud of those pots too. Glad you are enjoying yourself , I certainly do when coming along to your workshops. Will be good to see what else you make before Christmas. xx

  10. Looks to me a bit like ‘Shades of Gray’ (not Grey) and a touch of ‘Ghost’!
    I love that you have found another string to your bow! Just another form of creativity xxxx

  11. Speaking as someone who did around 500 miles to get to Leyburn the other week (and to and from the pub with friends), it was worth every mile. I learned so much. Please do not add pottery to the Clarity umbrella just yet. I did pottery many, many years ago at school and loved it. I have never tried it since, which is a shame, I suppose. I wonder if there are any classes nearby………… It looks as though you are having a ball. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  12. I don’t often get envious, but I am seeing you doing pottery as it is on my dream craft list, along with making silver clay jewelry. I am glad that you are doing something just for yourself and learning a new skill.

  13. How exciting to be learning something new. One of my friends from work was an amazing potter and we all used to love it when she had been busy making things as she used to bring them in for us to buy. Glad you are enjoying your classes. Xx

  14. Earth works. Looks great. How this takes me back to the last few weeks before graduating only can’t believe it was forty years ago! Coil pots, slab pots, pots on the wheel – more like cauldrons and on the fancy one both handles fell off whilst firing, glazes, hand-cutting stencils for the glazes, mixing glazes, painting with glazes. Memories indeed. I still have two of my creations, kept by my lovely mum and rescued from the ‘chucking out’ box when clearing her house last year. Now, could I still throw a pot?

  15. oh well done Barb – pottery is a great way to unwind… I used to go to a weekly class and thoroughly enjoyed it. What fun it was to see if our creations survived the first firing and then we could play around with colours and decorate our efforts. I made all sorts of things as garden ornaments!!!! Please show us what you make….

  16. Evening bloggy friends, hope you all managed to avoid any serious damage from storm Ali. Enjoy the shows tomorrow from Paul. Xx

  17. Wow those pictures took me back to the 70’s when I went to pottery classes at our local evening school. We had great fun & I still have some of the weird & wonderful shapes I made. Nothing fantastic but handmade never the less. The wheel wasn’t too successful so I am sure you will have great fun learning how to create some fantastic pieces.
    Managed to watch some of Paul’s shows & there were some great samples & ideas. I have them all on to record to watch later.
    Congratulations to Theresa on winning the caption competition.

  18. Ohh my you look like you had a brill time Barbara
    I am sure you will master that craft just as you have all the others you do
    And oh boy I got the biggest surprise when I got to the end of your blog post yehhhhh I won the birdie caption Thank you 😊 To be honest I had forgotten about it so thanks again Clarity Rocks Hugs xx

  19. How great to be learning a new skill Barbara, and all your creations so far are brilliant, so I’m sure it won’t be long before you are throwing fabulous pots. Congratulations to Theresa. I thought her caption was wonderful. x

  20. Hi Barbara
    Wow, you look like you have found another artistic niche!! Mind you, I reckon that by the end of your course you will be showing everyone there how to use your Groovi plates, dies, stencils and stamps.
    You look really happy in the photos and it is nice to see you having a laugh and a bit of time away from work. You deserve it. Xxxxx
    Congratulations Theresa, enjoy spending your voucher.
    Love & Hugs

  21. Very wild and windy day up here, with a little help from a friend we managed to hang on to our garden fence but will need to be re-cemented after the weekend as we’re having a few days in North Wales visiting family. Fingers crossed the storm has passed and our journey is uneventful.
    Looks like you’re really having fun Barb and it’s something I’ve wanted to try but not got around to. It’ll be great to see how you progress, but main thing is the enjoyment. xx

  22. Hello Barb, it certainly looks like you are having fun with the pottery classes, and if that is how you are getting on after a couple of weeks, you will soon be making beautiful creations. Well done Theresa, enjoy using your voucher. Take care all. Bx

  23. Your excitement about learning a new craft sounds exactly as I felt when I tried Groovi for the first time. Glad you have found something to make you feel the same way. I love your mugs and also thought the pattern looked like a Groovi plate! Fortunately, I have no intention of starting pottery classes myself, although if Patrick Swayze was still with us and could help, it might change my mind. 😂
    I didn’t manage to watch Paul last night, but will be watching on rewind ASAP. Hugs. Annette x

  24. That looks great fun, I am watching Paul s shows that i recorded, how great are those dies! Congratulations to Theresa too x

  25. Great new hobby – no, not for me, for you ! I have a friend who ‘throws’ pots occsionally, she’s made some lovely simple pieces and added color to make them come alive ! Your mugs are fab – they can be used as pencils pots if not mug suitable, reminded me of one of the groovi plate patterns too. Look forward to seeing your finished pieces when they are colored in colors of Northern River papers ! There is a lovely shop in Platanias, Crete, where we are staying and she sells hand made pieces, they are beautiful and sometimes different too. Enjoy! X

  26. Barbara, What a great achievement, Pottery is a really wonderful craft and very addictive, I know exactly what you mean about the handles, no where near as easy as you think, your cup looks smashing, love the design too. Cant wait to see how you get on & looking forward to more photos. I would definitely recommend investing in a wheel if you really enjoy it. I bought one years ago and it has paid dividends with the amount of hours of fun & enjoyment.

  27. Know where you’re coming from…loved pottery classes and have still got my slab cheese dish, complete with mouse knob! Coil pots are fun too. So therapeutic just feeling the clay, so glad you can switch off and enjoy the potter’s journey. X

  28. Hi Barbara
    I forgot to say last night, many, many congratulations to you and all at Clarity for being nominated for 18 awards over 14 categories.
    I feel another “Posh Do” coming up.
    Fingers crossed
    Love & Hugs

  29. Hi Barbara
    I forgot to say in my last message, Many, Many Congratulations to you and all at Clarity for being nominated for 18 awards in 14 categories. Every nomination is so well deserved.
    I feel another “Posh Do” coming up. Better go shopping for another posh frock!!
    Well done Eveeryone.
    Love & Hugs

  30. Great fun! One of the few lessons I loved at school……….. although my vase ended up looking like a large toad (don’t ask). C xx

  31. Love seeing the pottery as I am also going to a pottery class and love it…….especially as I don’t have to buy equipment for home. I just buy lovely stamps and dies from clarity. Xxxxx my friends have and will be receiving all my little pottery creations! Ha ha x

  32. Hi Barbara
    Oh wow what a lovely way for you to unwind, or windup if you are making pots! I think your olive dish is brilliant, one you will treasure for years and I love the mugs too. Wait a few weeks before you buy the wheel, you don’t want to be tripping over it as it gathers dust in the garage because you are too busy, although it would look good in the corner of your art room. I can see some interesting colours and patterns are going to come out of this. I did pottery at school, loved it, never made anything presentable but it was good fun, just what you need. Congratulations to Theresa on winning the caption competition, enjoy spending your voucher. Right I’m off to catch up with Paul.
    Love Diane xxx

  33. It is addictive….the feel of the clay…the things you can make with it! Wait until you get onto the decorating and glazing….it will be fantastic. Continue to enjoy! xx

  34. Lovely to see you having some down time and enjoying it. I last did this at school many moons ago and loved it. Looking forward to seeing the end products, I think they will be wonderful.

  35. Looks like touch of ‘Shades of Gray’! With a little bit of ‘Ghost’ thrown in – shouldn’t Dave be behind you singing ‘Unchained Melody’?? Ha!
    Love it that you’re taking a step outside your comfort zone and trying something new, but still being creative. Xxx

  36. Looks like you had so much fun, I used to love pottery class, it was at school, and I was only 14, so its a ‘while’ back, but this looks brilliant and well done on what you made so far, love the pattern on the cups…enjoy..x

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