Thank you

Thank you

Hi there.

Good of you to pop in. Been a big week here at Clarity. So glad you are as chuffed as we are, to welcome Leonie to the fold. Watch this space….

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Several of you asked to see our wedding invites and stationery, so I thought I would show you the theme and how it evolved…

It started with a little drawing of mine, which we then laser cut out, because I do like a paper cut, but I haven’t even had time to write all the thank you cards for all the generous gifts yet, so I was NEVER going to find time to paper cut 100 + wedding invites, now was I??

Classy gold inserts, done by a friend of ours as a gift.

It sure is good to be in the Crafting/Printing game when you’re getting married!

Next stop – Wedding favours.  I got creative, and designed a little teabag wrap, complete with a little ditty…

Mmmm…Mug next. Well, we were getting married in a nature reserve, a sanctuary for endangered species, so I had an idea. I found a company which designs magnificent mugs with animals – and even better – the artists were very special.

You get it, don’t you? What a perfect  Wedding Gift from us to our guests! Speaks volumes in my heart.

A wedding can be such an extravagant affair, but rather than waste money on a cute gimmick, so we decided to put some real money into a very noble movement. For all the guests – both day and evening.

We placed an order for 5 different designs – gorillas and tigers too. Gave all the gorillas and tigers away, so don’t have any of those to show you! They were divine.

So I built a theme around each table, you see? The place settings, the gift-tags – it all matched. 5 tables – 5 animals.

On the back of the table signs,

I wrote out interesting facts about the animals on the respective table. That was fascinating to actually investigate. I enjoyed doing that. Learned loads.

I even had a stamp made, and a date stamp, so that I could stamp up the bags for the guests to take their mugs home in.

They took ages. 110 of them. One at a time.

Maggie Craner made exquisite, beautifully parched wild flower seed-pouches as a gift, and they went in the bags, too. They ALL went to grateful recipients, so I’m afraid I cannot show you them – trust me: they were a delight.

You can see the table setting here. Very simple. Made with love.

On the back of the place settings I wrote what food  each of the guests had ordered. That took some doing too !!

The dining room was dressed beautifully.

Dee designed a beautiful Guest Book for us too. What a masterpiece…

The love and thought which went into this book was quite overwhelming actually.

Every page a masterpiece.

Something to treasure forever.

And then we filled the room with love, family and friendship. Proud moment. Dad’s speech.

So that’s it really. It was a lot of work, but I also got a real kick out of spending time on the individual gifts, tying the raffia, sorting out the meals for friends and family, thinking about them each while I was working, hoping they would like and enjoy. You know how it goes.  Wouldn’t want to do it again mind !!

But the invitation, the paper cut!! That was what brought on the Fresh Cut Dies! That was how our aperture dies were born. It all starts with a thought, doesn’t it?

So lookie lookie! yay!!! The thank you cards will be a piece of cake!!!

Already on it! So sorry it has taken so long to send out thank you cards for the beautiful gifts. I feel awful. But we hit the ground running after the wedding. Still running actually!

Look though!

… and then I decided we needed a Wee Thank you Word Chain stamp set too, so designed one!

Hahahahaha! So there we go! Thank you cards are in the pipeline!

It may take another month to actually write and dig out the addresses, but at least I am on the bus now!

And now for the rest of the story. I spoke to our Mel, showed her this design, and asked her to draw another 3 to build a set.

What she came back with is pretty blimming superb. I am so excited to show you these new dies on Sunday!!

HOCHANDA 10am and 2pm

I think they’re the best so far! But I seem to say that every time! Shall I show you them? Tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the other three. They are fantastic.

Now I really need to get on with some prep!!

Love and Hugs



57 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thank you so much for that very personal insight – needless to say everything looks perfect! Looking forward to the weekend shows xx

  2. Thank you for sharing all this with us, and for sharing your special day with so many of us. I was about to ask if there was a chance of dies of that design, and then I read a bit further. I must hide from my bank manager, but there is no way I can resist this weekend. DVD already set. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. So enjoyed your post today showing all the thought and love that went into making everything for your wedding. Brought back wonderful memories of all the handcrafted items that I made for my children’s weddings. A great deal of work but so rewarding. I loved doing it. Looking forward to the shows. The fresh cut dies are terrific and so fun to work with. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Wow what beautiful designs Barbara and what a wonderful theme so different. Thank you for sharing all this with us it certainly makes you think outside the box and create something unique xx

  5. oh, what a wonderful blog entry. It’s so good of you to share all the aspects of your special day with us. I smiled – not only on my face, but in my heart too – from start to finish! All the finishing touches for the tables were amazing. I had a lump in my throat looking at all the pictures. Then I saw the mugs and who designed them. That was it – the tears came. How absolutely bloody wonderful. Samuel would have loved them. He is such an animal lover, just like his Mum! Thank you thank you Barbara & Dave for sharing your day with all of us xxxxxx

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing your photos and everything with us. The photos have been lovely to see, it all looks perfect and you all had a fantastic day to remember. Well done Dee, the guest book looks amazing – wish I’d half your talent. Looking forward to seeing the shows this weekend xx

  7. Lovely to share your day. I’m so looking forward to your shows at the weekend. I’ll be watching from Gran Canaria, and buying!! X

  8. Awwww what a beautiful heartfelt blog post, equally lovely of you to highlight the Art house project, what a wonderful cause to support, I’m off to have a nosey.
    Lovely to read the full tale of the birth of the Fresh cut dies, going to treat myself at Leyburn, I’ve started my wishlist lol.
    Looking forward to the sunday shows.

  9. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely, well thought-out wedding and thank you for letting us all have a look.


  10. A lovely blog today. The tables look superb and very special indeed. It was lovely to read the story of the makers of the mugs and the die is gorgious! Must tune in to see the rest xxxx

  11. Everything looks amazing and so much nicer for all the love and thought that went into it all. I was fortunate enough to see photos of Maggie’s favours and they were beautiful. Hoping I get to see your shows. We are on call to deal with Hayley and Guy’s dogs if baby makes an appearance and it looks as if he might be on his way. xx

  12. My goodness Barbara no wonder you’re so tired, don’t you ever stop? Thank you for sharing your special day, everything looks superb and I love the idea of the teabag and mug. Our son and daughter-in-law did something similar as they got married in a little tea house in Boulder Colorado. Not everyone could go so they asked people to make a cuppa and sit down when the ceremony was taking place.

  13. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! Those designs are perfect and thank you for sharing details about the Art House, I am sure that everyone will love these designs too. Dee, what a gorgeous piece of work. I am sure it, together with all the fond wishes it contains will be treasured forever.

  14. Barbara, only you could be planning YOUR “big day” and take so much pleasure and put so much love into making it so wonderful for everybody else. How fabulous to be able to support a collective of artists in such a warm and generous way. I have seen Maggie’s little seed envelopes and I agree they are truly beautiful. I can imagine all your friends and family sitting down after a beautiful weekend to enjoy a cuppa with you and Dave. Thank you so much for sharing all your little personal touches with us all – I am in awe of your thoughtfulness and love. If only there were more people like you in the world we could all live in a happier place. Remember to take five for you and Dave sometime too though eh? I think you both deserve that. I think I may really NEEEEEED these new dies – eeeeek!! xxxxx

  15. Thanks for sharing the journey of the Fresh cut dies, I spotted the 4 new ones on a banner going across the top of the web page earlier in the week. The wedding tables looked fantastic & I saw the wild flower parchment pouches that Maggie made for you in their production stage. Another lovely idea. Took me back to my sons wedding last year when they found individual quotations or verses to go on each guest’s place setting. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, will have to record & watch later as we are having a family BBQ but no doubt the dies will be falling in my basket at some point along with the mini word chain’s. The word chains sound as if they are a need rather than a want. !!

  16. All looks beautiful, so much thoughtfulness and love making your wedding day even more special for family and friends. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to shows. xx

  17. Hey Barb, can we please have the animals as Groovi plates, I just love the Gorillia……. Please, please….thanks, and have loved your blogs….

  18. it looks perfect the tables, place settings organising the wedding day and the thank you cards I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in
    will be glued to the TV for the clarity shows and taping them of course
    all the best
    Fran xx

  19. Thank you for letting us see your wedding stationery. Absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the new dies.

  20. What a wonderful wedding. Such a lot of work but well worth it. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I caught a glimpse of the new dies earlier and they are a must have. Any news on a die storage solution specific to Clarity? At the moment mine are on A4 magnetic sheets laying in an A4 box to keep them separate from other dies. The suggestion from Janet regarding animal dies – yes please – gorilla, elephant, panda and tiger, possibly a giraffe and a lion?

    Have all the shows programmed to record as I don’t want to miss anything.

    1. ps: these dies will also make wonderful background stencils – I’m sure you already have thoughts on this!!!

  21. Dear Barbara. What a fantastic story today, so lovely to see all the special things you made.. so much love and thought went into everything. You are a very kind and clever lady. Your invitations are lovely, so look forward to seeing the rest on the the show. Xxxxxxxx

  22. Hello Barbara, thank you for sharing your special day. I have really enjoyed it. Your concept for the wedding from start to finish was so unique and beautiful. Every time you post your wedding insights I get quite emotional. Don’t know why, just being daft me thinks. Love the stationary die, looking forward to seeing the others. Have a good evening, lots of love Donna X

  23. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your wonderful day with us. Everything was so beautiful and thoughtful and will be a lasting memory for you, your family and friends.
    The dies look great and I am looking forward to the shows this weekend. Travel safely and take care. Hugs.Annette X

  24. Thank you for sharing all this with us, it all looks beautiful and just shows how much thought and love has gone into making your day so

      1. Hi Pam,
        Didn’t realise it’s your Golden Wedding Anniversary – very many congratulations to you both. Hope you’ve had a lovely day. All my love, Alison xxx

  25. Thank you Barbara for sharing you wonderful adventure with us, you are such an inspiration to us all.
    Can’t wait for Sunday and more wonderful dies, which of course I shall have to have to add to my collection.
    I’m so glad you’re on at 10 a.m or I would miss the programme as I have to play bowls in the afternoon.

  26. Hi Barbara,
    Just had to read today’s blog twice , I have to say I read your blog every day but today’s is the best not saying I don’t think the others are not good .
    But today really got to me , thank you for a trip of yourself and Dave’s special day.
    Everything was amazing, and as you say it is good to have a company that can do everything.
    The fresh cut dies are beautiful, just love the tree looking forward to seeing the shows at the weekend and the rest of the dies.
    Once again thank you for a lovely blog.
    Lynn xx

  27. Thank you Barbara, for sharing your special day with us. You and Dave put so much love and care into your preparations which I’m sure was appreciated by your guests. Now I’m off to investigate the mug website as they look lovely. x

  28. Thank you so much Barbara – for sharing all of the wonderful and thoughtful details of your special day! I knew that it would have been very special – with lots of clever and artistic details. I could never have imagined just how wonderful it all was.
    The new dies look amazing and I feel that I shall be making a purchase!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Hope you are both well. I have a very strong feeling that I might be on the naughty step a few times over the next week! Hope the packing is going well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  29. Hi Barb,
    What a wonderful post today. Thank you for sharing all of the fabulous things that were such a big part of your wedding. Everyone looks fabulous and I’m sure that all of your guests were equally impressed and very grateful as well. Dee’ s book is absolutely fabulous. The new dies and little word chains are must haves and Mel has done a brilliant job. Oh dear – I’ll never be rich (& I’m supposed to be saving money!) What with these and the goodies on the next show and the weekend after I’ll be on jam and bread without the jam! Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

    1. Hi Alison – we are both ok thanks. I will be having a CT scan & Neill will be having an echo cardiogram when we get back from holiday. So we will think about that later!
      Packing going well – have started packing the car for our holiday to Spain, leving on Tuesday.
      I am probably going to be very naughty and get these fantastic dies! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  30. Still haven’t seen the cake or did I miss that bit. Sometimes all the bits before and the excitement are equally as rewarding as the day itself.

  31. Thank you for showing us all the lovely details of your wedding,gorgeous designs. It all looks fabulous. Going to set the recorder for all the weekend shows, more temptations for us xx

  32. Most brides think of them selves and everythingcentre on them, but yo spent it on your guest it all looks so perfect wholethem from safari to mugs with wild animals amazing every body says what a perfect day one that will not be forgot just wonderful kept looking at the tree doe think as I readwould love that die hope it comes up for sale phew it is so I see at the end trees for us are specail as Sandie just loved trees would chat in car we would look back say what wrong she would shout tree very excited so I would love to but them as soon as can xxx

  33. Thank you Barbara for so generously sharing the preparation that went into yours and Dave’s special day. So much work but so rewarding. Your guests must have been delighted. Your choice of venue was as unique as you. I wonder how you found “Art House”. How satisfying to be able to support such talent. I am looking forward to Sundays shows. Sleep well. x

  34. Thank you for showing us and explaining how it all came together Barbara. Every aspect of it was so well thought out and beautifully done by you and your creative friends, but we couldn’t expect any less of you all. Looking forward to seeing your shows on Sunday. x

  35. Oh, Barbara, I wish I could get married again just so I could use your beautiful designs! 😀 Everything is absolutely lovely and so NOT commercial. Well done. I’m packing up our house ready for a big move (I have to pack for SIX eventualities over the next two years so my head is about ready to explode). I have no time for anything these days – but I’m watching those shows on Sunday! xx

  36. Wow! Thank you for sharing such an integral part of your wedding. Beautiful and I know how much work you put in… I made all our invites, service sheets, cake (and decorated it too!) plus changed my mind on the dress so made that too! Must be a ‘second time around’ thing lol! I’ve been holding off from buying the dies but my resolve is definitely weakening….oh dear! Xxx

    1. Silly me… forgot to say how lovely your guest book and what a wonderful way to look back on the day. The mugs are wonderful and will be checking out the website when in the market to buy some new ones for our house. xx

  37. You have made me cry as you really are a beautiful couple who do beautiful things.
    I loved the wedding favours and the way they showed how big a heart you both have.
    Thank-you for sharing.
    I am so excited as I love trees and now of to set TV shows to record and checking bank balance is at the ready lol!

  38. HI Barb. I agree with everything already said and thankyou for sharing it all with us. What fantastic memories for you, Dave and all your guests.

  39. Barb, the fact that your share all this detail, information, all your insights, all your personal thoughts and your mind journey, is in itself an incredible gift to us, it makes us feel we are part of it. Thank you. And can I say how creative your tables gifts and settings were. Incredible. Bx

  40. Hi Barbara
    As everyone has already said, Thank You so much for sharing all these special moments that made your wedding day such a success. I may not have been there in person, but I feel that I was sitting right at one of those beautiful watching all the events of the days unfold.
    Everything you bring to us has a little piece of you in it and that is a lovely thought to have whilst crafting.
    Love & Hugs

  41. Silly me… forgot to say how lovely your guest book and what a wonderful way to look back on the day. The mugs are wonderful and will be checking out the website when in the market to buy some new ones for our house. xx

  42. I was really pleased to see all your wonderful wedding invitations etc. in today’s blog. I made all the invitations for my youngest son’s wedding and made and decorated the 3tiered cake,( also a big Madeira cake,for those who don’t like fruitcake), and my word it was a lot of work and worry. I don’t know how you found time to do all you did and run your business(are you sure there’s not a spandex costume in your wardrobe!). It’s very rewarding though isn’t it? I discovered this summer that, 11 years later, my daughter-in-law still has the bouquet of sugar flowers which I made for the cake’s top tier. That was an aaah moment and made it worth the time and effort spent. So glad you had such a wonderful day and many thanks for sharing it. xx

  43. What a wonderful glimpse into your big day – thank you. Those mugs are so lovely and I’m sure your guests will treasure them. I’ve spent a day today with people who use or volunteer for our mental health befriending charity, making a mosaic to hang in the office to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Can’t wait to invite them back to celebrate the unveiling. Our venue was another local community charity, our tutors were a local arts charity and our lunch was prepared by a local social enterprise. Beautiful things, made with love can start to make a difference in this world that we live in xxx

  44. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Your invitations were fantastic and unique. I recorded both your shows today and what an inspiration you are. No other dies will do what you showed us as often the bits get stuck in the die. I will just have to buy them to try your technique – oh what a shame!! I hope there are more to come. xxx

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