Parchment Party – 25% Off Sale

Parchment Party – 25% Off Sale

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Can’t stop! Got something important to finish for the Hochanda TV show on Saturday.

– The Clarity 25th Anniversary Show.

Do you ever start something, and then – about 8 hours later – wish you hadn’t! However, now you’ve spent 8 hours on it, you HAVE to finish it!! But on an A to Z scale, you’re only on J ?????? Scheißenhausen !!! And nope. This is not a job which can be delegated. Had it been, it would have been. About 7 hours ago!

Ah well, it’ll be worth it…

In the meantime, we are ramping up the party. Knowing what I know about what’s coming up this weekend, I thought it might be smart to have a Parchment sale. Believe you me, you’ll be using more than before!!!

We have a superb collection of top quality coloured parchment, and it’s our 25th year in business, let’s take 25% off the price! Add your club discount, and you’ve got a baaaaarginn!

Shop Sale here

Gotta go. It’s still a few hour to Z for Zebedee.

Love & Hugs,



13 thoughts on “Parchment Party – 25% Off Sale

  1. Oh blimey ! And I thought I’d got enough ! Perhaps not! I know what you mean by wishing you hadn’t started …. Good luck x x

  2. Saw the offer on parchment whilst on the website but now I think I need to go back & order some more !! Have just put all the shows on to record so I can watch & refer back to them later as we have the granddaughters with us over the weekend. Hope you manage to get to Z before you feel zzzzzzz x

  3. Barbara you are amazing. You are always spoiling us with amazing offers and discounts. I dont know how you do it but i do appreciatte it. Thank you hx

  4. Thank you for giving us the heads up about the parchment sale. As I already have Tina’s floral and rosy doodle plates and borders I can splash out on the parchment.
    I’ve cleared the credit card in anticipation of a big spend in the ODS as I know you will come up with an absolute must have.
    Panic, worry and trying to rush only makes things worse, so take a few deep breaths, think calm, and you will get through the prep like the professional you are.

  5. Oo oo that’s a great offer! Will have to pop on over and have a peruse. Can’t wait to see the new things this weekend. Xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    That’s a fantastic offer, thank you very much. I’m going to pop over to the website in the morning once I’ve worked out which colours I need/want. Can I ask a very silly question? What is the difference between parchment and translucent paper – or am I being a bit thick?
    You are certainly wetting our appetite for the weekend aren’t you! Will watch Tina’s shows guilt free as I’ve already got those goodies thankfully. I think Dave is going to have a fit when all my parcels arrive from Hochanda and Clarity!! Hopefully he’ll be put when they arrive!
    Hope you get the rest finished quite quickly, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’ve all had a good day. Swimming and housework for me, but then made a little piece of parchment for a birthday card that I was quite pleased with. Hope everyone is gearing up for the weekend! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  7. What a generous offer Barbara. Unfortunately will have to catch Tina on rewind as I will be looking after the granddaughters. Still eating dust but progress is being made on the loft conversion – the doors are on. I hope you reached Z in good time and now you are zzzzzzz. xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a fantastic offer, I thought I’d stocked up a little while ago but I might need a little peek! There’s nothing worse than working to a deadline and wishing you hadn’t started something. Hopefully when you look at it again in the morning it will not seem so bad.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Like oking firward to seeing what the birthday of Claritystamp brings to tv this weekend love every moment of the journey with you all. Sure will get better hope after a sleep all will come together in what you have been doing not t sleeping as have a bad leg with uk era and reaction to a plastic sheet on bed as leg was leaky so know John st want to each my leg driving me made antihistamines just don’t seem to be killing the itch well going to try again as morning will soon be here and need to keep leg up but bit dies it each xxx

  10. Hello Barb, really looking forward to the anniversary shows. And such a great offer on the parchment, the colours are beautiful. Take care all. Bx

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