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Wowser! Well, Barbara did it again yesterday and blew the doors off at QVC Germany! With the debut of all things Clarity – stamps, stencils and Groovi!

#BarbaraGrayRocks #Superstar #OneInAMillion #SimplyTheBest #PowerOfClarity #SmashedIt #DreamTeam

The lovely people of Germany embraced all things Clarity and the products flew out the door – Vielen Dank.

Hallo und Willkommen to all our new German friends.

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If you missed the show, you can watch some short videos via the QVC Germany Website HERE

You need to click on “Mittwoch” (1) and then scroll along to 17:00. Click on Claritystamp mit Barbara Gray (2). The products will then be shown, you then click on a product of your choice (3) and you will be shown a short video.


I was going to be naughty again today whilst Barbara and Dave are away, but I think Tina can easily fill those shoes and be put on the naughty step!

The super talented Tina Cox will be showcasing a set of 4 beautiful Christmas themed Groovi plates that she has designed. Although, when you study the plates, some of the elements can be used throughout the year.

Poinsettia Frame and Star Frame

Snowflake Frame and Holly Frame

Here is some inspiration from the super talented Design Team

Jane Telford

Glynis Whitehead

Josie Davidson

Louise Goldin

Amanda Williams

Linda Page

I hope you can tune in and watch Tina work her creative magic with some great hints, tips and demonstrations.

Tina will be live on Hochanda at 11am and 3pm

SKY 673 (24/7)      FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)           FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

21 thoughts on “Wunderbar!

  1. Well done Barbara! You really did take Clarity to Germany and they love you so much!!!!

    Paul you’re a star too! And I love how you pass the naughty baton onto Tina…. Really looking forward to watching her shows today. I wonder how long she’ll have stock for? Haha!
    Have a great day y’all! It’s going to be a warm one I think!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. So pleased it sll went well – was never really in doubt though was it?? What superb samples from the Design Team – just beautiful. Now Paul – Tina?? Naughty step?? Never!!! Xxx

  3. Brilliant result Barbara. I knew you would smash it. I hope you get time to wind down. I have recorded Tina’s shows. The plates are gorgeous.
    X Chris

  4. Hi Paul
    Thrilled to hear that Barbara’s shows went well in Germany. I think we all knew that she would do well, she’s such a pro!!!
    The team have smashed it again and produced more stunning cards.
    My friend Mary, very kindly bought me a £10 Claritystamp voucher for my birthday, so I will be doing some shopping a bit later.
    I missed Tina’s first show, but I will definitely be recording the next one xxxxx
    As for putting Tina on the naughty step, I’m not sure that’s very fair, unless of course, she has pinched all of your chocolate!!!

    Love & Hugs

  5. I have just got home, in time to watch Tina’s second show. I now have money to spend too, so I can treat myself to the new plates. Yippee!
    Barbara proved us all right again and did a smashing job on QVC. What a pro she is.
    Thanks again Paul, for holding the fort and keeping us all up to date. Hope you don’t all melt in the heat and that you all stay well. Annette X

  6. Well done Barb, not that I doubted you for a minute!
    Waiting patiently for Tina’s 3pm show, love her new plates and have added them to my shopping list for Leyburn! Just time to grab a glass of ice cold fizz (water…honestly!) before grabbing the remote, needless to say the recorder is already set. Safe journey home Barb and Dave xx

  7. There was never any doubt that Barbara would succeed in Germany. Didn’t manage to watch the show as I’m not very computer savvy and made a mess of trying!!

    Tina’s plates are lovely and the samples are superb as usual but the work and time spent in the creation by Louise is mind blowing.

    Picked up my special specs for close work today and it makes such a difference to grid work. No more eye strain, headaches or (hopefully) mistakes, and all for a very reasonable price. Worth every penny.

    My room is too hot (33.7c or 91.4f) so I’m going now to commune with a large bowl of ice cream to try to cool down .

  8. Hello Paul
    What beautiful samples from the design team yet again, they have such great ideas. Its lovely to see the poinsettia used as just a flower wreath which shows it can be used all year round. I haven’t seen Tina’s shows yet, just got home and need to lie in a darkened room for an hour to cool down, oh boy is it hot. Good to hear Barbara did so well and the products flew out the door, we knew they would. Hope they have a safe journey home. Try and keep cool Paul, you are doing a Stirling job not being too naughty.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Hope you’ve managed to cool down. Been very oppressive here today and now in middle of storm but still so hot! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Lovely Tina you did a great show yet again. And all the samples where fantastic. Well done Barbara. We all knew you would get a sell out. You always do. Enjoy now and safe journey home. Xxxx

  10. Barbara certainly cracked it. Design Team also with the beautiful cards. Been to work so must catch up with Tina’s programme. Again beautiful, creative work from the design team.
    Well done to everyone. Clarity is certainly the tops.

  11. Didn’t we just know it ! Well done Barbara et al !
    I’ve been at a groovi class today and thoroughly enjoyed it, we even had Tina on the TV ! X

  12. Completely forgot about Tina’s shows today. I had 2 grandchildren until 3.30 so by the time I gave them breakfast, did a bit of colouring and cutting out, made a picnic and took them to the playground in the park which is shaded by some big old trees the day was gone and I am zonked out in front of the TV! No energy left. Will try to catch up. The plates look amazing as are the design team’s samples xx

  13. Well done Barbara! As if there was ever any doubt!
    Was very strange to hear Barbara talking German. I’m afraid my o-level German let me down ( well, it was 44 years ago!) but I did understand the odd word, here and there, so there must be an odd grey cell still functioning somewhere. 🙂 x

  14. Well Tina did it to great shows demos design team did well what a week may be hot out side but wow clarity is hotter It’s hot hot hot itsrocking loving you all xxx

  15. Hi Paul,
    I can tell you that Barbara wasn´t able to finish a presentation because in the next minute it was sold out. So it was a bit hectic.
    Rolf xxx

  16. Well Barbara all I can say is wow! and I loved the card samples. I’ve only had time to view a few of the videos. well done

  17. Hi Paul,
    Well didn’t Barb do well! I’m so pleased. Tina did another brilliant couple of hours today and the plates are lovely and as for the DT samples- what can I say? Awesome! Hope everyone in the South and East are managing to escape the heat. Been very oppressive here today and hot . We have got a storm at the moment which is due to last all night – I wouldn’t mind if it made things cooler, but that doesn’t seem to be happening!! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  18. Hello Paul, and huge congratulations to Barbara, it is no doubt daunting, but Barbara is just so good, and of course being able to speak the language is a big bonus. Tina’s shows were fab, the plates are such beautiful designs, and the artwork from the DT is just gorgeous and inspiring. Take care all and stay cool. Bx

  19. Well Barbara, zehr gut!! As expected a total success, and Tina on in the UK today too. I haven’t had a chance to watch but am sure that it will be another success story. I love all the wonderful inspiration from the DT too. Thank you Paul for your input on here whilst Barbara is away too. x

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