Going round the Houses and a Takeaway!

Going round the Houses and a Takeaway!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Worn out today, I can tell you!! While Linda and Paul blew the doors off Hochanda with our Birthday Celebration One Day Special, Dave and I were back in the office, cheering on the troops and making sure everyone was happy back at base! What a weekend!!!

I can’t thank you enough for giving us all a reason to go to work – although today I could have done with a lie in to be frank. (Who’s Frank? And why would I want to lie in and be him??)

Oh dear. She’s in one of those moods…..best do a step-by-step with that magnificent Town Aperture Die which I showcased on Sunday, but didn’t get to demonstrate.

Perfect little canvases for our Bed and Breakfast in Wales, don’t you agree?

Piece of cake! And no. Not at any point this weekend on live TV, did I say, or nearly say, or intend to say – Piece of P*ss!! Everybody insisted that I did nearly! But I NEVER!!! I do have a potty mouth most of the time, but on telly I have a MASSIVE FILTER FIRMLY LODGED IN PLACE!!

Anyway, back to the B&B in Wales pics….

Indian Summer Designer Card. Cut out the town, then cut it out again with a super slim frame using the square nested die , closest in size.

Lay the cut piece down on a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet. Save the end bit for Ron. Later on.

Trim right back to the edge with a craft knife and steel edged ruler

Peel off wax paper and position carefully on baby 4″ x 4″ canvas board. Dust with talc.

Mount on a 6″ x 6″ mountboard using that remnant of the double-sided adhesive.

Done. Looks fantastic. And really is a piece of CAKE!!!

Now to the left overs one. The bits which got left in the die when you first cut out. Well, this was more interesting! Lots of bits to jiggle back into their slots in the die. If you like doing jigsaws, you’ll love this job!

Paul had a great idea. Roll a little blu-tac around the top of a cocktail stick. Perfect way to pick up tiny windows! When you’ve got most of the bits back in place, lay a sheet of double sided adhesive on the back of the die, use a pencil rubber to burnish the back of the wax paper –

-and pull the die off to leave all the pieces on the adhesive sheet. Quite a challenge. Not as easy as the first one, but definitely worth the effort.

Couple of windows missing…

Found a couple of other window bits which fitted – just about! Different curtains! Attach to a canvas again, by peeling away the wax paper.

Dust with talc. Beautiful effect.

Love it love it love it. Not a piece of P*ss if I’m frank. But then I’m not Frank, am I?

Jalfrezi TV Dinner? calls Dave. Sounds lovely to me!

Got to go! Got to put the plates in the oven.

Love & Hugs,



26 thoughts on “Going round the Houses and a Takeaway!

  1. Enjoy your curry and have a relaxing evening with Dave. I only managed to see yesterday’s post half an hour ago, so commented on that one.
    I am cream crackered tonight, as spent the day helping my granddaughter to sort out all the toys she has amassed over the years to give to charity. She starts secondary school tomorrow, so it was a precious day for me, before she grows up overnight!
    Hugs. Annette X

  2. Managed to catch a little bit of the show this morning, dies look amazing not just for parchment either. You keep coming up with fantastic ideas. So pleased it has all gone so well for you all. xx

  3. Something weird happened with yesterday’s post as it has only just appeared. I was really beginning to worry about you Barbara! Tried to leave a comment and it didn’t appear. Hope this one works. So looking forward to town stamps and dies and the picot dies and plates arriving. Genius! X

  4. Hi Barb,
    No wonder you are shattered, the weekend you’ve had! What a success! Looking forward to trying this fabulous little piece of art once my die arrives. Loved all of the shows and am much poorer but very happy. Enjoy your takeaway with Dave. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi Bloggy friends,
      Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and not spent too much! Gilly hope Neill is recovering. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  5. Love the house die and the, new stamps are amazing! Glad your Clarity weekend was such a success, happy 25th birthday. Xx

  6. I haven’t seen all of your show yet ! I’m still getting over Paul’s corners! This is a lovely project, love the colours. Going on hols next week so wont order till I come back, that will then be an excuse for my birthday present – I’ve got it all planned you know! Enjoy your curry you deserve it ! X

  7. Evening bloggy friends, back to work today. With the same teacher so that makes things easier. Brain dead tonight though! Xx

  8. Oh dear, now where did I last see the blutak? Such a simple idea to solve a problem. What a great celebration you put on for us all. I have to admit to doubts about the dies for me, as I actually enjoy the slow steady snipping, BUT the more I thought the more ways I could think of to use them For anyone with dexterity issues, they are just brilliant, inspired. Enjoy that tv dinner and put your feet up. xxx Maggie xxx
    P.S. would Jim shout at me if I asked if it is possible to do a fine version. Ok, sorry Jim, you did a brilliant job.

  9. Finally got to watch all the programmes I recorded. Paul does come up with some great ideas and explains things so well. Linda’s gentle presentation is inspiring. Beautiful samples.
    Glad you blogged the Town house, nice reminder for when my order arrives.
    Went mad today and ordered the Picot die and Groovi bundle and also the Nursery Rhyme stamps. Now I’m broke so will have to sell a few more cards for funds for your next blockbuster ODS on the 19th.
    Hope you enjoyed your curry, have a relaxing evening with Dave and a good nights sleep.

  10. Well it seems I missed the party, but hope to have a chance to watch the rewind shows some time this week. So happy for you that your birthday celebrations went so well and your shows were such a success!

  11. What a fantastic weekend lovely bed all shows was just right for me as leg bad had to keep it up so what an excuse to sit watch you on telly well could done with out the excuse as would have anyway. Know I need it all so better safe pennies night night my leg hurts bandages very tight so going to bed roll on morning when nurse comes to remove them just like me being in plaster xxx

  12. Hi Barbara,
    Well as they say you were only suppose to blow the b…. doors off not all of the Hochanda building !!!!
    What a brilliant weekend, a fantastic 25 yrs Anniversary.
    After watching most of the shows , i was about to give up on my parchment as i could still not get on with my picot cutting , but have now decided to buy a die cutting machine so i can do both die cutting and my parchment work . As you have some lovely dies , and i am sure there will be more to come.
    You must be so proud of Jim , such a star he must have the patience of a saint as these dies must have taken such a lot time to produce , but with such a success .
    You should all be so proud of what you all have achieved together.
    Lynn xxx

  13. Dear Barbara. Well done to all of you for the great shows this weekend. Some lovely ideas. You must be very happy, but tired I expect. Loved the video, and shed a tear. it was wonderful. You started me on groovi three years ago at Port Sunlight. Still have the sample you made me. Have a good rest. Xxxx

  14. Managed to see some of the weekend shows but haven’t seen anything of todays as have been out most of the day. You certainly deserve to relax a bit and put your feet up Barbara and hope you and Dave enjoyed your curry. I love your VT about the last 25 years of Clarity. It bought a tear to my eye I have to say . It is good to look back and realise how far you have come! x

  15. Really enjoyed all of the shows, caught up last night and tonight, as away at the weekend. The dies are a God send and a definite must have. Love the houses die, well evverything really. So glad that you sold out and that the birthday celebrations were such a great success. That’s just what you deserved to have happen. Yourself, Linda and Paul did a spiffing job with all the tips that you gave us, hope you enjoyed your curry and a relaxing evening. Wondering if you’ll be at Ally Pally the week after Leyburn, as you never mentioned it in your newsletter last month.xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Many congratulations on 25 years of Clarity and a fabulous weekend too. I’ve managed to catch a couple of shows, yes the video made me cry too! Saw the first show today and loved the new Dies and plates but sat on my hands as I was being good. Hopefully one set might fall into my basket at Ally Pally. Love the artwork today too, the Dies are so versatile aren’t they. The walls of the B&B are getting quite full now aren’t they. Hope you enjoyed your curry and managed to put your feet up for a rest.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hello Barb, hope you had a nice relaxing evening with Dave. Love this die, and what you have done with both parts of the die cut. Sometimes taking a little extra time, results in a lovely arty make. Take care all. Bx

  18. Dog a bit unsettled so I have been awake for an hour watching my recordings of Paul and Linda. Brilliant. Had a fantastic weekend watching all things Clarity! It was clearly going to be successful but so pleased to see all the stuff flying out. Hope you are resting as weekend busy I know with Clarity up North which I am so looking forward to

  19. I had to get this die when I saw it on Hochanda and I absolutely love this technique, need more dies now lol. Bring on Leyburn x

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