Picots to Die for!!

Picots to Die for!!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for spending your weekend with us at HOCHANDA.  What a celebration of all things Clarity – culminating in this evening’s Groovi-Fresh Cut concept with Linda and Paul.

It has gone absolutely crazy. While Linda and Paul showed you how-to Tricks all calm and lovely, we were running around in the background like headless chickens !!!

What a climax. Homestly. I cannot tell you. Even though Pergamano experts like Linda and Tina and Glynis and and and kept telling us that this Picot Dies idea coupled with Groovi plates was a game changer, you always wonder whether you‘ve got it right…. well you have voted with your purchases. I think, yes. We definitely got it right.


Tune in a 8pm for more tricks and tips from Linda and Paul.

I am off home now. Time to stop xxxxx

Thank you to the talented team who also clearly had fun with the Picot dies too. There were many more samples this time round!!!!

Jane Telford
Chris Walker Carys James-RichardsonMaria MoorhouseKaren JacksonGlynis Whitehead


love & hugs



26 thoughts on “Picots to Die for!!

  1. Just lithe idea of the dies and have them ordered already. Well, before 1800 hrs in all honesty. Can someone please tell me if the groovi plates are the the same as those already out or wether they are a different thing

    1. They are different. They have the picot shape on them to start with… I’ve got the ovals and they are different to the oval shapes I already had. Hope that helps.

    2. I am sure they are 4 brand new plates, as well as the grooves for the shape the is the line of picot which Linda showed how to use it in the 6pm show. I am going to rewatch the shows to double check on how she did it.

  2. Blummin brilliant weekend Barb. Knew those dies would fly. I messaged my ladies that cant/×won’t picot cut to tell them to watch lol. Safe journey home .
    Ps my dad used to say Its like Blackpool illumination in this house lol

  3. It’s been an expensive day but can’t wait for all my Clarity fabulousness to arrive. Ordered the ODS at the start of the 1st show and also couldn’t resist the Groovi, stamps and Fresh Cut die from earlier. Happy day! Fabulous samples from the DT as always.

  4. Wow what a fantastic weekend wonderful goodies wanting all specail the pico dies put after ordering last week need to wait so top of list so so want them need them. Brilliant for stamping too. Safe drive home Barbara and quiet roads big hugs team clarity you done it again fantastic xxx

  5. Great concept, saw the first show, excellent demos, recorded the second. These are definitely going on my wishlist x

  6. Wow what a weekend you, Paul and Linda are having
    Totally brilliant just goes to show why clarity have been going for 25 years, superb products and a superb team 1st class all the way
    Tina and Linda were right Barbara the picot dies are definitely a game changed and will open up the world of parchment to a lot more people
    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary here’s to the next 25 yrs

  7. Ooh I can’t wait for mine to arrive 😍 I think they are just fab, ’nuff said😂😂 I brain is about to burst with all the ideas running around in there!

  8. Couldn’t resist. … they just jumped into my basket! Showed to my granddaughter and she wasn’t impressed saying “Oh no and I’ve just learned how to picot cut!” When I explained that she could use these for borders and layering and would still be able to picot cut other areas she was like “Phew!” Can’t wait for my goodies to arrive so we can have a play x

  9. Wow Barbara, you and the team have done it again!!!
    This has proved an expensive weekend for me but I can’t wait to try the new dies. Great they can be used on card, paper and parchment as it will certainly expand our creativity.
    Re-watched the Nursery Rhyme show today. Hadn’t realised these were available as stamps although I already have the Groovi set. All I have to do now is explain to Hubby how necessary it is to have both stamps and Groovi. Our own anniversary is coming up next month so here’s hoping……
    Lastly – thank you – for all the hard work you and the team put in to bring us such super products.

    1. Re: here’s hoping….
      Yippee!!! The man he say YES!!!
      My craft room is large but the workspace is small so he’s cleared a big table in the conservatory so I can spread out and Groove to my hearts content.

    2. Re: here’s hoping. The man he say YES!!!
      My craft room is large and working space is small so he has cleared a very large table in the conservatory so I can spread out and craft to my hearts content.
      Ain’t life wonderful?

  10. Hi Barbara and all the clarity team,

    Congratulations on 25 years of wonderful crafting and thank you all for sharing your creativity and knowledge. I’m a newbie to groovi but have enjoyed stamping and die cutting for many years. I ordered my ODS and can’t wait for it to arrive and hopefully it will inspire me to get those picot cutting scissors out and have a try.
    Thanks again,

  11. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely blooming brilliant! Superb idea. Ordered squares and circles but will probably get the other two at a Leyburn! The whole weekend was great and I’m pleased that everything went so well and that you had so many sell outs. I really like the idea that we can now have picot edges on card and that we can emboss the lines onto the card as well. The finished samples were fabulous – well done to all of the team. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Didn’t think I needed anything else until I watched todays shows now my wish list is growing longer by the minute.

  13. Congratulations on a superb Silver Jubilee weekend on Hochanda. Even as a non Groover/Parcher I can see that the new picot dies are a complete game changer.
    I also love the additions to the TownHouse collection, and may just have to treat myself after my audition tomorrow! I’ve got Berlioz’s Faust (in French) on the brain!!

    Safe journey home; you’ve earnt a rest, hope you get one!

    All the best, Claire

  14. I don’t Know what is happening, but this post has just appeared. I have been checking since yesterday evening, but it was still showing 1st September. How weird!
    Anyway, what a fantastic weekend and congratulations to you all. Amazing products, amazing samples and amazing presenters. I am so pleased for you all.
    Unfortunately, I am not able to buy any of the new products, but it has not stopped me enjoying watching them all demonstrated and picking up ideas.
    I have just realised that I am writing this on Sunday’s post and it is Monday evening, so I hope you will see it. I am not yet losing my marbles, but as I said, your blog has only just updated. Sorry! Annette X

  15. I really really enjoyed this weekends shows. Congratulations Barbara and team on your silver jubilee your hard work and tenacity has paid off and we do like/love all things Clarity. I would like to thank everyone for the amazing samples we see on TV and Facebook, so much talent and inspiration.
    I don’t buy from Houchanda but have been over to the website and placed my order, looking forward to the postman delivering them now.

  16. This post has only just popped up for me too. I was beginning to worry about you Barbara. Glad my worries were unfounded. Looking forward to the town stamps and dies and all the picot dies and plates arriving. Can’t wait to try them out. Simply genius idea! X

  17. Barb, I think it goes without saying, that Clarity has done it again. And to get the endorsement of Linda, Tina, Glynis and Paul, it is just outstanding. As a none parching crafter, I would like the dies just for the picot edge, as it looks beautiful. Well done Clarity. Bx

  18. So pleased for you that the product flew as it did. I bought the dies only, as I can’t do parchment work since radical hand surgery 18 months ago (sad, as it was my first love). I’m hoping the dies can be used independently and still look good, perhaps to cut out the square, circle and rectangle dies already on the market? I was sorry not to see any cards made using the square and other dies with the picots (or maybe I just missed them?). I’ll have a play when mine arrive.

  19. Yet another game changer!! How do you keep on doing it?I would love to be able to do a picot heart and if this is not possible by using these dies in some way maybe something for the future.
    Any way looking forward to the post man arriving and having some playtime. Keep up the good work

  20. Well, I have just received my picot gear. At the moment I keep looking at them, can’t wait to play. Barbara, do you ever sleep?
    I am at a loss wondering how to cut the picots on both sides of the dies. My poor old brain is getting addled.
    Whoever came up with the idea deserves a medal.
    Thank you so much, I was never pleased with my straight cutting. Now it will be perfect.
    Again, ta muchly

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