Stained Glass Windows – The Essence of Christmas

Stained Glass Windows – The Essence of Christmas

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Paul is showcasing a collection of exquisite Christmas dies on HOCHANDA today.

They are proving very, very popular.

My guess is that many of us like to capture the essence of Christmas. And what better way to do this than with Stained Glass Windows depicting beautiful icons?

We have gathered together the Star of Bethlehem, the Madonna, the Dove of Peace, the church candle and the shepherds, and we have added a beautiful Peace & Love heart to the centre of our nested arches.

Pretty magnificent, even if I say so myself.

Check out some of the beautiful artwork which our artists have created.

Shelagh Metselaar Wendy Thorburn
Shelagh Metselaar Dee ParamourMaria MoorhouseShelagh Metselaar

Tune in at 1pm and 5pm to watch Paul’s demos. There is a really special canvas board at 1pm which would make a fantastic mantelpiece centrepiece or gift.

I do like a traditional Christmas, I must say. And I’m clearly not alone.

Love & Hugs,



30 thoughts on “Stained Glass Windows – The Essence of Christmas

  1. Loving the candle, thanks for continuing it this morning. Watching Hochanda/YouTube on Chromecast is another gem in the crown for Clarity, especially on a dark, rainy day like today. Off to Asda to buy some candles now.🤗

  2. Barbara, I just love these and they are perfect timing for me. I unfortunately had a bad fall in the shower on Sunday morning so went to hospital instead of coming to Ally Pally, as I’ve broken my arm just below the shoulder! It’s my right arm as well so I can’t even craft at the moment…. but…. my son bought me a Gemini for my birthday and I’ve worked out I can make one-handed cards using it and these dies! 😀 as ever, Clarity is the answer 👍.

      1. Every cloud has a silver lining – as I’m off work I was able to watch all the shows on Hochanda so have picked up some fab ideas. Got lots of plans for when I can start trying to craft again 😊

  3. Great samples from the team. Paul is doing a great job and I’ve picked up some tips which I can use with my existing Freshcut dies. Can’t run to the window dies at the moment as the car is in for repair – it’s going to be an OUCH when we pick it up tomorrow. To console myself I have spent the morning preparing all my Groovi birthday cards which are coming up before Christmas – they just have to be picot cut and mounted on card.
    One thing I have found useful are the old Pergacolour pens I bought 18 years ago. They never got used very much as the bullet ends were quite thick and I was into small and delicate traditional parchment at the time. I thought they would be useless by now but came across them when having a clear out and to my delight they still work, so tested the colours beside the new pens bought from Clarity and all the colours matched perfectly. Now I have 3 tips – fine, medium and broad – which work on all projects. I’m a happy bunny as I do like to get value from my purchases, new or old.
    Happy crafting everyone.

  4. Have enjoyed two shows and looking forward to the third one. Paul is great to watch, so relaxed, and love the dies, and all the team designs are amazing. Clever people. Xx

  5. Loving all the DO samples I have seen. Need to watch the shows from Paul but I know already they will be full of great ideas. Xx

  6. Afternoon bloggy friends, getting a bit wild here with wind and rain coming in later. Just right to be watching Hochanda. Xx

  7. They are right up my street Barbara, and the art work is absolutely stunning. Love Paul’s demos and am so glad I hit the record button so that I can see them again – and again!

  8. Paul has done a magnificent job highlighting these lovely dies. He has shown us lots of different ways to bring out the best in them and the design team samples are beautiful. Well done everyone.

  9. Dies are lovely and fab inspiration by the DT! Paul has been brilliant with lots of great demos but… sadly… ‘el lacko de casho’ at the mo (I blame Leyburn – and the fact I treated myself to the picot Groovi set just after!) so will just have to watch and wait 😁 xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Paul did a brilliant job with the shows and the design team’s samples were fabulous. Loved Paul’s demos as well. The dies are brilliant and glad to see they have been so popular and you have yet another sell out. Well done Team Clarity. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a better day here with not so much wind though at the moment it is raining very heavily. Our garden looked a right mess this morning with a lot of my plants just flattened especially the beautiful tubs of begonias that are now ruined. Hopefully they will come again next year. Hope everyone is safe and sound. Sending love and hugs to you all,Alison xxxx

  11. Hello Barb, what fantastic dies, beautiful samples and amazing shows. Well done Paul, so much inspiration, loved watching it. Now do I tell the other half what I intend buying or not. Take care all. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful samples from the design team. Love the dies, aren’t they great. I haven’t caught up with Paul’s shows yet, sounds like I’m in for a treat!
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Beautiful looks achieved with this wonderful design Barbara, and the stained glass look is perfect for Christmas, and love all the different designs and the pretty papers used to show them off.

  14. Hi Barbara
    Paul was amazing as usual. He makes everything look so easy to do. Mind you with the new Clarity dies, things are so much easier to create wonderful cards.
    Your fantastic artistic Design Team have been hard at work and have once again created some wonderful cards.
    I think my favourite window is the shepherds, they just look so cute, and remind me of the children doing their nativity plays at school. Xxx
    Love & Hugs

  15. Hi Barbara
    I watched today’s brilliant shows Paul’s demos were outstanding.
    You definitely have another winner here
    Have a lovely evening Xxx

  16. OMG Barbara, what wonderful dies, trouble is I have to have them, I can’t wait for the delivery any day now. They are just right for Christmas and other special occasions. Paul’s demos were great and given me so much inspiration there is not enough time in the day.

  17. Beautiful dies, definitely on my wish list for later, I still have yesterdays shows to catch up on, blooming work got in the way lol xx

  18. Thank you. Paul did such a good job you all made amazing samples, I am awaiting my delivery can I ask a question. I saw one sample that resembled a stained glass window. Am I able to ask what you coloured it with and was it on acitate do you know of any blogs that show the procedure or giveany hints as to how it’s done and the ink or colour medium used. Thank you

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