Fresh Cut Scraps – love it!!!

Fresh Cut Scraps – love it!!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in on this Bank Holiday Monday. Not that I had a day off! The countdown is on till the next TV shows on Saturday and Sunday, so I really had to get a wriggle on today, and start my prep – especially as there’s Groovi on the menu!!

Parchment shows take much longer to prep than stamp or die shows! Ask Linda and Tina!!!

So I’ve spent the best part of today doing one blimming piece! It had better be worth it!! My neck’s killing me!!! If only we could perforate looking at the ceiling…if only there were an easier way to picot cut….

Anyway, let’s take a look at one of the demos yesterday. A lot of you were intrigued with the demo I did using the scrap pieces, so here’s a step-by-step.

Tape the die to the back of the card, and run it through your mangle of choice. Mine’s the Gemini.

We sell them. CLICK HERE to investigate

Remove the masking tape carefully,

then carefully lift off the positive paper cut, the piece you actually want. But leave the remnants, the scraps in the die. You may have to replace a few of them with tweezers, depending on static.

Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive tape to size, remove the wax paper on one side, and place it down on the die with the bits.

Use either embossing tools or an eraser pencil to burnish the back.

You can see here what the object of the exercise is….

Now for the magic. Gently peel off the die. If you see a piece is still in the die, then lower the card again and use your pokey tool through the release hole to push it into place.

Easy. It really is that simple.

Peel the back wax paper and attach the artwork to a piece of designer paper, or a canvas board. Whatever you fancy.  I have used a piece of Rainbow River Designer Card here.

Dust the front with a little talc. That will get rid of the tack, and the finished art is satin beautiful to touch. And smell!!

You could use gilding flakes or mica powder too. I just liked the transparency.

Hope you enjoyed that. Give it a go. I’ll show you another one later in the week. May even do a Youtube on it. This trick has certainly opened my Die-Art world!!! The dies are superb to work with – especially now we can salvage the waste every time!! With that in mind,  here’s the link to the double-sided adhesive sheets! CLICK HERE!

If you would like to investigate all our Fresh Cut Dies, CLICK HERE


Love & Hugs,



32 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Scraps – love it!!!

  1. Hello Barbara – love this technique. I love the way your brain works. As someone who is very familiar with die cutting it is nice to try something new. Your dies are great. Purchased every set released so far, just waiting on my new dies to arrive from your Sunday show. Have a great evening Barbara, a little relaxation called for I think. Lots of love Donna X

  2. Brilliant technique and one I will be having a go with soon. Thank you Barbara. So we’ve got another one day special next Sunday! So I am guessing I’d better get my plastic ready? I wonder what it is!!!!!!

  3. The demo of using the waste in this way was brilliant! You really do come up with some fantastic ways to get the most out of your stuff!
    Have a relaxing evening.
    love and hugs. XXxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the reminder of the demo. I had long wondered what to do with the waste as it seemed a pity to bin it. I hate wasting any scraps.
    There is an easier way to picot cut – it’s called a 2 split tool which cuts as you pierce. Not as clean and tidy as picot cutting but if you are in a hurry it works.
    I never wear make-up so when I was given a set of very soft brushes I relegated them to the talc and mica boxes. I’ve ordered another set of your brushes so I will now have one for each colour range.

  5. Gamechanger. Loved this demo so much. Die ordered, have the adhesive sheets and canvas already. Will have to save up for the designer papers but can’t wait to try this technique.

  6. Hi Barbara, can’t wait for my new dies to arrive.
    Another very effective way to use double sided adhesive sheets and the Art Nouveau dies.
    Cut out several different coloured sheets, one at a time, stick main outline onto adhesive sheet then infill spaces with different colours, keep each colour on die as you use, otherwise you end up try to do a jigsaw puzzle looking for pieces.x

  7. I will definitely try this. Thank you for the blog Barbara. Sorry your journey home was the long way round yesterday but , yes, there are some lovely villages to see.
    Good luck with the prepping. Have a restful night xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant idea – loved this when I saw it yesterday, but pleased you’ve blogged it as by the time I came to have a go I’d probably have forgotten what to do! Sorry to hear your neck is hurting you again. As Cherry says you could use the 2 split tool instead of picot cutting if you are in a hurry and no one is going to be looking that carefully! It isn’t as neat ,but quite useful. I’ve used mine by mistake a couple of times and it’s definitely quicker! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Well I woke up with a migraine this morning ( it must have been a reaction to spending more money lol!). Managed to catch it in time before it completely floored me, so only spent a couple of hours in bed with my little guardian angel watching over me ( Scamp not Dave!) bless her. She’s been my little shadow all day. Felt much better this afternoon thankfully. Looking forward to my goodies arrivingso I can play . Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

      1. Glad your migraine didn’t get full on Alison, you obviously caught it in time. Thought you’d need your cushions, I resisted for the time

  9. Thank you for blogging this technique Barbara. Looking forward to being able to try it out on those super dies. Hope your neck pain improves before you go on Hochanda next

  10. Can’t wait for mine to arrive, love this technique and will be giving it a try. Hmmmm, would the new groovi/fresh cut dies help with picot cutting I’m wondering???? Interesting and I will be watching the shows to see. Warm bath is needed for your neck. Hope the rest of your prep goes well. Xx

  11. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has been crafting. I’m excited to use my new dies when they arrive. Holiday was lovely and the hills and mountains are always beautiful. Xx

  12. Thanks for blogging this Barbara. Looking forward to try it.
    Currently say in A and E with Neill after a very fast ride in an ambulance with the blues & two’s.
    The trip to Spain is off. We should have been driving to the ferry now. He passed out in the garden and hit his head & may have broken a rib. Very painful for him. Love and hugs to you all xxx

    1. Oh my goodness, I hope he’s ok and not too badly hurt. What a disappointment having to cancel your holiday. Sending hugs to you both xxx

  13. Thanks for blogging this technique. I’ve used the ‘inlay’ technique (cut two in different colours, swap innies to get two cards), but this was new to me and I love it. Can’t wait to try it out. Hope your neck eases quickly. I swear by gentle, daily, neck, shoulder and spine rolls to keep me mobile.

  14. Enjoyed this on show yesterday defo going to try doing this when get my trees sounds lovely me you had a busy day. Night night joy

  15. I have some old scented talc from Avon. I don’t use it but loathe to throw it away as I love the smell! Now I know what I am going to use it for! I also have a little cog going in my brain, trying to think of a way I can add some cinnamon to talc to do the same thing with my Christmas cards. Can you imagine opening an envelope and smelling that gorgeous Christmassy scent – magical! Thank you for the inspiration Barb xxxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    I caught the tail end of this demo so was really pleased you blogged it too, it looks amazing. We’ve been away so it was a nice suprise to see you on tv. I hope you’ve managed some rest time today too.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. So sorry I have been unable to comment for a couple of days. I finally managed to watch Sunday’s shows last night and absolutely love the new dies. This technique, using the waste, is so good and will be useful for many dies. Thanks for all your hard work Barbara, it really is appreciated.
    A big week coming up for you and Clarity! It is my birthday on Friday, but many more than 25 candles on my cake!
    Have a good week in the lead up to the celebrations. Hugs Annette x

  18. What a beautiful way to use what would have been wasted. I’ve paper pieced waste before but using an adhesive sheet looks much quicker and I like The idea of getting two cards from one sheet of paper. Hope you get some heat and massage for your poor neck xxx

  19. Great idea and these are the perfect kind of die for this technique to work with. Just a thought re the burnishing… might it work by putting back thro’ the ‘mangle’ as if you were going to emboss? So after removing the die cut and applying your adhesive sheet to the waste, then add rubber mat and relevant plate combo, then run back thro’ machine. (Sorry can’t test my theory as not got these plates or any adhesive sheets at the mo!) If it works I’d love it if someone will let us know xx

  20. Absolutely loved this demo, one of my favourites, actually convinced me to get the dies when I saw you do this on the tv, so many possibilities to use different mediums. Now I need the other dies lol x

  21. Great demo .Just wanted to thank you for the fresh cut dies I love them all and have just bought the overlay stamps ,four mounts the stencils two paper pads love Indian summer so much my fave .Keep them coming Barbara .

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