Follow Up Friday – 3-Way Overlay Primrose

Follow Up Friday – 3-Way Overlay Primrose

Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by.

I don’t know about you, but the week has flown by!

This time last week we were in full flow of the last 2 days of the Annual Clarity Retreats.

One of my favourite projects was the Floral Friends 3-Way Overlay Stamps, as demonstrated by Barbara in this week’s YouTube Tuesday (see below)

In today’s Follow Up Friday video, Barbara shows another technique using the 3-Way Overlay Stamps

Okay, so it is time to take my position back on the naughty step.

Tina did a great job covering it yesterday with her brand new Christmas Frames on Hochanda yesterday.

If you missed the show you can watch on Rewind via the Hochanda website.

11am can be found HERE and 3pm HERE

The plates are available HERE

If you like the look of the 3-Way Floral Friends Overlay stamps, then I have added the original collection of the 3-Way Seed Head & Foliage Tiles to the Special Offers section!

So, if you are going to join me on the naughty step after adding them to your basket, make sure you bring an ice cream with you!

3-Way Overlay Stamps: Seed Head & Foliage Tiles

Or, if you’d prefer, get the entire bundle for £74.94, saving you £29.99

Seed Heads & Foliage + Stencil & Masks Bundle

Well that is enough naughtiness for today!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

18 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday – 3-Way Overlay Primrose

  1. I loved that project at the retreat (I loved them all actually) and tomorrow I get to play with the 3way overlay floral stamps again at Maria’s workshop!
    I think ice-cream may have melted before I got to you! In fact it would be melted just walking out the door…. Its hot here so I hate to think what it’s like down south!!!
    Have a good evening!
    Love and hugs xxx

    1. Hot! Hot! Hotter! here in mid Norfolk. Heard rumbles of thunder earlier but we seem to be in a corridor between the rains.

  2. Hi Paul, I would join you on the naughty step anytime if there was icecream on offer. Great offers on the bundles. Take care all. Bx

  3. Can’t join you on the naughty step Paul, I already have some of these stamps. I’m saving my pennies for the ODS next week.
    Got to go – the other half is serving strawberries and ice cream!!!

  4. Well, we had some rain, but all it did was make it more humid. That ice cream looks so tempting and who says your appetite diminishes in the heat? It just changes and you crave other things!
    I ordered the plates from Tina’s shows today, along with the blending tool and nibs, so I hope that it has cooled down by the time they arrive, or I won’t be able to play.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope the weather is kind, whatever sort you prefer. Annette X

  5. That ice-cream looks super tempting, but I’ve already had two scoops today! Another great YouTube too x

  6. Oh I’m melting! Haven’t done much for a few days except try to stay cool. That ice cream looks really good. Xx

    1. Evening bloggy friends when is summer ending? Need to gour somewhere cooler…The Arctic looks good. Xx

      1. Hi Donns,
        We are in the middle of a thunderstorm. About 10 minutes ago there was a lightening bolt that struck a tree in the field behind us followed by a Godalmighty clap of thunder! I swear the house shook ( or that could’ve been my imagination!!) The poor horses in the field were terrified! At least it’s gone a bit cooler though. Hope you get some respite from the heat soon. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Starting to rain here, very dark, and thunder about now, here in Suffolk. Its coming…….!
    love that Ice cream. Yum!

  8. Hi Paul,
    That ice cream looks delicious! It put my Magnum Classic to shame! I’m seriously tempted by the stamps but I also want Tina’s new plates and then there’s the ODS coming up shortly so I think my list for Leyburn is getting longer. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is safe and sound and managing to stay cool ( except poor Donna!) .Been so humid here today it was awful, but getting a bit of respite now – see my comment above. Don’t think there’s much chance of seeing the blood red moon here tonight or Mars either! The poor cat is hiding and not happy at all. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  9. The thunder roared, the lightening flashed and it teemed with rain. At last!!! When we were little we were told the thunder was Father Christmas getting his winter coal in. Well, from the sound of things he’s expecting an awful cold winter!!!
    Cheer up everyone, this heat can’t last forever.

  10. Received my sale order today,hope to have a play with the Fresh Cut dies over the weekend.
    Much cooler here in Cornwall today. Got my hair done this afternoon and then went grocery shopping. Wouldn’t you know as I came out of the shop the heavens opened. Managed to keep my brolly up but my feet and the back of my t-shirt were soaked, and I had left a load of towels on the line. Raining heavily again now , at least the garden will happy xx

  11. Wow, a 198 icecream (double 99, LOL) I am a groovi parcher, but would love more stamps, just cant afford everything, sadly

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