And now for something completely different!

And now for something completely different!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. This ere blog is struggling today. The wind has knocked out the internet, so it has taken me nearly an hour just to say Hi there? Blustery day, or what? ?

I shall persevere, because I wanted to share something really cool with you. Friday’s blog a private peek and all that… but if it keeps dipping out, then it will have to wait until tomorrow.

when we were kids, we used to spend every summer with our German grandparents, right up in the north of Germany, near Wilhelmshaven, which is right up on the North Sea. Well, on the beaches up there it is very VERY windy! So the Germans have these really brilliant wicker beach chairs, like little wind breakers, called a Strandkorb (translated Beach basket).

Well, when Dave and I went up there back in July, I had an idea. It is our parents’ Diamond Wedding Anniversary next week. 60 years. Amazing, isn’t it. Since Mum and Dad met up there in Jever, and since the Strandkorb was a big part of our family life, I thought that they might enjoy one in their garden. It took some planning, and sorting, but on Tuesday this week, a beautiful Strandkorb was delivered to Clarity – all the way from Deutschland! It is epic!!!!

So yesterday, Steve, Dave and I loaded the rather large deckchair into the  van, and took it over to their house. They were out, having lunch at a garden centre, which was lucky, because we were able to get it unloaded and set up before they got home.

They couldn’t believe it! Check this out!

Looking good!

We all had a go! It was just like the good old days….

Mum was über happy. She did make me chuckle. The Strandkorb was covered in a protective coat when they saw it, so they couldn’t actually see what it was until we unzipped it for the Big Reveal. When we were sitting together in it, she and I, Mum said that she was ecstatic about the Strandkorb – especially because for a moment – underneath the grey cover –  she thought we might have got them a big Barbecue!! She’s fed up with cooking as it is, so an outdoor barby would NOT have been the answer to her dreams!!

No, no, no. This was a trip down Memory Lane for them….

And then, just now, since the internet is so pants, I thought I would have a rummage while I was waiting, and see if I couldn’t find a photo from way back when.

Like looking for a needle in a haystack really…What were the chances…

Ha!! Look!! August ’74. Well blow me down with a feather. So I was 15, and Steve was 11. And there’s the Strandkorb on the Schillig beach!

Happy days then. Happy days now. Dad’s leg is on the mend. He swept up all the leaves and nuts in their garden today, so he must be feeling better.  And there is promise of sunshine tomorrow, so they are going to enjoy the view from their Strandkorb.  Life is good.

Love & Hugs,



54 thoughts on “And now for something completely different!

  1. What an amazing contraption and such a lovely surprise for your Mum and Dad! Many congratulations to them for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. X

  2. Wow what a fabulous thoughtful gift – no wonder they were so chuffed. Look at you and Steve – bless – you haven’t changed a bit have you? Huge congratulations to your Mum and Dad on such a wonderful achievement. Xxx

  3. Congratulations to your mum and dad on their 60th anniversary. Love their new seat, just right for sitting in the garden with a nice drink and a good book. Xx

  4. Lucky parents, we would all love one of those in our garden. We have been married nearly 53 years, so a little while to go as yet. It looks so cozy and a place for your cuppa too! I would sit in there and craft also. Lovely present. Congrats on your very special day.

  5. Evening bloggy friends_, windy here today! Just finished dinner so I am going to worth out the dish washer, make a cup of tea and settle in to read the Clarity club post that was waiting for me when I got home from work. Xx

  6. How wonderful, looks very comfy and lucky we’re you to find one. How lucky are your parents to have such a wonderful, caring daughter! Not a bad crafter either. ❤️💕

  7. Well what a lovely thought Barb and it’s amazing
    Keeps the wind out and keeps you warm
    You all look so happy in the pics!
    Say hello to mum and dad from me pretty please xxxxxxxxx

  8. What a lovely gift. Congratulations to your Mum & Dad. My parents celebrated their Diamond Wedding last November. I contacted Buckingham Palace and had a card sent from the Queen. They were delighted and the postman was most impressed!! x

  9. Oh. Barb, that is so lovely. Congratulations to your mum and dad. I think we would all like one of those lovely seats. Xxx

  10. I love the chair ( not going to try spelling the real name ) what a lovely thoughtful gift. Well thought out too. My mum and dad celebrated their Diamond Anniversary,I still have the card from the Queen upstairs.It really is an achievement. I received my club goodies today which are amazing. I read your newsletter and certainly could relate to all you were saying. Made me feel quite emotional for a little while. I too have a fabulous brother who played his part exceptionally well when needed. xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    What a fabulous gift. Your Mum and Dad look so happy. I bet they were chuffed to bits. It looks so comfortable and cosy – I want one! Lovely picture of you and Steve too. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their 60th Anniversary. I’m assuming this was the secret mission Paul alluded to – very thoughtful of you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. What a brilliant gift, somewhere to sit out in the garden even when its breezy. I am sure your parents will spend many an hour enjoying their garden whilst sitting in their seat. Congratulations to your parents on celebrating 60 years of marriage. The rest of the weekend is deemed to be a very breezy one so I hope everyone stays safe. A good excuse to spend the time crafting.

  13. What a wonderful daughter you are, Barbara, to give your parents such a beautiful gift for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary – warm congratulations to your parents and many, many good wishes. Have been wanting a Strandkorb myself for years (being German they are very familiar to me) but the prices are quite prohibitive for me. Sadly, for some inexplicable reason your photos are not loading today on my p.c. – would love to see your childhood photos. And thank you for all you doing for all of us with your wonderful products – and blogs! Ganz liebe Grüße, Jutta

  14. How lovely. Glad your Dad is feeling better and congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Another beautiful and uplifting blog bringing sunshine on a blustery day. Thank you

  15. What a lovely invention and a great gift ! I love how the bit pulls out to put your legs on, I love putting my feet up ! Fantastic idea ! Happy Anniversary to them next week ! X

  16. Hi Barb,
    what a great surprise for your parents. I love the Strandkorb as well and try to win one each springtime in competitions. I sat in one in Holidays and I know when it´s stormy at the beach they are fantastic but if it´s windstill and the sun is shining it is really hot inside… ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  17. What a wonderful present! I’m really not a fan of vouchers as presents. The idea is to do, make or buy something meaningful. The Strandkorb is perfect 👌🏼 xxxx

  18. Hello Barbara – oh my, I love this Strandkorb. Never seen one before. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Glad your Dad is on the mend. God bless you all, have a wonderful evening. Lots of love Donna X

  19. Tonight’s blog made me sad and wistful, happy for your Mum and Dad, lovely to see you all enjoying each others’ company , enjoy every moment you spend together. I lost Mum 47 years ago and Dad 25 years ago, I’m 70 and an only child so it was really great sharing in your family time. Thank you.

  20. Wow, that looks REALLY comfy, what a great idea, and your Dad can rest his leg – genius!
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie
    (no – haven’t done the chair yet, got a poorly cat to deal with first, back at the vets next week I’ve had to concentrate on getting him eating, or it will be curtains).
    Thank you all for the glue suggestions – I’m going with Evostick for wood – they all seemed to have the same PVA formulation)

  21. Aww, what a beautiful blog Barb, made me feel all warm inside. Thank you for sharing xxx

    (Hope the seat is bolted to the ground…!!!)

    Glad to hear your Dad’s leg is on the mend. I bet that’s a relief for all of you.

    Sorry, I truly don’t understand at all why you’re meant to say congratulations for a wedding anniversary. To me, it sounds like everyone is saying congratulations on lasting that long together, or something!!! Which can’t be right, or is it…!!! So, please forgive me, and instead can I say, hope you enjoy your special day, and enjoy sharing so many happy memories reminiscing together, and I wish you both many more to come xx

  22. What a lovely close family you all are, such a thoughtful gift to your parents. Many congratulations on their 60th anniversary. Glad you dad is getting better. How great that your kids will be back to Blighty for a long Christmas holiday.
    Got my Clarity Club package today and loved the contents which really got my brain zinging with ideas. I am very definitely in the Clarity fan club, boo to the naysayers. I totted up the cost of all my subscriptions to the art magazines, craft magazines and so on and calculated that the savings on these would pay for at least two extra ODS purchases – hubby is pleased I am trying to economise. He knows you will be coming up with more irresistable products before Christmas.
    Have a good evening.

  23. Aw love that! And many congratulations to your Mum & Dad – 60 years together is wonderful and not something too many couples achieve. C xx

  24. What a majestic seat! Fit for royalty and a perfect present for your parents on their 60th wedding anniversary. They look so happy. I’m glad your dad is feeling better and I hope they get many years of enjoyment from your gift.

  25. What a fantastic gift and a lovely surprise too for your parents. That looks like the kind of outdoor seating we need in Cumbria. Love the leg extentions and it looks like it folds down further too when it’s not in use. Perfect for up here. I’m pleased to hear that your dad is beginning to improve too. Love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  26. Such a thoughtful gift for your parents. I’m sure it will bring back many happy memories for you all.
    I hope your mum and dad enjoy their anniversary next week. It’s quite a milestone!
    Margaret x

  27. What a lovely surprise for them. You are such a kind, thoughtful daughter but I’m sure they deserve to be spoilt. X

  28. What an amazing gift to give them. I hope that they spend many hours sitting there reminiscing. It is always good to cherish the memories created from all the moments of the past.

  29. Oh my goodness I want one! Any chance of sourcing enough for a one day special? Better not tell the boys as their backs may not be up for loading that van😂😂
    Well done Barbara, your mum & dad clearly loved the gift. I wish them many more happy years together xx

  30. What a wonderful contraption, and such a great idea for your parents anniversary, so very personal! I am so glad your Dad’s leg is improving and that he is feeling better. Many congratulations to them both, and may their day be a really happy one.
    Carole x

  31. Hello Barbara
    What a lovely piece of garden furniture and a lovely story. So pleased your Dad is on the mend.

    Love, Roz xxx

  32. What a wonderful idea for your Mum and Dad’s Diamond Wedding Barbara, and it is beautiful and looks extremely comfy so I’m sure it will get a lot of use. Wishing them many congratulations on their 60th Anniversary and many more to come. x

  33. Wow what a beautiful gift what memories pleased your dad is on the mend I’ve just been reading the news letter it’s good to take each day as it arrives baby steps I say it brought tears to my eyes that must be the way I’m feeling .
    Thank you for sharing xxx
    Love and hugs to all on the blog xxx

  34. Wow love that garden seat would love one like that can see them make most of every warm day or wrapping up in a warm blanked all cosy in their garden seat. Half your dads leg is all healed mine has long way to go ☹️😢😢. Club lettercame today love the goodies love Joy xx

  35. Congrats to Mum and Dad – 60 years how wonderful. (My uncle and aunt celebrate similar in a few weeks time thus all grist to the mill to get the family cards done.) The seat is superb and I have just the place for it in the garden, a high spot which overlooks the harbour!

  36. Wow! Congratulations to your mum and dad! 60 years! Wonderful. And what a thoughtful gift you have got them. Somewhere they can sit together and enjoy some peace and quiet in their garden.
    That photo of you and Steve made me giggle… You’re there trying to be the young woman you are and Steve looks so little and wimpy….you’d never guess he’d turn out the strapping fellow he is today!!! Brilliant. Hope you have a decent weekend.
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  37. Ohh wow what an amazing achievement 60 years.
    I wish them both all that is good in this world and the love of all that surround them.
    Happy Anniversary to you both
    As for your gift of memories
    Perfect just perfect your mum and dad look so happy In the photos more happy memories made.
    Loved the old pic of you and your bro it must have been destiny that you find your old photograph thank you so much for sharing it with us
    Have a lovely weekend Barbara Hugs Xx

  38. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful present for your mum and dad,it looks a really comfortable seat and I’m sure it will get a lot of use. Your dad is looking good isn’t he, I’m so glad he’s on the mend. Many congratulations to your mum and dad for their great achievement, they are a grand couple aren’t they. What a fabulous photo of you and Steve all those years ago, happy memories.
    Love Diane xxx

  39. Hi Barbara
    It is so nice to see how close your family is. You are all so thoughtful, caring and loving towards each other. You are so lucky to have such a happy family life.
    I love the Strandkorb, I think we could do with those on some of our windy beaches. Oh no!! I wonder if an English Strandkorb making business is about to become a sideline of Claritystamp at Clarity Towers!!!
    Much love and congratulations o your parents on their 60 years of wonderful marriage.
    Don’t forget to let Buckingham Palace know, so that the Queen can send them a card.
    Love & Hugs

    Now don’t go getting any ideas about starting up your own Strandkorb making business here in England. I think there is enough going on at Clarity Towers!!!

  40. Fantastic basket chair! I love the hood and side porthole windows, the tables which swing in for drinks etc, and the footrests which slide out – they have thought of everything, and I want one! I am not far from my 60th Wedding anniversary (except that I divorced the so and so some years ago) so do I qualify? I suspect not.

  41. Oh WOW Barb! What a fabulous thought and a wonderful gift for your lovely parents! I spent four and a half years at a UK Forces boarding school (Prince Rupert School) in Wilhelmshaven and totally loved the place so it was great to hear you mentioning it and those wonderful cosy beach seats (which you sure needed given that it was so windy there). The school had been a U-boat ‘garrison’ and our weekend walks were along the deich overlooking the beach – and once a month we had a shopping walk into the town. Jever was very close, as you know, and I’m sure some of the few day pupils we had came from there – although there was also the option to be a boarder. You truly couldn’t have picked a better gift for your Mum and Dad! Happy Anniversary to them!! xx

  42. What a brilliant present, never seen such a fantastic “contraption” before . Always liked beach huts, think that’s been overtaken now! Happy Anniversary!!!

  43. What a joyous post and such a heartwarming story. You are such a lovely family and really look after each other. With your busy lives, you always make time for your family and nothing is too much trouble if they need help. That kindness is one of the reasons why you have so many loyal fans.
    Wishing your wonderful parents a very happy 60th Anniversary and many more happy years together, enjoying their new ‘loveseat’!
    Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Annette X

  44. Happy Diamond Anniversary to your Mum and Dad, I hope they have a wonderful day. Your gift is just perfect, love the photos.

  45. Hello Barb, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your Dad and Mum on their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Please wish them from me, and I hope they have more happy years together. Love the photo of you and Steve, I bet that evoked many memories and laughter. Great figure by the way 🙂 I saw chairs like this at Chelsea and absolutely fell in love with them, but hated the price. Thank you for sharing these lovely family memories. Take care all. Bx

  46. How amazing is that. What a wonderful present for your lovely parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, bet they were over the moon. Such a lovely thought and to bring back some beautiful memories for them. Love the photos and especially the one of you and Steve when you were kids. Xxx

  47. Wow what a great idea – both for a present and for a sheltered seat. I would have loved this the summer to have offered some shade. Why haven’t we cottoned on to such a great piece of garden furniture. Maybe a another chance for Clarity innovation? Clarity Comfy Chairs, beautiful and practical, ideal for crafting in the fresh air!

  48. Hello Barbara, what a lovely and thoughtful pressie for your Mum and Dad! A trip down Memory Lane indeed! Lovely photos too! Oh, and so pleased your Dad is feeling better!
    Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to your parents – Alles Liebe & Gute zum 60. Hochzeitstag!
    Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  49. Hi Barbara – How wonderful! So many happy memories. you may remember my son got married in Romania last month (I brought my daughter in law to the open day in june). In Romania the traditional phrase for wedding congratulations is “casa de piatra” which means stone house. It wishes the couple enough money to live in a stone house not a wooden one. So although that amazing seat is made of wood, I wish your parents “casa de piatra”!

  50. I always did think the Germans were good at furniture design. I stayed over at our Pauline’s when she lived in Germany and she had been donated lots of lovely German Furniture because she was left with nothing. Those Mormans are good people really. Anyway, I could do with one of these for outside our Caravan when we go Camping in England!!!

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