Technology Versus Barbara

Technology Versus Barbara

Hi there.

Greetings from a hotel room in Düsseldorf. Got here eventually. We have been debating whether tis better to drive or fly…

Do you prefer to sit at the airport? Or do you prefer to sit at leShuttle? Well, either way, trust me, sit you will! We opted for the Road-Route, the Sally Sat-Nav option. Yeah, well. We had a 50-50 chance, didn’t we? And who’s to say Gatwick would have been less of a farce.

Is it me? Or is the world being brought to a slow, grinding halt by our ever-increasing, ever more automated attempts at improving efficiency? Trying to have a pee in Belgium at a Service Plaza was almost as expensive and twice as complicated as getting a coffee out of the fully automatic coffee shop (half the machines had handwritten signs on them saying “Defecte”, which I’m guessing means no wurky). When did going to the loo and stopping for a coffee involve tickets and passwords?

Ja ja ja. But the sun ist shining and the city beckons, so we are going to investigate…..strap me in!!!

Anyway, this super-duper, state of the art Mac Book Pro has just decided to tell me my disk is full, and I can’t download any photos. Whatever.

I is here to do a job, and a job I is gonna do! And provided I can figure out how to use the invisible shower button in this very swanky hotel, (you know, the minimalistic sort, where you have to wave your arms around to get the lights to come on), I may even wash my hair!

You’ve got to laugh. All this technology, and I can’t even find the tap!


Love & Hugs



29 thoughts on “Technology Versus Barbara

  1. Hi Barbara… Glad you got there eventually!!! Technology is great….when it works! Or when it doesn’t make a simple operation overly complicated!
    Your blog made me giggle about not being able to find a tap….last weekend when we stayed in Hythe Colin and I took ages to work out how to empty the sink! Hahaha!
    Have a successful trip.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

    1. Had no problem with the sink, Jane, as I have the same plug arrangement on two sinks at home. xxx Maggie

      1. Took us a few attempts to work out which of the three switches had to be turnd to get the second of the two shower heads to work! Oh and how many times have I stood with my dry hands under a tap expecting water to automatically come out when someone tells me to turn this or lift that or wiggle my hands about a bit! Have fun Barbara. X

        1. My problem was working out how to switch some of the lights off so allow me to go to sleep. There were so many different lights all over the place in my suite. I think a university degree would have helped with that and the shower. Fun though when you are not in a hurry. xxx Maggie

  2. I have long been of the opinion that we all need to take a five year old round with us. The technology that defeats us adults is so easy for the littlies. In the meantime, I am sure you will totally wow them over there. If all else fails,show them a picture of that baby giraffe. xxx Maggie

  3. Oh dear, technology can be so annoying at times. the self service tills at the supermarket. I often argue with them and can be heard saying “It’s not unexpected, you just scanned it!” Hope you manage to get the water working! Have fun. Xx

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends, hot hot hot here! Hope everyone enjoyed the shows yesterday and today. Xx

  5. I love it when you are sat on the loo in the pub,doing whatever, and the blooming lights go out. What do you do, continue in the dark or venture out all deshabille and dance around until the light comes back on, the sensor is just inside the main door of the ladies, not the cubicles. Bet a man designed that system.

  6. You need an instruction manual, just to wash.. bring back taps that turn, etc if there’s a power cut, we are all doomed lol. Enjoy if poss. Xxxx😎🙏🍸🍸

  7. Aww don’t you have to love technology. Lol
    Hope you have a wonderfully successful meeting
    And find a bit of time to enjoy some sightseeing x

  8. We have a sally sat nave too haha well hope you got your shower. Modern technology sure is strange when comes to showers and baths etc all good fun when works or to laugh at later on. Hope rest of trip goes to plan xxx

  9. Thank you Barbara for cheering up my day. I wonder if, when all this technology breaks down, us old ‘uns will get the respect we deserve for coping well without it!!!
    Incidentally, TWO sellouts on Hochanda yesterday, great products devastating my bank ccount once again. Paul and Linda gave some great demo’s today, learned a few new tricks.
    Enjoy your stay and have a successful meeting.

  10. Aaah! Don’t mention technology. My nickname is Luddite Lil! Say no more🤪
    Glad you got there safely and I hope that it is a great success, as I am sure it will be.
    I loved all the shows this weekend and used the excuse that it was too hot to do anything else, to watch them. Actually, I have used that excuse to craft rather than do housework as well, although it really is too hot for me to do much, as I don’t handle it too well.
    Anyway, have a good week. Hugs Annette X

  11. Hi Barbara and Dave, glad you arrived at your destination in one piece. Know what you mean as Margaret says the young ones are great at tec things.
    Have been watching Linda today ,she is so good at explaining how to colour and get the fur to look brilliant on polar bears and penguins.
    Have enjoyed all the shows , they say you are never to old to learn.
    Hope all goes well with your meetings , have a good journey home.
    Lynn xx

  12. Hello Barbara – oh you have made me laugh. Its the same with me, technology and I do not go together. Maybe its an age thing. For example, my husband recently updated our television. The thing hates me – me and it do not get on. Gone are the days when you just switch on the tv. Now I have to boot it up, type in numbers to change channels, then it freezes, its like a bloomin computer. Technology is for the young, at 53 I think I am past it all. Anyway , glad you arrived safely, relax and enjoy your evening. Lots of love Donna X

    1. No hope for me then at 79 !
      Library now has a machine to issue books and returns, don’t like it, and it doesn’t like me either.

  13. Wow what a great Clarity weekend, hard to think of Christmas & snow when it is so hot outside & inside for that matter but still great to watch. Loved the demos, especially the fur technique by Linda.
    Hope you managed to sort the hotel technology out & didn’t end up with a cold shower or even worse it going off when you have your hair full of shampoo.
    Hope the rest of your trip is successful & mishap free. Your tale did make me giggle though, even my OH asked what I was laughing at !!!

  14. Technology is wonderful when it works. We try to use the KISS technique in our guest house. A shower that works when you turn the knob, proper taps, and light switches, and a key rather than a code. Works for us, and I still use a mixing bowl and wooden spoon that I had a university to make my shortbread and cakes!!!

  15. You needed a child to show you how it all worked, they can make you feel very inadequate. My grandkids delight in saying let me show you nan. Hope your trip goes well. xx

  16. Hello Barb, oh yeah technology, just makes you wonder who thinks up all these great “time” saving and efficient gadgets. Glad you got there safely, not sure I would have the perseverance to drive it though. Take care all. Bx

  17. Hi comments remind me of a trip to one of Londons theatre’s my son had just had a tecky refurb, well my friend and I went into the ladies and no light thinking I was very up to date with tecky things said we have to move around and wave our arms, allto no avail, as we came out I said to a lady the light doesn’t work oh she said and switched on the light switch which was just out side.XX

  18. Glad to know its not just me,techkie is definitely not my cup of tea,especially when you are typing and predictve text alters it.My great grandson tells me what to do and he is hope for me.Quil and parchment I think……

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