A project, a question -and more Blog Candy!

A project, a question -and more Blog Candy!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Busy bees here, in the run up to the retreats.

I had to laugh when I saw the number of comments on yesterday’s blog!!! 210???? As soon as there’s a £20 Gift Voucher – aka blog candy – BOOM!! Everybody shows up to the party!

In fact, I thought, how flattering it is to think that a £20 Claritystamp gift voucher is that desirable. So first, let’s pick a winner from yesterday, shall we? Drumroll……

Anne Aiken,

the arrow landed on your name. So well done!!

And the other 209? Well, be not disappointed! Let’s go again!

I made a project for today….

I used one of our lovely Fresh Cut dies, Queen Anne’s Lace in fact.

Laid down some bleeding tissue over the top, added a little water, and waited….

Peeled off the tissue – and was very pleased with the result. Think it merits more investigation, but for now, that’ll do.

Mounted it on a piece designer paper to make it pop.

So here’s the million Dollar question. Or should I say £20 question?

Can you name that paper? Can you identify which Designer Paper Pad it comes out of?

Is it Northern Lights? Is it Shenandoah? Is it Rainbow River? Or is it Indian Summer?

Leave a comment below, guess which book.

Get it right and go in the draw for a £20 gift voucher AND the correct Paper Pad.

Hey. If you enjoy these little flutters, then let’s have some fun! It will be interesting to see how many comment this time…

Love & Hugs,



94 thoughts on “A project, a question -and more Blog Candy!

  1. So pleased to have won. Thank you so very much. Not had a good day until I reached the highlight – The Blog.
    Cant wait for the retreat, it will be wonderful.

      1. Congratulations – enjoy spending on lovely goodies. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love Alison xx

  2. Had to laugh at the bleeding tissue… thought you meant it in a different way! OK, I think you have used the Shenandoah pad for the backing. Fingers crossed. Xx

  3. Well I am early to the party. I think it is probably Shenandoah but as I have won paper pads from you before if the arrow lands on me draw again and let someone else have the joy. I adore your designer papers I can always find a suitable one for a project. Looking forward to what you have in store for the retreats. xx

    1. Awwww, you’re a kind person Lynne, says ME *waving arms on the air* & shouting “Pick me, Pick me” 🙋
      I’ll say Shenandoah too……🙊

  4. Evening boggy friends, hope everyone is well. Still no rain poor garden, just off to see if I have any rocket lollies in the freezer! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Been a dull day here and much cooler. Bit of drizzle on and off but not enough to soak anything! Love and hugs Alison xxx

      1. Alison I’m going to come and stay with you if you are having rain, I’m starting to do rain dances and dream of rain falling! Mad isn’t it, we desperately need rain here. Xx

  5. I think it is Shenandoah, which I have in my hand right now, having just used a tiny corner to mount a parchlet. I hope you are taking a bit of a break before we all descend on you next week. xxx Maggie

    1. I am going to follow Lynne Bishop’s example and ask that if my name comes out of the hat, please redraw as I have had so much from you and Clarity, I would rather it went to someone new. xxx Maggie

  6. Oh how I wish I had your flair. You can do such clever things and I would definitely be calling it ‘bleeding tissue’ for the other reason if I tried it! Oh and sorry, I thought the Retreats were this week. The heat must be addling my brain. Although I got your wedding date wrong too!!
    I think the paper is Shenandoah and hope that I have one thing correct. 🤪

  7. Toss up between Shenandoah and Northern Lights, heads Shenandoah so that my guess x Do you sell bleeding tissue lol????

    1. You got me thinking about an old movie. Was it Carry on Doctor where he asks What’s the bleeding time?when referring to a procedure, that’s going to be in my ear all night now

  8. What a fab technique with the tissue – must try that! Please don’t include me in the draw – I’m pretty sure that the paper is the Shenandoah pad – but I’m not commenting because there’s a prize – just wanted to say I really love that technique. My comments rarely post on your blog although I have no idea why………. this one may or may not show up…. lol. *toddles off to find box of tissue paper……………………

  9. I’m going to have a go at the bleeding tissue. I think your design is mounted on paper from Rainbow River.
    Wish I had booked for the retreat, quite envious. May be next year!

  10. I’m just going upstairs to have a look ! Be back shortly! Never knew there was such a thing as bleeding tissue! Thought you were cross with it at first ! X

    1. Well, I thought at first it was the blue from Shenandoah, but it looks lighter than that on my screen so I’m going for the green in Rainbow River. Thanks for the competition though ! x

  11. I haven’t a clue (at least I’m honest lol) but as most people think it’s from Shenandoah I’ll go with that. I only have a few papers left the rest/replacements are on my wish list so fingers crossed. Have a lovely evening xx

  12. GReat bit of art for the ZB& B in Wales again.
    I also think it is Shenandoah paper and I think 215 people will comment for a chance to win.
    Good luck everyone. Xx

  13. Congratulations Ann on your win, what alovely way to end your day.
    I also think it’s Shenandoah paper, but if it isn’t it’s lovely anyway.
    Thanks for the chance to win again x

  14. Super art work, definitely one I’m going to try. I think it’s Shenandoah too. Good luck everyone. Xx

  15. I love your blogs, so many handy hints. I think the paper is Shenandoah. You seem to do things so effortlessly but they always look amazing.

  16. Hello Barbara – what have you done to me this evening. Narrowed the paper down to two. So here goes. I think the paper comes from the Rainbow River Pad. Been driving me mad but finally made a decision. Well done Anne on your win. Have a good evening everyone. Lots of love Donna X

  17. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you are all keeping well.
    I haven’t a clue, but your art work with these dies are wonderful. This card is spectacular, I have this die in a stencil and use it such a lot, you could do so much with all the dies you have just released looking forward to many more have just got to invest in a die cutting machine as my wrists are playing up lately.
    Good luck to all on the blog .
    Lynn xx

  18. Evening Barbara! Loved what you have done with that bleeding tissue! Lots of possibilities I think!
    I’m not sure which pad your backing is from even though I must look through them nearly every day!
    7 more sleeps to the retreats!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  19. Hi Barb, love the bleeding tissue technique. Had to laugh though, I also thought you were cross ‘cos something had gone pear shaped. As to the paper pad, I think it’s Rainbow River. Looks fab whichever one you chose.
    Love and hugs, Alison D x

  20. I love bleeding tissue, and never thought of using it on die cuts, so thanks for the idea! What a shame people only comment when there’s a chance to win something – I try to comment every day just so you know there is someone out there!!! I’ll have to guess on the paper pad, but I think the reverse side of Northern Lights x

  21. Hi Barbara

    After much deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that it could be the Indian Summer range of papers. But if I am really honest, I have no idea 😵😵
    Love your bleeding tissue paper art. Very “designer”
    Love & hugs

  22. I think it’s Rainbow River but I only have that and Northern Lights so I’m probably wrong. Never heard of bleeding tissue!
    Pesky baby seagull is back again tapping on my patio door. Blooming pest.
    Still hot here today but there’s a lovely sea breeze got up this evening and it’s right in our bedroom window – bliss! Might even have to pull the duvet up tonight. xx

    1. Just heard on the news that they’ve rescued another 4 boys from that cave in Thailand. Such a relief for their families. Such amazing and brave divers. Let’s hope they manage to save the others, reckon that football coach will be in trouble. I certainly couldn’t go in those caves, I had to turn back halfway into the great pyramid as I couldn’t hack the claustrophobia and the pressure of all those people. xx

  23. Congratulations Anne….spend wisely! Shenandoah paper pad. Have used the bleeding tissue…it’s very versatile. xx

  24. Well done Anne. There are lots of lovely things to choose from . Enjoy your prize.
    I think the background paper is from the Rainbow River collection . Good Luck everyone.

  25. Hi Barb,
    Well I’ve learned something today – never knew there was something called bleeding tissue! I thought you’d had a disaster and were swearing!!!! Love the outcome though. I think that the paper is from Rainbow River pad but could be wrong! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Just got in from a lovely Italian meal that my sister treated me to, bless her. Have to admit though that my knee is aching quite a bit from having to sit with it bent for most of the night. Gosh, it was stiff when I went to stand up. Hopefully though the bend will have increased and I might not get told off at physio on Wednesday! Hope you are all ok. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  26. Well I pondered, then I pondered some more. I think the paper is Northern Lights.
    Joining in with the comments is part of the fun.
    I am sure I have some tissue paper somewhere, this technique is worth a try.

  27. Congratulations Anne, enjoy choosing your prize. I think it’s Northern Lights, looks great though which ever it is x

  28. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely Barbara, the bleeding tissue technique looks good doesn’t it. You did make me laugh with the bleeding tissue though, I could hear you saying it. I haven’t had a play with tissue and water for ages but you’ve inspired me again. I think cheap tissue paper is better if memory serves me right as it bleeds more. I think it’s northern lights paper but I might be wrong, it’s lovely whatever it is. Thank you for the chance of another voucher Barbara, you are kind.
    Love Diane xxx

  29. Still not sure what the bleeding tissue is all about but I think the paper is from the lovely Rainbow river collection

  30. What a great idea to use the bleeding tissue to colour the beautiful die cut Barbara, and I think the paper you have used for the background is from the Rainbow River Pad. x

  31. Ooh I have been meaning to try the bleeding tissue technique so what a good day to visit your blog! It’s reminded me! Your artwork is awesome and after much deliberating, I think the paper if from Northern Lights. xxx

  32. Sixth design in Rainbow River (plainer side of paper) – like the ‘bleeding tissue’ idea and might just have to give it a try.
    Congratulations Anne, enjoy your prize!
    Usually try to comment each day but been MIA (secret ‘mission’ – nothing to do with Clarity ‘secret stuff’ tho – lol!) for a few days so have just been having a catch up with the daily postings and couldn’t resist trying with this xxx

  33. To be honest I’m not sure and it’s too early to go out to the shed and check it against my paper pads. Most people seem to think Shenandoah so I’ll go with the flow.

  34. Hello Barb, what a great idea to use the colour bleed tissue on a die cut. You do have some really inspiring ideas. The colour combo is good, and I think the backing paper is Rainbow River. Well done Anne, enjoy spending your voucher. Take care all. Bx

  35. I only have one pack of parchment papers so I choose
    Shenandoah. I can’t wait for the Christmas dies………

  36. Congratulations Anne. The tissue is a great idea. I think I might try it in the school holidays when my 7 year old granddaughter wants to “do” crafting! I’m a sucker for a competition, especially for anything Clarity so I’m going for Shenandoah.

  37. OK, you got me! A clever project, the ‘bleeding tissue’ technique is a new one for me.

    Now, this is a genuine guess, as I don’t have any of the designer paper pads! Plus, it was my instinct, based on the look of the paper. So I’m guessing – Northern Lights – and if I’m wrong I don’t mind in the slightest, and it was fun guessing.

    Thanks Barbara – you know how to keep us all entertained 🙂

  38. I love the names of the paper pads – my favourite is rainbow river, so I’ll opt for that.
    I love the way the colours on the main piece have come out. More please.
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie

  39. I think its rainbow river paper but then again it might be Northern lights love these blogs inspiration all the way xx

  40. First Congratulations to Ann for winning Sunday’s blog candy. Enjoy spending your prize.
    Now for Mondays challenge, like the technique of the bleeding tissue, as to the background paper I think it is from the Shenandoah pad. Looking at the back of the pad middle one on the 2nd row.

  41. Good afternoon all, what have I missed lol. We’ve been away to the beautiful Yorkshire dales for a long weekend and I cut myself off from all social media , it was lovely but I did miss your blog.

    Beautiful artwork, bought some bleeding tissue yonks ago so must dig it out for a play.
    I have all the paper pads but I’ll have to guess at Northern Lights.

    Congrats to Anne.


  42. Lovely and cool here today in Norfolk – got some jobs done at last without going into melt down!!!
    Don’t have any “bleedin’ tissue” but do have some “bleedin’ crepe paper” so may give this a try.
    Shenandoah seems to be a favourite choice so I’ll go with that.
    Did I hear Christmas dies mentioned? Can’t wait to see what they are.

  43. Not had the pleasure of the pads yet, so a win would be wonderful 🙂 I’m guessing Shanendoah.

  44. Good evening Barbara
    Your right about more people leaving comments when there is an insentive
    I read your blog every day but I don’t always comment
    I love the inspiration you share and the story’s you tell
    Hope your meeting went well x

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