Beautiful Brand New Fresh Cuts Dies coming up!

Beautiful Brand New Fresh Cuts Dies coming up!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Stop the clock! All set for the 10am and 2pm on Hochanda tomorrow.

Hope you can tune in! I have had a blast prepping the demos for these hours; I want to show you a trick, which is probably the oldest trick in Die-World! But in MY-World, it is über-cool !! And since I don’t look left or right, just stay in my lane and keep my eye firmly on the road ahead, I have no idea what the rest of the die world is up to. Not a clue what has and hasn’t been discovered! Hahahaha.

Anyway, yesterday I told you all about how these bird designs were hatched, starting with the Wedding cut…

..and then handing over to Mel, who served us with these beauties:

They are so up my street! So my cup of tea! I could just play with these designs all day long! And before you even ask whether they’ve been made into Claritystamps, Groovi and Stencils – the answer is YES on all 3 counts! We just need a little longer on production!

Here is a taster of the super art samples our clever Fresh Cuts Team have rustled up for your pleasure tomorrow.

Shelagh Metselaar

Wendy ThorburnDee Paramour


And here are the wee Word Chains that are being showcased on the same shows. Perfect size.

(The little S on its own is to add to the words thank, gift and surprise)
Anne Ruffles

So there we are. I wager we are going to be very busy tomorrow. If I like them this much, then so will a lot of you. That’s something I figured out years ago.

And if you are like me – and I suspect you are, then you will be looking for Fresh Cut storage about now too. So here is a link to the A5 Fresh Cut Storage Folder! CLICK HERE.

The A5 backing boards/imaged packaging they come on fit in here perfectly. Instant indexing.

Larger one for the large Nested dies coming up next week.


Love & Hugs,




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20 thoughts on “Beautiful Brand New Fresh Cuts Dies coming up!

  1. Oh cool! need these in my life! will follow that link in a mo and take a look!

    Lovely samples from everyone again! Feel blessed to know such talented people xx

  2. Beautiful dies, I do love them and they’ll be gorgeous as Groovi. Love the storage folder too, that’s a must have! I think it’s great having all the matching storage for the different products. (Only trouble is I need a bigger room to keep it all in!!) Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows xx

  3. I had already decided that these dies are definitely coming home to me. Seeing what the design team have done just confirms that decision. I just need you to make sure that Bec does not see this, because I really do NEED these dies. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. So pleased these dies are coming in stencils, Groovi and stamps. The designs are truly inspiring – compliments to Mel – will be buying all of them. I often have a flash of inspiration and then forget by the time the goods arrive so I have made notes for some project ideas.
    Looking forward to Sunday having decided to have a me day. Breakfast in bed then feet up watching the shows while hubby cooks dinner. Just hoping he does the washing up too!!!

  5. Wow fantastic,just set the recorder. I have been enjoying the birthday celebrations in Hochanda and tomorrow things can only get better

  6. They will be coming here as said yesterday anything trees but this are spot on love them they will look great in frames . Record set for back up I guess right then coming in all formats. Exciting safe travelling down your car must be able to head straight to studio with out help would that be nice get in program in we’re going and sit back one day I’m sure xxx

  7. Oh wow what a clever girl Mel is – these and the mini word chains are definitely coming to my house – can’t wait for the stamps and stencils too. My bank manager wishes I had never heard of Claritystamp but I soon shut him up!!! LOL!!! xxxx

  8. Wow, I think there will be a sell out before the 1st hour is up. The samples by the DT are amazing as always

  9. The dies look totally amazing and I will be adding them to my list of wants!!!!
    Even more of a reason to get a gemini!!Haha!!
    Can’t wait to watch your shows tomorrow!
    Have a relaxing evening. love and hugs. xxxx

  10. Those really are gorgeous dies. Might have to wait for the stamps as those are my first love, but I’m looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow x

  11. Beautiful designs as always Barbara, and how long will they last on air tomorrow….20 minutes? Great inspiration from yourself and the DT too. x

  12. Beautiful dies and beautiful samples from the DT. I am so happy that they will soon be in Groovi too.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Annette X

  13. You and Mel have done it again Barbara. The dies look so refreshing and they are coming in groovi and stamps too. Looking forward to tomorrow. Sleep well xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    So looking forward to the shows tomorrow as these dies will definitely be ordered. Mel has done a super job with them and yours is lovely too! Love what the Design Team has done with them as well. I’m glad that you are going to do them in all formats ( especially Groovi) as I think they’ll look fantastic with texture paste, on parchment or stamped. Have to say though, I don’t think they will last long – hope you’ve got a mega, mega stock!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  15. Well – I must make sure that I am up bright and early to get my order in! Won’t tell hubby though! Really looking forward to the shows Barb – I really love all of this set and I do need them in my life!
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  16. Love this set of Fresh Cut dies! Barbara Gray Could we please have a You tube Tuesday on how you use the waste to teach to the canvas board on today’s Hochanda shows. I can’t save any of the Hochanda shows but of course can watch all of the you tubes anytime I need to refer back.
    Thanks for all you do for us!

  17. Hello Barb, beautiful dies, and beautiful creations from the team. Still have to catch up with the shows as have been away this weekend. Take care all. Bx

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