Happy 3rd Birthday HOCHANDA!!

Happy 3rd Birthday HOCHANDA!!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s a bit late. Took hours to get home from the Studios. Accident on the M11, so decided to take a detour. Came back to Kent via Chelmsford or Copenhagen or something that started with a C. Not sure, but it was way out to the east! Never mind. Dave and I saw lots of lovely little towns and places, chatted our way through Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and East Sussex – and got home safely.  People were having a very bad day on the M11, poor souls.

The TV shows were a resounding success, the lovely Birdie Dies sold out, despite having very substantial TV stock levels – and all in all, it was a record-breaker of a day.

Still available from Claritystamp as a bundle too, or indivually.


Many many thanks to the Design Team for their wonderful artwork and to Paul for his help on the day.

I also wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to HOCHANDA. 3 years. How far we have come! I want to thank them for giving Clarity a perfect platform for showcasing our products and arty things; for creating a meeting place for us all.  They are also a great team, a bunch of switched on, talented people, working hard all the time to make us look good. It is a privilege to have been with them since the very first day, and been a part of the growth and success story. So yes.

Three Cheers for the team at HOCHANDA!!

Right. That’s me done. Cuppa, a log fire and a film.

Love & Hugs,



30 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday HOCHANDA!!

  1. I was so lucky to win a dream day there back in June on my birthday and it was the best crafty day ever.

    People don’t realise just what a small, but totally joined up company they are and they all work so hard.

    Your shows were amazing, I always learn so much from you (and Janet Pring my workshop teacher of 4 years).

    Looking forward to the birthday Clarity shows next weekend.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the shows. Every time I see something to buy, you come up with something even better. Have to say my favourite has to be the die you used for your wedding. 💕

  3. Glad that you got home safe and sound – even though it was a very circuitous route!
    Wonderful shows Barb and I love seeing your journey through die-cutting. Now ….. I have previously said that I can’t buy any more crafty stuff at the moment, due to our impending house move. Not enough space and no time to do anything crafty.
    Hmm well, I absolutely loved the dies – especially your wedding die and as for how you used the scrap – incredible! I ordered them in the first 5 minutes! Haha! Me of little resistance.
    Enjoy your cup of tea, log fire and film – you have certainly earned it. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – as you will see I did order the stunning dies. The ideas from Barbara and the design team were mind blowing! Alison – I have every faith in you – I am sure that you will have done too.
      Donna – you got back from holiday just in time and had your email read out too!
      I might not be able to comment for a while – so love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        Yes, you know me so well! Me of no resistance! They were in my basket immediately! Ordered from Hochanda ( so I got my free gift!) then ordered the new word chains from Clarity. I’m pleased you had a moment of weakness as well. Your holiday must be coming up soon, so you’ll be very busy I expect. Love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison xxxx

        1. Haha Alison! I must have been right with you – I loved the idea of a free gift too! I have left the word chains for now – funnily enough I seem to have forgotten to tell Neill about my order!
          Yes you are right – we set sail tomorrow. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Have only watched the first show but wow was it good. Love the waste idea – brilliant!! I can remember day 1 at Hochanda – shambles sums it up perfectly but you all kept going and just look where you all are now. I think the future is clearly going to be fabulous. Keep up the brilliant work. I am looking forward to watching you go back to the beginning next weekend. xxx

  5. Watched both shows, great ideas with the waste, and perfectly presented. I too placed an order in the first 5 minutes.
    Glad you got home safely, that M11 can sometimes be as bad as the M25. On the bright side a detour can be very scenic, more relaxing than belting along the motorway.
    Really looking forward to the ‘back to the beginning’ shows and the multi media.
    Have a relaxing evening, you deserve it.

  6. Fantastic shows loved it all have ordered them as fell in love with them all specially your wedding one loved Dee’s card the three sheet one with three trees and verses think would be wonderful as a framed picture so that I hope to do first when get them in separate frames put up together or in one frame looking forward to playing . I love watching Hochanda and presenters etc many more wonderful years and birthdays to them xxx

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful shows today. You did an awesome job and learned lots of new tips. I remember that first day at Hochanda and all that went on. How far they have come since then. Looking forward to the shows next week. Know my credit card is going to take another beating as I have seen what is coming up. Enjoy your evening. You deserve it. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  8. Have got both shows on record not watch yet going to put my order in via clarity towers how clarity has given us so much wonderful new products since when I watched you on c&c with your lessons sets. So much I’ve learnt ,now to get into the dies and die cutting sets to add to my stamps groovi stencils .was so pleased to hear Leonie is joining you too I’ve got some of her entwined sets .
    Enjoy you cuppa film and rest xxx

      1. Hi Sheila my lovely, you won’t be disappointed with the dies. I bought the first set and just couldn’t resist buying today’s!
        Sending you love and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

  9. Not surprised that the new dies blew the doors off! They’re beautiful, as are the new mini word chains – I’m so pleased a thank you set is now available. Glad you and Dave are safely home, and hope the run up to your Silver Jubilee isn’t too too manic. Clarity is an awesome ‘family’, as well as a fantastic business, long may it continue.

  10. Hi Barbara, watched both shows today. Fantastic what you did with the waste was outstanding.
    What you can do with dies is amazing and will be buying some very soon.
    Love these birds dies.
    Glad you got home safe and sound .
    Lynn xx

  11. Wow!!! What a fantastic show today, thank you Barbara. I ordered the set, then told my husband I had been naughty, he said “I still love you”. Just as well, we’ve just celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversary! I really enjoy Hochanda and watch nearly every day, and your 2 programmes today had so many ideas and examples, best ever.

  12. I knew they wouldn’t last that long and unfortunately only managed to catch the last bit as was busy but will be catching up. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend too. So much going on for you at the moment, mind you there is always a lot happening at Clarity. Sorry your journey home was a bit long and indirect but glad you arrived home safely. x

  13. I really loved how clever you were with the waste. Genius. Love the dies, especially your wedding invitation one. I do like watching Hochanda and can hardly believe its been three years since that first show. My crafting has become much more varied since the channel launched so hear hear to them. Looking forward to next week’s shows

  14. Hi Barb,
    Sorry this is so late , I honestly thought I’d left a comment!
    The shows were brilliant yesterday and I wasn’t surprised that they sold out. Love the new dies ,especially your wedding one and yet again your DT surpassed themselves. Love Dee’s triple card. Using the “waste” to make a canvas was a brilliant idea too – think that could be a Xmas gift idea! Looking forward to next weekend’s shows very much. Sorry you had a roundabout long journey home, but at least you are safe and sound. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are well and enjoyed the shows. I bet a few of you are joining me on the naughty step. Donna, hope you had a lovely holiday and glad you made it back in time for the shows and to write an email! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  15. Hello. I watched the shows on catch-up and just wanted to say that you looked wonderful Barbara. So happy, confident and glowing. Married life is certainly suiting you. H

  16. What have you done! I decided that I already had all the crafting materials I need – and then I saw the floral dies, then the trees and seeds, then the birds, then the petite card, then the black and white card blanks, then the nested squares and circles….no hope for me at all! I did place 3 separate orders though, just in case the whole one would have induced palpitations!

  17. Ohh I tried to resist buying them but to no avail and the chance to spread the payments just clinched it so they are now on their way to my stash. Loved the shows had to watch the first one on catch up as I was in A&E with hubby for 4 hours he’s ok
    Thanks Barbara for your continued inspiration x

  18. Managed to hang on to my resolve (albeit only just!), as the new dies are fab! Have added the mini word chains to my Leyburn shopping list tho’. Looking forward to the Clarity Silver Anniversary shows next weekend and am certain my resolve (to refrain from buying) will be totally gone by then lol! Have watched Hochanda from the very first show and it’s definitely progressed since then! Xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Loved your shows on Hochanda. I can’t believe you have already been married for two months. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun with the ones you love.
    The new dies are amazing. I have done similar things with the waste from dies. I have done it with words like Happy Birthday and then used the waste on another card with a colourful paper behind it.
    Like you, I hate to waste anything!!
    Love & Hugs

  20. Hello Barb, so glad you got home safely. Hope you enjoyed the movie in front of the log fire. Looking forward to catching up with the shows to see what demos were done. Bx

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