A Year ago today….

A Year ago today….

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Hot up here under the rafters!! We’ve closed all the blinds in a vain attempt to block out the heat. So I thought I’d look back to a year ago today and see what was going on on 3rd August 2017.

Blow me down!! Or blow the tree down in the storm!!!

Do you remember the old pear tree in our garden, which keeled over in the storm? Can you believe it was a whole year ago?? And can you believe that the weather was so bad it knocked a tree down?? What strange weather patterns we are experiencing nowadays….

And look today. The young rowan tree which Dave planted in its place is reaching for the sky, and soaking up the sun.

Paul and I are baking up here under the roof, but I’m really chuffed with what I have prepped for the Sunday 2-4 on Hochanda. And the One Day Special is going to be a blow-the-doors-off. I just know it. These dies are superb. They aren’t the Christmas ones yet; those are due into our warehouse in a fortnight or so. But the Fresh Cut Flowers we are serving up on Sunday are just delightful….

Who cares about the mess up here! There’ll be plenty of time to clean it when it cools down!

Ah yes. The winner of the German Tea Caption….. well, the one which tickled me pink was – as so many of you concurred with me and rightly guessed – No. 7 on the list: Schietwettertee. What tickle me even more was how many of you translated the other teas. But the winner this time is Donna Brooks, for her No. 7 Schietwettertee. Because she then went on to translate it as SH*TWATERTEA, when the word Wetter in German actually means weather. Sh*t weathertea, not sh*t watertea. ANyway, it curled me up. Little things….

So thank you to all who joined in, and well done to Donna. A £20 Gift Voucher is on its wat to you.

Love & Hugs,



24 thoughts on “A Year ago today….

  1. Well done, Donna. Enjoy spending that voucher. Barbara and Paul, I am looking forward to seeing you what you have lined up for this weekend. I suspect it is going to cost me serious money though. Is there any space on the naughty step, please? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Well done Donna. Really looking forward to the shows at the weekend. Your little Rowan tree is doing really well isn’t it. Think we may be in for a shocking winter!! 😱😱

  3. Lol well done Donna! Didn’t get to see the studio when the others did the other week, so I’m glad to see it now. Looking forward to the shows xxx

  4. Congratulations Donna. The translation tickled me too.
    Heard this weather is going to last until the end of August. Coolest place here is the loo off the utility room but I can’t sit there all day. Fans going everywhere but night time temperature hasn’t dropped below 28c indoors.
    Washing machine (newish) conked out last week, still waiting for the spare part to arrive, so doing it all by hand. I’d rather be crafting!!!
    Got my wish list ready for Sunday. Going to be an expensive weekend.

  5. Well done Donna! My little craft room looks quite tidy now I’ve seen yours, although there is some sorting of the pile of “works in progress” required which are down the side of my chair in the lounge!!!

  6. Congratulations Donna. I was amused that the literal translation of prickly pear is cactus coward (Kaktusfeigetee). It seems a little cooler today in the shed. Yesterday I had to resort to dragging the AC unit down from our bedroom. Might be worth a trip to B & Q if you can get one. I make sure it’s pointed away from my desk so nothing blows away lol. I’ve already programmed everything into the Sky+ box ready for Sunday and Monday, however as it’s my birthday in less than three weeks I’m hoping for a donation to my craft fund from the family.

  7. Congratulations Donna. I am sure you will have no trouble spending your prize. Lots of lovely new goodies to temp us. I am looking forward to the weekend shows. Fresh cut dies just make me want to craft.
    X Chris

  8. Oh wow! Thank you! That tea made me laugh too, and I wasn’t that far off either😂 I am looking forward to the shows on Sunday, the dies look amazing and will be a great addition to my overlay stamps. Hope the shows go well, fast sell out I’m sure so you and Paul might get to go home early. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Well done you, I’m so pleased for you! Couldn’t have picked a better winner. I know you’ll enjoy spending that voucher – now will it be the new dies or the new stamps?!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    2. Well done Donna enjoy spending your voucher, oh dear another order being placed, but what perfect timing with the new dies and stamps. Have fun choosing xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Well at least I guessed correctly but Donna is a deserving winner. Can’t believe that it’s a year since the pear tree fell down – how time flies by. The Rowan is doing well as well. Really looking forward to the shows this weekend and like Maggie, I know it’s going to cost me big style! Looking forward to seeing your demos too and of course Paul’s. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  10. Well done Donna. I am sure you will enjoy spending your prize as much as I did. It is such a lovely treat!
    Oh Barbara, you are testing my willpower again. I resisted Groovi for a year and a half, but as soon as I had a go at the NEC, I was in, hook, line and sinker. Now I am being tested again with these gorgeous dies. I already have so much stash BLE (beyond life expectancy, as someone recently described it perfectly!). I have spent my prize and have even had my birthday present and that isn’t until the end of the month. At the moment, my mantra is ‘I must resist’, but I don’t know how long I can hold out.
    Good luck with the shows, not that you need it, and I shall be watching of course. Hugs. AnnetteX

  11. Congratulations Donna. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble spending your prize. Mind you, there are so many lovely things to choose from, maybe it won’t be so easy 🙂
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday & Monday but my bank balance isn’t! x

  12. Well done Donna, happy spending. Gosh that year has gone quickly and yes, the weather is topsy turvy. The rowan tree looks healthy, a good replacement. I am looking forward to the shows but will probably only be able to watch on Sunday as I will have workmen here on Monday. It is good you are pleased with your prep Barbara. I am sure the shows will be a success. x

  13. I’m glad your prep for the shows has been going well Barbara, and am looking forward to watching. Congratulations to Donna too, and fancy it was a year ago you lost your beloved pear tree, though your replacement tree looks as though it is growing really well. x

  14. Congratulations Donna, that one made me laugh too.
    Barbara your rowan tree is looking lovely. I drove past a rowan tree the other day when I was out with my grandson and it was absolutely laden with berries. I told him the old tale about it foretelling a hard winter. He said what does that mean so I explained that it meant cold weather and maybe snow. He said that sounds like a good winter to me.
    Still waiting for a response from the orthopaedic vet so I guess it will be after the weekend now. They have had her on strong painkillers but are going to try to reduce them so I can maybe have her home and give her the ones you put on her food until they decide what the treatment will be. Xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Good heavens hasn’t that year flown by. The new tree is looking good though. I’m glad Donna won, her interpretation was very funny and quite close. My friend Barbara in Germany thought the sign was hilarious. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend, I hope you find a cool spot to work in.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barbara

    They time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and it is down to you that all these lovely people are enjoying themselves with all your wonderful Clarity products.
    Congratulations Donna, fancy winning a voucher just as all these new products are becoming available, enjoy spending it.
    I would just like to add a huge thank you to all your Clarity family. I placed an order on Tuesday at 23.58 and it arrived on Friday at 11.30 that’s just 59 1/2 hours later. Amazing , thank you to Anna who packed my order
    Love and hugs

  17. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you are all coping in this heat it just keeps coming.
    Love the rest of twas the night before Christmas , I have a few of these they would look brilliant in fresh cut dies !!!!!!!!! .
    Looking forward to the shows .
    Lynn xxx

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