Ooops Betty ! It won’t come off!

Ooops Betty ! It won’t come off!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Can’t stop long. Got a bit of an issue…..

We’ve got a Black Tie event to go to in London this evening. Starts early, so we have to be at Wembley by 6pm. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…

Anyway, got up, washed my hair, shaved my legs, got my brand new best frock out, all laid out on the bed, ready to slip into. Very organised, even if I say so myself. Dave mentioned several times that his dress shirt needs ironing. Wonder if he’s found the ironing board yet….

Then thought I’d pop up here to blog quickly. And that’s where I had a brain fart. Clearly wasn’t using my loaf.


One thing you need to know about bleeding tissue: it bleeding stains like you know what!!!

The finished artwork?  Oh, hang on….

I started out wanting it this way round:

But then – Spot the landscape!

Or: Moody Sky!


But anyway, whatever !!! YOU tell ME!

Which do you like best? 1, 2 or 3? I’ll pick a random winner tomorrow and send you a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher – and a bar of Imperial Leather. Because I KNOW that will get ANY ink off! Well, it used to. I’d best go investigate now!!!


Love & Hugs,



126 thoughts on “Ooops Betty ! It won’t come off!

  1. You need a scrub it Barbara! Along with the soap and that’ll shift it!
    I like number 1 ….there are trees behind the flowers !
    Enjoy your evening and I will see you very soon.

    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Number 1 for me but then I have absolutely no imagination whatsoever and would probably think “why has Barbara stamped the flowers on their side?” Lol.
    Have a fabulous time tonight and I hope the ink does come off in time. If it doesn’t just don’t shake hands with anyone! Lol

  3. Ooooohhhh, Barbara….only you could get into such a pickle! I hope it scrubs off in time! 😊
    I think the Moody Sky is definitely the best version.

  4. Definitely No 1 for me. In addition to that Imperial Leather (bar soap, the liquid does not work, folks), you need one of those Scrubbies, a bit like a pumice stone(not the ink pad). That works a treat. Have a great time at your posh do, and see you very soon. xxx Maggie

    1. Just realised that No 1 is the portrait one. I was thinking there were only two choices. I was looking at what I now know is No 2, the landscape. So, my choice is definitely No 2 – the landscape design. xxx Maggie

  5. I like no. 3 I can see more of a landscape in that one but all of them are nice. Have a great evening

  6. Ooo er missus you could try lemon juice that’s good for getting stains out, I like no.3 the best I think, anyway good luck with the hands and have a fab time tonight xx

  7. I like number 2. Have a wonderful evening. Nice to have an opportunity to dress up once in a while. Hope your hands match your dress!! Counting down now to the retreat next Thursday. X

  8. Hello Barbara – Don’t know why but No 3 seems to be the one for me. I find lots of soap and a nail brush works well for inky fingers, although I always seem to get it everywhere. Have a lovely evening tonight, lots of love Donna X

  9. I like number 3! A Ranger Craft Scrubbie is the best for removing ink from fingers!! Have a wonderful evening!

  10. Oh god, hope you got the ink off, if not a pair of lacy gloves to go with the posh frock me thinks.
    No 1 for me Barbara.
    Have a good do x

  11. I prefer number 1, in the background on the right, I see a green person, wearing a rather dapper hat! maybe from Mars admiring the lovely artwork. I’m with the soap and a scrubbing brush, and if that fails, wear a pair of posh gloves. Have a lovely evening. xx

  12. Like then all! Soz – can’t choose. Jane introduced me to the Scrubbie too. Pete uses it as well for when he’s been (when is he not) doing stuff with rusty metal!

    Enjoy your ‘do’ tonight x

    Glynis xx

  13. I like number 2 – the landscape. Have a good time tonight, hope the blue comes off you could always wear gloves like the Queen!

  14. Hi Barbara,
    No:2 for me. It has more balance (in my eyes anyway!).
    Swarfega will get anything off your hands.
    Enjoy tonight.

  15. I like number 3 best. Try nail varnish remover on your hands, it works for me.
    Have a lovely evening x

  16. Number 2 landscape one, imperial leather soap bar if doesn’t work alcohol hand sanitizer is brilliant cleans glass mat etc wonderful stuff . Enjoy your evening. We are getting ready to travel tomorrow morning to spar hotel already for Monday xx

  17. If I had to pick a favourite it’d be number 3, a moody sky coming down onto a placid lake. But they are all beautiful. And as ever your blog is inspiring.

  18. I like them all but number 3 is my fave. Enjoy tonight Barbara. Cherry. I forgot about swarfega. Great stuff.

  19. No 1 for me – my OCD won’t allow the flowers to be growing any way but up!!! Nail varnish remover or alcohol hand gel might help get rid of the stains, but I’ve had to resort to sanding blocks before now in an emergency. Enjoy your posh frock event, and if there are awards to be had I hope you need a suitcase to ferry them home! x

  20. Got to be moody sky. Try cooking oil – it gets most things clean. (Got gloss paint on your clothes rub cooking oil into it. It breaks the paint down. )

  21. I like number 3 best.
    I’ve had to resort to the good old fashioned pumice stone for ink removal. Enjoy your evening.

  22. Hi Barbara and everyone, have a great evening tonight. It’s good to get dressed up makes you feel special now and again.
    No 3 is for me , sky and clouds look lovely , ok she has lost it I hear you say.
    Have a good one .
    Lynn xx

  23. No 2 I think! We bought some Imperial Leather – six bars on offer – this morning! Spent £101 in B&M this morning. Went in saying I don’t want anything we can look at home (we’re in Cornwall this weekend do took our friend shopping to stock her up in big bags of bird food- our car was packed!). I digress! Hope you have a lovely time tonight – we’re out for dinner but not a posh one ! Xx

  24. I like number 3 best. Hope you manage to get the ink off. I found bleach gets it off but is probably not the perfume to smell of tonight!! Hope you have a great time. xx

  25. I love them all Barb! Number 3 has the edge for me though.Cracked up laughing at the ‘inky paws gang’! Just don’t do any ‘high fives’ tonight and you’ll be fine!

  26. I like number 3 best if reminds me of our recent trip to the Ffords with icy water and stunning scenery. Have a great evening and I recently learned the top about Palmolive soap, should have known really as it was the only soap my mum would buy when we were children

  27. Ooh – number 3 pic – moody sky – love it. And try that sanitizing hand gel stuff for getting rid of inky fingers (well, the ink, not the fingers …. lol). Works a treat. Have a lovely evening. C xx

  28. Has to be number 2 for me I can definitely see a lovely landscape
    Hope you get the ink off and enjoy your evening
    Hugs 🤗

  29. Hope you get the ink off Barbara . Enjoy your evening. I like no 3 as I would add my favourite fly boy as well x

  30. No 1 for me but love them all. Good luck with the hands. Have a lovely evening. Paul looks very dapper.

  31. number 2 reminds me of going on holiday and just coming in to land in space ball rather than an aeroplane

  32. No 2, the landscape for me. The only trouble then is that the leaves on the circular stamp are facing the wrong way! Enjoy tonight. Too late really to say that bleach helps!

  33. Hope you managed to get your hands clean for your big night…….as for the pics, well, I’m afraid I can’t choose, they are all fab!!

  34. Hi Barbara,
    Defo Moody Sky for me – very dramatic.
    Hope you and Dave have a smashing night in that London!

  35. I like number 1. I bet it was a case of bleeding tissue this time! Good luck tonight. Have fun. Xx

  36. Evening bloggy friends, lots of great tennis over the last few days! Hope everyone is doing well in this heat. Xx

  37. I like number 3. It’s not very often that I can see much in these mop up papers, but in this one I can definitley see th sea in the bay on the righthand side and the trees in the middle, with the sea also coming across the bottom.
    I also use Imperial Leaather soap to help remove inky stains from my fingers.
    Enjoy your evening

  38. It has to be no.2 for me, as I love the look of a landscape.
    I had to laugh at the Imperial Leather reference. My husband, being a creature of habit (to the nth degree), has insisted on using that damned soap since we got married 47 years ago! They sold it in South Africa, so he didn’t even have to give it up for the 21 years we lived there. It leaves a scummy ring round the bath, which of course he doesn’t clean off himself, and he won’t switch to body wash, or anything modern! However, if it will remove ink from fingers, I might have to give it a go myself, but I will definitely not tell him!
    Have a wonderful evening at your posh do. (I hope Dave ironed his shirt!) 😂 Annette X

  39. Oopsy, fairy liquid usually does the trick for me lol. Have a lovely evening.
    I like no.2 the landscape, beautiful x

  40. It’s no.2 for me….I see it as an aerial view and as you come down to earth, the circular foliage represents an image through a microscope, inviting one to explore the wonders of our landscape. I am a bleach mixed with washing up liquid advocate for removing stains, but wear the stains with pride as it means you’ve been creating something wonderful!
    Enjoy your evening too.

  41. I quite like 2 or 3 depending on the word chain option to stamp on the white panel to balance the artwork.
    I love trips to London especially when it involves a posh frock. Last time was a trip to the Proms. Loved watching the first night last night….on TV …..
    Nearly as enjoyable.
    Have fun. xx

  42. think it’s got to be number 3 good luck with getting the stains off your hands and you could always wear gloves lol hope you have a great night Fran x

  43. Hallo Barbara, for me it is nummer two. A beautiful background, asymmetric, and bright.
    Have a nice evening.
    Groet vanuit Nederland.

  44. No 1 for me, like the appearance of trees in the background!

    Hope you got the inky fingers clean, p’raps that’s why in the old Hollywood films the ladies always wore evening gloves?

    Have a fab evening xx

  45. I think it’s number 1 for me, my mind can’t cope with seeing the flowers on their side.
    It’s a bit late now but I find scrubbing with olive oil and either sugar or salt helps with getting rid of stains. I use this after gardening. Leaves your hands nice and soft.
    Hope you are having a lovely evening.
    Just finished watering the pots and those of you that are into gardening will know how unusual this is, but I have two hellebores (Christmas roses) in flower. Mad world isn’t it xx

  46. I love # 3.gorgeous sky. I’m a nutter for landscapes. I live in NZ so dont know if you can buy “Gardners Soap” Its gently on the skin,but wonderful for removing any stains.
    start a new (OLD) fashion wear evening gloves!!!

  47. Hi Barbara

    I thought I was going mad!!!!
    On my iPad pictures 1 & 3 both looked the same. I even opened them up separately on new tabs and I switched between the two pictures trying to see what was different about them, and I could see nothing except that 3 looked a bit brighter, but I was pretty sure that there had to be more to it than that.

    So in the end I text my friend Mary and ask her what she could see. Now, on her iPad she had the same pictures as me, but on her iPhone she had 3 different pictures, so she told me to try looking on my phone – well my phone is no “iPhone”!!! So about 20 minutes (which felt like an hour) later I managed to get on to your blog and finally found the three images that you had asked us to choose from!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Just goes to show, that I wasn’t going crazy 😝 😜 after all. But I couldn’t understand why no one else seemed to be having this problem?? Anyway, Now, to make a choice Mmmmmmm!! I think number 3

    I do hope you & Dave have a wonderful evening, and if Dave has managed to find the ironing board, do you think he could let my husband know where it is!!! As for you and your mucky hands, I really think you should invest in some elegant long evening gloves, you never know when the Imperial Leather might not work.

    Love & Hugs

    1. Hello Penny,
      Congratulations! You have won the Blog Candy.
      Would you please call me on 01732 868215. I need your full details including your email address so I can send you the £20 evoucher and the Imperial Leather bar. Kind regards,
      Claritystamp Ltd

  48. At it again Barbara, if the stains don’t come off they were honestly earned. Have a wonderful evening. I am sure Dave managed to iron his shirt, he is very resourceful. No 3 for me, it just seems to flow better. xx

  49. Hope you had a great evening and that the ink came off your fingers.
    I have to say that no.1 was my favourite.


  50. Hi love these little rounds. I bought them last week think number 3 is best. Hope you enjoyed your night .

  51. I think No. 3 Barbara with the image on the left because to me the background looks like sky and distant trees and then water below and the leaves seem to be over the water. When my fingers get ink stained I use a kitchen cleaner with bleach. Just a very little rubbed in for a minute or so and rinsed very thoroughly, and then using plenty of soap to remove the residue and the bleachy smell…works a treat. I don’t suffer with sensitive skin so probably not the best if you do, although this cleaner is not as strong as actual bleach. I know this info is too late for this evening but hope you are having/have had a good time at the posh do and you could always have revived the fashion for elegant gloves…lol. x

  52. number 3 for me because it gives prominence to the lovely stamp and a nice blank space for an appropriate sentiment

  53. Hi Barbara, I love the landscape one, so number 2 for me. Have a wonderful evening to you all and you deserve to do well xxx 😀

  54. No. 3 for me please…in the depths of the yellow clouds
    I see a terrier dog with dark ears and near the bottom
    a dark green duck in flight just two ‘added pictures’
    Hope you have a great night in London
    Love A x

  55. I prefer number2. Can I suggest a weak solution of bleach and water, I’m always having to do it for my grubby hands after I have been pushing in my chair in a muddy place. My hands are always grubby though. 😂

  56. I like 2 but I see a lake and green plants growing in the lake and the floral panel is a little water Lily esc.
    Anyway which ever way round looks fab.
    I hope you got the bleeding stain of lol!
    It’s always the way when I have any event to attend I find a way to ensure I have workers hands as my dear Dad calls them. Last week was the in-laws to be garden party. I helped get the garden ready with last minute planting of new plants and so no amount is scrubbingbseemed to get all the dirt from under my nails !!!
    Have a fab night xx

  57. Hi Barb,
    I like all three, but if I had to choose I would opt for number 3 I think. I hope your posh do has gone well and that you managed to get the ink off your fingers. My Dad used to swear by Swarfega ( don’t know if you can still get it) and it used to get rid of oily, greasy stains off his hands. Grime Boss wipes work well on paints and inks I’ve found. Anyway , hope you’ve had a good time and you have a safe journey home. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  58. Its no 1 for me there is a person on the right wearing a hat and long scarf! Are those topiary rabbits too?

  59. Oh you mucky pup! 😂 I hope the imperial leather worked for you!

    It has to be no. 2 for me with the fabulous landscape xx

  60. I hope you managed to clean up your oops moment before you ironed Dave’s shirt! no one has suggested head and shoulders, it removes most stains
    (my choice is number three)

  61. Well I’d go for number 1. First instinct is often the best I find. Sooooo looking forward to the retreat on Friday and Saturday. High point of my year nowadays 🙂

  62. Hello Barbara

    I hope you got your hands clean and you all had a successful and enjoyable evening.

    Difficult to choose between them but I think number 2 had the edge. I definitely prefer the landscapes.


  63. There must be something wrong with my eyes because I still can’t see the difference between 1 and 3!! Anyway I prefer the portrait one to the landscape one so I’m going for number 1. Hope you had a good night.

    1. Hi Ann,
      On my IPad 1 & 3 are the same, but on my phone they are different – the white space is at the bottom in number 3!

  64. Hi Barbara
    I hope you and Dave had a lovely evening and your hands were clean. I remember you putting imperial leather soap in the loos at the venue where you held a workshop many years ago and telling us of it’s magical properties. It’s a soap I’ve always used at home, so I do agree, it gets most things off your hands. Anyway, I like them all but I think no 2 is the best one for me.
    Love Diane xxx

  65. No 1 I think ,hope you had a great time x
    I think maybe my hands could possibly be covered on Monday see you then 😲xx

  66. Hi Barbara and Dave I do hope you had a wonderful evening😀.
    I am so pleased that some other ladies had the same problem as Penny and I , so as we had a little laugh about it I have decided to go for No 3

    Mary x

  67. Hello Barb, A bit late, but I like #3. Hope the Imperial leather worked and Dave found the Ironing board. Bx

  68. Imperial Leather, oh that takes me back , I am now 72. My nan always used it and her skin was beautiful. As a child whenever I used her soap I would have to remember to place it back on the soap dish with the silver paper disk underneath the tablet. This was to stop the soap getting soft in the wet dish. Woe betide you if you forgot!!

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