A right Falafel!

A right Falafel!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Got up to the studios early evening, have been setting up the counter and getting everything ready for 10am tomorrow.

Better to sort it out before bedtime. Makes for a softer pillow when you have a plan set for the next day. I like it in the studio in the evening too. It is pretty much empty, so you can just get on with the job.

So tomorrow we will be celebrating 25 years of Clarity.

I do hope you can join me . The lads at work came up with a great game plan for the whole of September too. I shall blog lots of fun and games and prizes too.

But not tonight. Tonight I am cream crackered! Just ate a packet of falafels from M&S. Woofed them down. Like a blimming vacuum cleaner. Just hoovered up 8 good size falafels. Don‘t actually remember chewing them at all. Think I swallowed them whole!

The girl knows how to live! She also needs her eyes testing. She thought they were mini Scotch Eggs! Came as quite a surprise I can tell you. Although I must say they don’t LOOK dissimilar. Just taste very different!

and now I’ve got grapes which taste like mangoes! The world’s gone mad!

Time for bed!

love and hugs,




21 thoughts on “A right Falafel!

  1. We can’t wait to se what you are coming up with this weekend. Congratulation. My hubbi and I have known each other for 25 years this month. Love from Pia

  2. Hi Barb,
    Many,many congratulations on Clarity’s Siver Jubilee. I’m not surprised that you’re cream crackered – it’s been non stop for you since the wedding and no rest after this weekend either with a Leyburn the following weekend(can’t wait for that!! ).Really looking forward to the shows and I know that they will all be brilliant successes – & probably all sell outs too. Hope everything goes well, I know it will. Have a good night’s rest. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  3. As my birthday comes to an end, so yours starts. Have a good sleep and wishing you and all your Clarity family a Happy Birthday and lots of success this weekend and in the future.
    Lots of love. Annette X

  4. Laughing at the falafel thinking they were scotch eggs! Congrats on your silver jubilee, I’m sat here feeling quite pleased I’ve already got the alphabet in groovi and looking forward to seeing some samples ! The sneaky peeks look good ! Have a great show – I can actually watch ! X

  5. Sleep well. Tomorrow will be awesome. Clarity is absolute proof that teamwork makes the dream work. Thank you for bringing us this amazing creation of creativity, laughter and thought provoking fun. The products are fabulous, and you, your team and this ‘ere blog are a very large cherry on the top. Happy Birthday, here’s to the next 25 years. Cx

  6. Best to get things done before bed as otherwise you only lie there thinking about them. Hopefully you will fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.
    Can imagine the falafel came as a bit of a shock if you thought they were scotch eggs !!

  7. Congratulations on your silver jubilee.
    I’ve programmed all the shows to record as I know there will be lots of interruptions to my viewing.
    Been having a peek at what is coming up and am happy to say I have most of the items in my stash so to the relief of both my credit card and my hubby it will (hopefully) not be too expensive this weekend.
    Have a good nights sleep and we’ll see you in the morning. Night night.

  8. I’m missing The shows tomorrow- no internet as we are in holiday, so will catch up on Sunday when we’re back. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows. I’ve always loved the houses. Got to get the die, especially as I have the mini Grooving plate XxxxxX Congratulations on your 25 years. The first show I remember seeing of yours, Barbara, was one with the bee hive on Create and Craft many moons ago xxx I was so impressed xx

  9. Recorder set – check! Remote control hidden – check! Quick and easy meals for next three days prepared – check! Alarm set (just to be certain) – check! Well that’s my weekend sorted…who’s joining me? xx

  10. Intrigued to see the results from the new inks. What an exciting weekend we have in store. HaPpY bIrThDaY Clarity.🤗💞🎂🎆🎊🎉🎈

  11. We are looking forward to the show in the morning. Samuel and I will be watching for sure. Only 4 days till he heads off to college so if you get a chance, please wish him luck on the telly. He would love that. Take care and enjoy the anniversary celebrations. Love always Rxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Many congratulations on celebrating 25years, that’s quite an acheiment. I’m sure the shows will go really well this weekend. Oh you do make me laugh, I can just imagine you popping a ‘scotch egg’ in your mouth and thinking it tasted funny. Well at least you ate something!
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Morning will be there watching happy birthday celebrations 25 years old wow going stronger than ever so long oking forward to the show better get back to bed as meant to be on bed rest leg up high what again but if works worth it xxxc

  14. Many congratulations on this anniversary. Recorder set as have to mix it up with test match to keep hubby onside! Will watch where I can.

  15. Happy Silver Anniversary to you and Clarity Barbara, may the ideas and inspiration carry on for another 25. I hope all the celebrations are full of joy for the whole Clarity family. Bx

  16. Hi Barb – I just watched the 10.00am show which was amazing………loved everything . What a lovely surprise of the flowers – a well deserved accolade. Congratulations to the whole dream team too!!!!

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