Brain fried

Brain fried

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

It’s 7pm and I’m all art and crafted out.

Do you mind if I just chat to you a bit, and explain what is coming up?

I know I’m usually on on the first Sunday of every month. And I will be next week too!!

But this weekend we are celebrating HOCHANDA’s 3rd Birthday. It really has been a whirlwind 3 years too.

So much has happened since we launched with them! Groovi , Pergamano, Fresh Cut Dies. No wonder we’re cream crackered!

I shall be showcasing 4 fantastic new dies. Can’t stop making art with them!

When? Sunday. 10am and 2pm.

There’s loads of stock available and a really excellent gift with every purchase, so I do hope you can join me.

And next weekend we are celebrating 25 years of Clarity on HOCHANDA too.

When? Well, I shall be back up to the Studios on Friday, to get set for Saturday, 10am and 2pm.

I thought I would take you right back to the very humble beginnings of Clarity, the very first thing which got us started on this 25 year adventure.

Then on Sunday, I will be there again, from 2-4pm.

This time I thought it would be cool to showcase one of my very favourite designs of all time, but in all 4 of our product groups:

Stamp, Stencil, Groovi AND Fresh Cut Die.

Can you guess what that design might be? Leave a guess below, and let’s see if anybody cracks it!

(Clarity Design Team! Mum’s the word!!!)


And then on Sunday evening 6pm, I am handing the reins over to Linda Williams and Churchy. They will be showcasing a Worldwide Launch of very intelligent Groovi plates/Fresh Cut Dies. Built to work together. Blimming ingenious, even if I say so myself! We’ve been planning this for months, so brace yourself! Linda reckons they’re the best idea we’ve had so far! And there was I thinking transparent stamps was a breakthrough!!!

So now you know when and where, I hope you can join myself and the crew on telly

SKY 673 (24/7)                  FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM) .         FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Got to go and find Dave. He’s still mega jetlagged. But yes, the trip to the States was a success.

Mission accomplished. We move to Phase B.


Love & Hugs,



56 thoughts on “Brain fried

  1. Congratulations on managing to stay in business for 25 years. No mean feat in this day and age.
    I seem to remember you really love the boy flying with the birds, however you love them all so hard to guess which is your favourite.
    I will plump for the boy though.

  2. Could possibly be the boy with the birds, or as Chris M says leafy swirl, (which was one of the very first stamps I ever bought), which ever, have a great weekend. xx

  3. My first thought was your favourite boy,flying away with his birds. However, on reflection, it could be the beautiful Floral Friends. Whatever it is, I know it will be lovely. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. Hello Barbara

    I would like to think it is the boy with the birds. Hope so, as I love that stamp.

    Don’t forget to breathe!


  5. It’s all very, very exciting! As for which one of your favourite designs; my lips are sealed! Looking forward to all the shows. Xxx

  6. So much going on ….its all so exciting! I love to tell you….but i won’t! It’s great reading what you all think is Barbara’s favourite! You’ll just have to wait til a week on sunday!
    love and hugs xxxx

  7. My first thought was the flying boy too, as you have always said how much you love it.
    What a lot we have to look forward to and hope you manage to take a breather in between weekends.
    Love to you and jet lagged Dave. Annette X

  8. Can’t begin to guess which one you will choose but whichever one it is I am sure it will delight us all.
    Try and get a few good sleeps in before the Birthday do’s.
    How you manage your hectic life amazes me.

  9. I’m guessing ‘The night before Christmas’. Congratulations on 25 years of Clarity! 🎉👍😘

  10. Ooo, I know, I know, I know. Why can’t I ever enter these things when I know the answer. Life is so cruel sometimes. Hahaha

  11. One of the lovely Art NOUVEAU DESIGNS but I cannot remember if you had said which was your favourite out of them. They are available across the whole range of products though. Not surprised you are shattered such a lot happening. Reckon we can be sure that whatever you have in store t will be wonderful. xx

  12. Hi Barb, congratulations on still being in business after 25 years and going from strength to strength. I would guess it’s the ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ poem. Love and hugs
    Alison D x

  13. Hi Barbara, just catching up today.
    I think the flying boy with birds.
    Great to hear your news on Leonie is joining the Clarity Team .
    I can remember when she was doing the classroom work shops with you, she always put her all into everything she does.
    Welcome Leonie to the dream team.
    Looking forward to all the new shows.
    Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Hard to believe that No chance is 3 and even harder to believe that Clarity is 25! How many tho he have happened in that time?! Congratulations anyway, wonderful achievement. Really looking forward to all of the shows although my bank balance isn’t. I think the Fly away Boy
    is the one as it’s your favourite stamp and I’d love to see it as a die and Groovi plate ( so wishful thinking on my part). Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  15. Looking forward to all the shows, love your products. Congratulations on 25 years, keep on keeping on 👍🏻

  16. How fast time flies! Happy 25th to Clarity – here’s to the next 25. Speaking of flying, could your all time favourite be the Flying Boy?

  17. Definitely the Fly Away Boy with birds! Got to be 🙂
    I love it too.
    Look forward to recording and watching all your lovely shows.

  18. My first thought was the fly away boy, but I am thinking maybe some more of the rounds – the california or boating ones

  19. I’m exhausted just hearing about your schedule but I hope you will enjoy the celebrations. I’ll have to record the shows as we’re making a mosaic plaque to celebrate 25 years of mental health befriending in the Highlands this Sat. I hope it’s the boy with the birds as I love that stamp so much xxx

  20. Not surprised you’re cream crackered, your energy always astounds me! Anyhoo, not got a clue re the new stuff but would guess the same as many before me have with ‘Flyaway Boy’. Looking forward to seeing just which design it is as will be watching (as usual) all the Clarity shows!

    Congratulations on Clarity’s 25th Birthday! Xx

  21. What a lot we have to look forward to, my guess is your lovely flying boy.
    Definite nip in the air tonight, had to close the sitting room window when I sat down to watch the tv.
    Celebrating my lovely granddaughter ‘s GCSE success today especially as she had the stress of her mum being in hospital while she was taking the exams . Xx

  22. I reckon it’s the fly away boy with the birds or even the Grace dancer…after your daughter. Great things are definitely up and coming with all things Clarity…brilliant news❗👍

  23. Hello Barbara, my guess would be the lovely flying boy, but is it a trick question as he’s not yet a fresh cut die. Very perplexing. Can’t wait for all the shows, especially ODS. Husband already having the vapours over all the money I’ll be spending. lots of love Donna X

  24. I reckon it’s the leafy swirl but the flying boy would be brilliant but I can’t imagine how he could be a die and groovied so to speak.

  25. My first thought is the flying boy with the birds as I’m sure I’ve heard you say this is your favourite, but not sure how this would work. Anyway, that’s my guess!

  26. My goodness Barbara, no wonder you feel a bit frazzled with so much going on I would be on my Looking forward to seeing all this unfold. As for your favourite image, like others I think it is probably the flying boy with the birds as you often use him to finish a piece. x

  27. I think I would have to go with Fly Away. Would have gone with Leafy swirl but don’t think it is available in all mediums?? Mind you neither is Fly Away unless that is this weekend’s surprise?? xx

  28. Boy with birds for me too. Only just caught up and must say I am thrilled about Leonie. After you Barb she is my next fav. Been following you since you were Barbara S. Long time.

  29. All sounds very exciting, must set the box to record. My brain is fried too from doing the month-end accounts at work, easy reports to do today.
    Right I know you love the Boy and the birds stamp so could it be that one??? I’ll look forward to finding out on sunday xx

  30. Congratulations on your 25 Years in business, continuing to grow and develop to meet the needs of your customers (family). Also congratulations on the brilliant customer service that your team provides. It’s always a pleasure doing business with Clarity. I think that your favourite stamp is the flying boy, being supported by the birds on strings. You often use him in your work especially when you need a lift (if you pardon the pun). Love and hugs Jeanette

  31. I went to make sure I didnt miss your Sunday product launch on Hochanda, to record the show – much to my surprise, Sky have it down at 6pm Sunday as a Spellbinders magic show!

  32. Doing yesterday after today Friday so thinking tree die cuts stamps and groovi. And as many one of my first stamps the leafy swirl and that is in all four ways boy flying must be there some were landscape etc were first things I remember and wanting to do it the same love joy xx

  33. Hello Barb, well what a hectic schedule, I hope you all get time to take a breather in between. Looking forward to hear about the successful US trip. And I think it will be the seed head stamp/stencil etc. Take care all. Bx

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