Youtube Tuesday – Speed Crafting

Youtube Tuesday – Speed Crafting

Hi everyone, Paul here.

Taking over the blog again today, so thank you for joining me.

I hope you enjoyed last weeks episode of You Tube Tuesday – it was so much fun reading all your comments and trying to guess how many times I said the word “so”.

I said the word “so” 70 times! Wowser! 3 people guessed  correctly soooooooooo,  as a thank you for taking the time to watch and count, I will send you all a card I made using the beautiful Botanical Aperture Dies – Lillian May, Gayle and Susan White.

Please send me an email with your address

Today brings a new YouTube video at midday. You are in for a treat this week as we have not one, but two videos for you to enjoy as my dear friend Maria shows you how to create exquisite artwork in next to no time, with the ever so useful Gel Press Petites.

If you enjoyed what Maria did and would like to have a go, then we have put a selection of the products used in our Special Offers section on the website with 20% off plus if you are a Clarity Club Member, you get a further discount!

Alternatively, you can find all of the above offers in here.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

21 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – Speed Crafting

  1. Wonderful techniques using these little shaped gelli plates so thank you to Maria, and congratulations to the three ladies for guessing your ‘so’ repetitions Paul, I was three out unfortunately. x

  2. Fantastic videos Maria – I’ve all the ingredients needed so can have a go straightaway!!!!! Thankyou x

  3. Smashing videos Maria, really enjoyed quick and simple although there were quite a few techniques used. Have got the petite range and never used them so here goes. thank you

  4. Great to have these little videos, Maria – we bought a set of the litle gel-plates after seeing you playing with them at Happy Stampers last year and, as is often the case, when we got home we struggled to remember the techniques!

  5. Hi Paul
    I’m going to watch the videos tomorrow when I’ve got some time to myself, I think I’d be shot if I watched them in the middle of the football don’t you! Thank you for the great offers again. I hope Barbara is having a lovely time, I wonder if she managed to work out how to wash her hair!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      It would make easier watching than the football – I’ve got no nails left !!! Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  6. I’ve resorted to watching Maria as football is winding me up. Need some relaxation so made my first Groovi robin Christmas card.

  7. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for taking over from Barb again. I haven’t watched the videos yet, that’s tomorrow’s treat. Fantastic offers again. Well done to the lucky winners as well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Trying to stay calm at the moment which is never easy watching England play! We never make it easy do we, at the moment wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to penalties and we all know what happens then!!! Been another lovely day here today and actually had a trip into Durham today and managed a bit of walking around ( better not tell physio tomorrow as I’ll get into trouble again!) as I’m getting bored being stuck at home. Knee was a bit stiff afterwards but after putting ice on it’s ok. Hoping physio might say I can get in the pool after tomorrow – fingers crossed anyway. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  8. Think I might have to invest in some petite gel plates, will watch the videos again later as I am caught up in the football and must get back to the TV for extra time and hope England can score (and I don’t usually watch football!!) xx

    1. Well Mary, that was well worth a new set of nails, 1 Groovi Christmas card & a mooch at M&S preview sale wasn’t it. 🥅⚽🤗🎆🏆

  9. Thanks Paul for doing blog loved the videos Maria inspired to get bits out and have play in morning as late know. Hope all is going well for Dave and Barbara lots love Joy x

  10. Hello Paul, thanks for doing the blog post. Both videos from Maria are brilliant. I love working with my Gel Press petites, when I get time, there are so many ways to use them, and Maria has certainly given tons of inspiration. Great offers this week too. Take care all. Bx

  11. Loved the videos I have had the petites for ages and Maria’s videos have made me actually use them!!!!

  12. So, I can’t believe I missed this, and that I won a card! I’ve just emailed you. Love both YouTubes, and have all the bits to have a go myself – just need a little bit of time – let me know if you have any in the half price members sale!!

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