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So, Wembley & the Family Business Awards. Did we win? No. Not this year. But the awards did go to some very worthy contenders from all over the UK. And it was fun to spend the evening with this motley crew!!

Truth be told, we may not have taken home any awards, but there’s nothing motley about these guys! I had a real proud moment, sitting there with them.

There was a banker at our table (steady!) who asked whether we were all family members, and my immediate response was “Define Family”.

One of the highlights of the evening was listening to the young woman sitting at our table, who heads up the Alzheimers Charity. We all listened very intently as she explained what Alzheimers actually is, how it occurs and why it occurs.

Here is a Youtube which was played; it really hit home. So many of us know people who have been ravaged by this disease. It certainly opened my eyes, and put Alzheimers in perspective for me.

Yeah. Share the orange.

Today is a special day at Clarity actually …. many many of you are headed towards Crowborough today and during the whole of next week, to attend one of our annual celebrations of all things Clarity; The Retreats. If you are travelling from further afield, I wish you safe travels, and look forward to spending a couple of days in your company. We have a great arty session lined up for you.

Before I shoot off to set up for the retreats with the same motley crew who were all togged up at Wembley last night – we have a winner from yesterday’s Blog Candy….I asked you to pick which pic you preferred, 1,2 or 3.

So I scrolled, and the Magic Arrow landed on…..

PENNY – you picked No. 3 . Well Done. £20 Gift Voucher and a bar of Imperial leather on its way to you!!!

And yes – good old Imperial leather got the inky mits clean INSTANTLY!

Must go – said the Russian.

Love & Hugs,



35 thoughts on “Wembley

  1. I love being part of the larger Clarity family. Everyone is so supportive of each other. Have a fabulous time at the retreats meeting up with more of the family members.

  2. Such a shame you didn’t win but l’m pleased you all had a nice evening together. Really looking forward to the retreat. My friend and I are coming to Friday/Saturday. See you there. xx

  3. Hello Barbara

    Although I wouldn’t presume to call myself ‘friend’ in the true, close meaning of the word, I do feel part of a large, loving family. As with all families there are those you adore, those you love and those you are quite happy to only see at weddings and funerals, lol.

    Safe journey to everyone travelling this week and will see those of you staying at the Spa on Tuesday.


  4. Congratulations to Penny for winning yesterdays voucher & soap. Nice to know there is a simple answer to getting rid of inky fingers.
    You all looked great last night at the awards, sorry you didn’t win any but at least you got through to the final stage. I looked at the nominations & there were so many different family businesses that it must have been hard for the judges to decide.
    For those travelling to the retreats, safe journey & have a fantastic crafty few days.

  5. Sorry you did not win anything. You all look so smart and it must have been lovely to have some down time.

  6. Well who needs to win awards when we all know that you and your team are fantastic! Thankyou for all you do, your ideas, your fun, your honest opinions! Reading your blog everyday is super!x

  7. I would say that Clarity has the biggest family I have ever come across. Sorry you didn’t win this year but your day will come I am sure. Besides you are already huge winners in our eyes. Hope the retreats go really really well, so sad that I won’t be there this year, life got in the way big style. Hey ho. Just remember Barb – looong strokes, short strokes!!!!! Lol xxxxx

  8. WOW – I can’t believe I won the bar of Imperial Leather soap, I can’t wait to try it, watch out inky hands!!! Oh yes and of course the £20 voucher 🤣 My basket is full to over flowing at the moment, so that will really help towards my emptying it a bit. Thank you so very very much.

    Love the photos of your posh do in Wembley, you all looked amazing. You might not have won any awards there, but you win awards in our hearts every day 💖
    The Alzheimer’s video was a very inspiring watch, thank you for that to.

    Take care and have a great day.
    Love & Hugs

  9. You all looked great, sorry you didn’t win, but in my opinion you have the very best family and business anyone could wish for.
    We recently lost a family member to Alzheimers so the video struck home.
    Wish I could get to some of your events but it is too much for me at the moment. However I am enjoying youtube and trying to keep cool, fans on, feet up and lots of iced drinks.

  10. Hope you all had fun anyway! Well done to Penny on winning the soap too!! I think all forms of neurological diseases are quite devastating for those affected, and there is so little funding and research into finding a cure in the most part x

  11. Well done Penny. Sorry you didn’t win this time but it was great that Clarity were nominated and the event looks fantastic. Hope everyone has a brilliant time at the retreats

  12. Well, looks like a good ‘do’ Barbara and you might not have won an award but you are definitely winners in our eyes and the Clarity family make a great team! I think Imperial Leather will be a lot kinder to the hands than my kitchen cleaner with bleach remedy, and congratulations to Penny for winning. x

  13. Hello Barb and crew, looks like quite a shindig, and Barb good on you, define family indeed. Friends are the family we choose ourselves. And in my books you should have won awards, but well like you say, some heavy weight contenders. There’s always next year. Well done Penny, enjoy your voucher. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely evening, font you all look smart. What a shame you didn’t win this year, but as yah say so many worthy businesses about. My lovely Emma is hoping to go into research into Alzheimer’s when she graduates next year, such a worthy charity.
    Don’t work too hard setting up today and gave a fabulous week with your retreat friends.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. You all looked fantastic and deserved the award, but as always, you were gracious and found the positives. I haven’t watched the video yet, as too emotional for me, but I will when the time is right.
    Have a wonderful week at the retreats, as I know everyone will. Hugs Annette X

  16. Well done Penny. Shame you did not win Barbara and your family but reckon you are number one in a lot of peoples eyes. Looking forward to the retreat, always do. Just finished decorating this year’s cake that I am bringing. xx

  17. Looks like a good ‘do’, and you all look so smart. Awards are nice to receive but they aren’t everything; we (your customers/friends) know a good thing when we see it and need to look no further than Clarity which totally epitomises quality and superb friendly service. You and your team are ‘winners’ everyday!

    Quite envious of those attending this year’s retreats…have very happy memories (and was looking thro’ the photos yesterday) of our visit a couple of years back…would love to come again when circumstances allow. Safe journey everyone and prepare to have a ‘ball’! Xx

  18. Well done all at clarity despite not winning any awards – your winners in my eyes 👀My son yesterday did a sky dive for Alzheimer’s society raising nearly £800 – me mean while I was fretting in St Petersburg while he did his sky dive and England played for 3rd place!!! Xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that Clarity didn’t win but as others have said , you are winners to us! An exceptional company with service second to none. Have to say, you all scrubbed up very well and pleased the Imperial Leather worked. The video is very thought provoking. Altzheimer’s is a very cruel disease – my aunt suffered with this for 15 years and it was heartbreaking to see her deteriorate before our eyes . My Dad also showed signs of it but fortunately another dreadful disease took him before it really took hold of him. I would have hated to see him suffer like my aunt. Needless to say, I already support both of these charities in the hope that cures can be found. On a happier note, I hope that everyone attending the retreats have a fantastic time and I am really jealous. Safe journeys to you all. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Sending love and hugs to you all, short and sweet tonight Poldark calls, Alison xxxx

  20. Hi Barbara what a lovely photo of you and Dave, also a lovely photo of some of your Clarity Team.
    Well done Penny for winning the voucher and of course the bar of Imperial leather soap😀, my husband uses it all the time, if it gets ink of your hands I am surprised he has any skin left 😀.

    Mary x

  21. So sorry you didn’t win Barbara but pleased you had a good evening. You all looked very smart.
    Alzheimers is a cruel disease stealing the identity of loved ones.
    I hope all goes well tomorrow ad everybody manages to stay cool.

  22. Don’t you all look good,never mind about the award you’re a winner to all your Clarity customers.
    Well done Penny on your win, I spent a lovely time this morning spending my voucher (and a little bit more besides). I have ventured into the world of fresh cut dies and can’t wait to play xx

  23. Awwww never mind, next year might be your turn. You are already winners to us Clarity customers, you all look so smart in your award clothes. Xx

  24. Evening bloggy friends, when is this heat going away, I need rain and a bit if cool weather so I can get on with stuff. Never been a summer lover! Xx

  25. Hi Barb and all at clarity .
    You all looked really smart for the occasion sorry you didn’t win. Congratulations to Penny on your voucher and soap, I love the smell of imperial leather.
    Wish I was going to the retreat but live too far away.
    From Christine

  26. Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely congratulations messages.
    I promise to enjoy spending my voucher
    Love & Hugs

  27. The Clarity Family are winners and top of the tree and don’t need an award to prove it! So glad you all had a wonderful evening – a fab looking crew indeed! Enjoy the retreat, would love to go but health and finances won’t let me! Congratulations to Penny! xxx

  28. Very well done for getting nominated in the first place, you all looked very smart, loved your dress Barbara.
    Sadly one of my close work friends has just lost her Mum to Alzheimers, very sad indeed.

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