Barbara’s Nursery Rhyme ABC Bundle

Barbara’s Nursery Rhyme ABC Bundle

Hi there.

Early start today! Too excited to sleep. It‘s our Birthday! Quarter of a century! Good Grief!

So I am going to spend a happy hour with you on Hochanda this morning at 10am, going right back to the very, very first thing I drew in the name of Clarity – my Nursery Rhyme ABC.

I am presenting it in Groovi Format, together with a little ii-book, which tells you the rhymes for each letter.

I did showcase this a year or so ago with Yiannis, and it sold out within 20 minutes, so we thought it merited another airing! Takes a long time to make this many plates for a TV show!

There are 26 baby plates, one for each letter, and a Groovi folder to store them all in.

I got my brother to dig deep in the warehouse, and locate the box of original Posters from our California days! And he found them! So there‘s one in the collection too. Just for old time’s sake.


Now here‘s another very old idea of ours which still holds as much charm as it did 20 years ago – The Découpage set. We had lost the cutting instructions, so I powered through them this week and reconstructed them.

Look at this beauty. Made by Jean Warris. She made 5 of this heirloom back in the day – one for each of her grandchildren.

There is so much beautiful artwork on the counter to show you! The DT really enjoyed these designs; you can tell.

Josie Davidson

Linda Page

Chris Walker

And these are samples from the little ABC colouring book!

Carole Panksztelo

Linda Spencer

So there it is. I do hope you can join me. We have combined our oldest art with our newest Groovi format. I think it lends itself beautifully to parchment art.

Right! Gotta go! Shower and action stations!


love and hugs,



53 thoughts on “Barbara’s Nursery Rhyme ABC Bundle

  1. 25 years, wow. Congratulations. Have a really good day at Hochanda. Both programmes set to record as I will be out today. Looking forward to watching them later.

  2. Happy birthday Clarity! My birthday today too 😀. Saving my birthday money for Leyburn next week (unless first grandchild puts in an appearance in the meantime – best present ever!). X

  3. Happy Birthday to Claritystamp. Have a great day. My box is all set to record as I have a sewing workshop so I shall look forward to catching up later x

  4. Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉 I know that today will be wonderful and judging by the amazing samples, a complete and quick sellout. Can’t wait for the shows.
    Lots of love Annette.

  5. Congratulations on 25 years of Clarity. Great to see you going from strength to strength and lovely to see you returning to your starting point. Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Happy 25th birthday to all at clarity especially to Barbara and Steve
    Got the recorder set up for all of the shows this weekend and Monday can’t miss them
    Have a brilliant time Barbara hope that hochanda have changed their doors for steel ones as I can see the doors being blown off quite a few times between now and Monday at 5pm

  7. Happy Birthday ! Look forward to this as I already have the plates and will be glad to see ways of using them as inspiration isn’t my forte ! Good job it is for others ! Have a great day ! X

  8. Congratulations and have a wonderful 25th birthday month!
    I was meant to be in Spain now – but Neill’s collapse changed all that. So being able to be part of your celebrations will go a long way to cheering me up!
    Sending you love and congratulations, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I just know that you will all be either watching or recording the shows!
      Well our car was packed (& still is) and we were just about to set off on our journey to the ferry port, when Neill collapsed. Keeping it brief – ambulance ride with blues and two’s & he is now in the Cardiac Inv Unit. He has been having heart problems (AF) for 5 years & they still don’t know what is wrong. He has now seen the head cardiologist & he is determined to get to the bottom of it before they let him go. So fingers crossed this time it will be sorted.
      Enjoy the shows everyone – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. I only know you from the blog Gilly, but I was sorry to hear this and send best wishes for a speedy recovery for Neill. Annette x

      2. Oh dear Gilly. I do hope Neill gets sorted soon.
        I only met you both once at Leyburn last year but you are such a lovely couple.
        Chris xx

      3. Oh dear Gilly I do hope Neill gets sorted soon. I have only met you once at Leyburn last year and you are such a lovely couple.
        Chris xx

        1. Hi Gilly, only know you from the blog. My hubby has had AF and for years, he was on Digoxin and no medical checks but with a new doctor and new tablets he is doing extremely well. Keep positive, there must be a solution for Neill.

      4. Oh Gilly, hope Neil gets whatever is wrong sorted out. Such a worry for you both. Sending positive wishes for a speedy recovery. XX

        1. Hi Gilly,
          Oh how awful! So sorry to hear about Neill, must have been dreadful for you both. I truly hope that things get sorted for Neill this time and that he makes a speedy recovery. Give him a very gentle hug from me and I’m sending you a massive caring hug. Thinking of you both, Alison xxx

      5. Sorry to hear your news but, on the positive side, better it happened before you were on your way. Fingers crossed they find the problem and can sort it out to reassure you both. Take care xx

  9. I have now set the recorder for all this weekend’s shows, and am just getting ready to sit down and enjoy the first show, cup of coffee at the ready. We all know that it will all be a huge success. Have a wonderful 25th birthday. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  10. Happy Birthday and congratulations! Hope the demonstrations go well. I’m pretty sure the goods will sell fast. Enjoy your celebrations. Jan x

  11. Congratulations Barbara and Clarity,
    I have just been watching Hochanda and your memories poem brought tears to my eyes as well. Well done all of you. Enjoy your day.

  12. Hello Barb, sat watching the 10 am show, and bless you, I was tearing up watching the video too. A really lovely tribute. Congratulations on 25 happy years and you knew what was going to happen with that set of plates. Well done. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara
    WOW just watched your first hour on Hochanda. What an emotional show to watch. I loved your demo, I love your product and I adored the video showing Clarity over the last 25 years. Tears!! Well I had many of those. It was wonderful to watch, and you were as always genuine and true.
    Love it, and I love Clarity.
    Happy 25th Birthday to Clarity.
    Love & Hugs

  14. Wow I remember when you first bought these out in Stamp version 25 years ago, I still have them in my collection. I’ve also got the poster somewhere but I’d have to dig it out somewhere in my stash. Happy birthday Clarity, you rock.

  15. Many, many congratulations on your silver anniversary! Just watched the 10.00 show recording. Wonderful examples from the design team but the ideas and leadership come from you. Clarity really is the dream team and we just feel privileged to have met you and taken inspiration from you. Much love. Gill xx

  16. Oh Barbara, what wonderful shows today and it must have been very special for you, as we could see from your tears. I am sure that many, like me, she’d a few too! Wasn’t Yiannis lovely too? He was genuinely thrilled to be presenting the show this morning and it was lovely to see.
    I have also caught up with Tina’s shows today, which were fantastic, as usual. She is such a talent and does make me laugh with all her talk of chocolate. I had a laugh too, as when I saw the colour of her gilet, I thought that you had brought out a range of Pergamano clothing! That could be hilarious at craft shows – a Groovi army in uniform 😂
    Congratulations again and looking forward to the exciting shows with Paul and Linda tomorrow. Hugs Annette X

  17. Hi Barbara & all the Clarity Team.
    Congratulations on 25 years of Clarity .
    Brilliant company
    And a great team.
    Wishing you another 25 .
    Watched the first show brillant. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
    Lynn xx

  18. Congratulations on your 25th year.
    I am very new to Groovi, I always admired parchment work and never thought I could do it but thanks to a dear friend Carol Baker showing me how, I am now getting the hang of it . Hope you have a time for a celebration X.

  19. I have been having a great time at Maria’s class today so the shows are on record and I’m looking forward to catching up with them.
    Looking forward to 2 days of Clarity at Leyburn next weekend xx

  20. Happy Birthday Clarity. My aim is to live till I’m 100 so hopefully will be around to celebrate Clarity’s Golden anniversary.
    Watched both the shows and was very impressed with the samples. Jean’s decoupage was fantastic.
    I already have all the products which were showcased today but oh you tease! it looks like tomorrow will be a mega day with the picot dies. Have set record on all the shows. Ray’s cooking again so it could be a lazy day for me.
    Have a good evening.

  21. I saw the morning show, cried along with you, very emotional. Brilliant though. I think the little ii book will be lovely to look through with my little grandson. Congratulations on your 25 years. Great achievement. xx

  22. Many congratulations on your silver jubilee. I have just caught up on the first show, and what a fabulous show it was. I love the nursery rhyme alphabet but I am wondering if I would use it enough to warrant buying it. Just weighing up the possibilities before taking the plunge. No doubt when I watch the second show it will have sold out! The design team’s samples were brilliant and the decoupage poster was amazing, don’t think I could manage all that cutting out with my dodgy thumbs. Have a great day tomorrow xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on your silver jubilee. The shows were brilliant today and I must admit to having a few little tears every time the video was shown. I could tell how much it meant to you too. Yannis was really good today and your face was a picture when the flowers arrived. Lovely to see all of the crew there as well. What a coincidence that it was Jean’ birthday today also. That decoupage poster that she did was fabulous. The DT samples certainly did you proud – loved Jane’s book. Really looking forward to the rest of the shows, my credit card can’t wait to be used!!!

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is well ( Gilly I hope that Neill is comfortable and making progress and that you are looking after yourself too). I think I might need the cushions out for the next lot of shows and know that I’ll be joining a few of you on the naughty step! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

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