Safari last Sunday – Snowy Antics this Sunday!

Safari last Sunday – Snowy Antics this Sunday!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

How time flies, eh? This time last week, our wedding was in full flow! In fact, we were getting set for the safari, which was pretty special. I know. Sounds like a rather weird wedding. But it was actually epic! I shall never forget trundling through the wildlife park with all our friends and family in my wedding dress, with Mum and Dad in the truck in front! As I say, weird and wonderful.

And didn’t Josie’s Christmas tree Template fly out the door just now ?!?!? So did the other templates actually! Well done Paul! You really are the man for that construction work! Sold out within 20 minutes. That’s impressive. I did call my brother Steve about 15 minutes in, to see whether we could add stock, and he said that he was on nights anyway, and to be honest we could if I really wanted to, but that it would just knock production back in other areas, like the One Day Special later. So I held back. You just end up scrambling. It never stops….

Next stop,  Santa’s Grotto! Our Linda is set to blow the doors off at HOCHANDA again at 6pm tonight! We know these new Christmas Characters will be popular; those little penguins certainly hit the spot, don’t they! And I love how the snowman elements can mix and match to make goodness knows how many funky little characters. I reckon this set will be a big Christmas hit with the kids too, don’t you? Josie Davidson’s grandchildren certainly embraced them! Check out this artwork!

Emilia Davidson

Cailen Davidson

Ahh… and here’s Nan too…

Josie Davidson

Here is the bundle with the penguins, seals and polar bears too.

And here they are split into two sets….

Anyway, I have to cracker on, but here are a few super samples from the Groovi team.

Chris Walker

Glynis Whitehead

Jane Telford

Maggie Byford

Headed for Germany tomorrow, for a meeting with QVC Deutschland. The show is imminent (July 25th – 5pm)

and we have to make sure everything is in place…

Just for the record, it’s even hotter in the Fatherland than it is in England. Schvetty!!!

Love & Hugs,



34 thoughts on “Safari last Sunday – Snowy Antics this Sunday!

        1. oh yes, and Tina’s wonderful Christmas designs as well if it were at all possible – pretty please 🙂

      1. Ooh yes please, stamps would be lovely! I shall definitely be having a go at the Groovi penguins, but I don’t expect to reach Linda’s standard; stamping them would, I think, be a little easier!

    1. Do you really need to ask that question, Barbara? You already know the answer. YES!!! PLEASE!!! xxx Maggie

      1. I would love these as stamps as well I’m afraid groovi hasn’t converted ancient old me.

  1. Well, I just looked at the pics and thought I must ask, pretty please for stamps, great minds and all that jazz….my hand is firmly raised, will make getting the tea ready difficult but needs must. Oh the safari sounds wonderful, hope we can see some pics when you get a moment, what am I saying… you never get a free moment. Enjoy Germany.

  2. Sold out in 20 minutes. Amazing but not surprising. Love the artwork using the Christmas characters – especially the polar bear.

  3. I looked at “chillin out” by Glynis and that bear looks like I feel – shattered – it’s 88f in here – wish we could be as cool!!! Yes I would buy the stamps if you make them.
    Have a safe trip to Germany, I’m sure you will come back with lots of new ideas.

  4. looking forward to these plates, they are so different, although I am not a great stamper, I would love to have these as stamps, I love all the samples but Glynis Whiteheads is my favourite, if it all right would love to copy this, not exactly but the gist, safe journey tomorrow.

  5. Evening Barbara! I hope you’re enjoying this weather…. It’s been extremely hot here! I can’t sit out in the really hot sun but it’s nice to feel the warmth when we go out!
    Josie’s tree plate did brilliantly and Linda’s plates look as though they are going to do just as well! Wow! I’m not surprised… They are so cute and yes please if we can have stamps!
    Safe journey to Germany…. All very exciting times ahead I’m sure!
    Love you loads! Xxxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I’ve just realised I’ve not checked the blog for a couple of days, I keep nodding off in the evenings and then forget to look! Whoops, sorry. Loved Paul’s shows today, I must get the Christmas tree from you at some stage, it’s brilliant isn’t it. Love these plates too, are t they cute. Fabulous design team samples, such brilliant inspiration. I must let my friend Barbara know you are on German tv, she will be so happy, she finds it a real struggle to buy decent craft stuff over there and usually waits until she comes back to the uk. Enjoy your evening, gosh that week has flown by hasn’t it.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Yes please to stamps thought they were going to be like the family of owls 🦉 are fantastic so cute. Was quick today can only make and do some much and if people want them sure you will have more in time . Happy one week anniversary sound wonderful a safari ride part of 👰🏻 wedding party looks an amazing place xxx

  8. Hello Barbara – loved everything groovi today, and yes, would love stamps, but I’m going to add one more, please could you do them with the fresh cut dies, I’m hooked on these dies, would like all groovi plates as dies. Sorry Barbara, I know this would be so much work, but I’ve had a lovely day and feeling quite cheeky – too much wine I think. Anyway have a safe trip to Germany, lots of love Donna X

  9. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you all are enjoying the lovely weather.
    Well watched Paul’s shows today , loved the Christmas tree such a great idea.
    Linda’s first show a sell out , brilliant your poor brother on nights for the foreseeable future.
    I know I do not have die cutting machine, but working on it. Could we have some dies from Tina ‘s last Christmas shows they would be brilliant , would buy them and keep until I have my machine .
    Have a good trip to Germany next week.
    Lynn xx

  10. Fab shows from Paul this afternoon and think a tree plate will be on my list for Leyburn (tickets pinned on notice board in readiness!) Placed my order for the ODS around ten minutes into launch show, oh boy am I glad I did! Had just begun to think what to do for Christmas cards this year…problem now solved! Looking forward to the rest of Linda’s shows tomorrow. Have a good trip to Germany. Xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Wow! Well these plates didn’t last long today did they?! Two different shows and two sell outs! Well done is all I can say. I put my orders in to Clarity straight away. I feel for poor Steve though – is he ever going to get a rest? The Christmas Tree is so lovely and Linda’s plates are just so cute. I think my Christmas cards are all sorted now with these and Tina’s . I could see me using dies more than stamps ( this year!) hint hint! Have a safe journey to Germany and I hope everything goes well. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  12. Brilliant new plates, the trees are gorgeous a must have for me, the cute characters too especially the penguins and seals. What with Tinas new plates and the members sale think we may all be on beans on toast for a while. Stamps would be great too but maybe next year for me. Great shows and Design Team cards and trees fabulous, safe journey and return from Germany Barb, enjoy your

  13. Hi bloggy friends, haven’t we been spoiled with all the new plates. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I cant believe how this weather is lasting, hope you are making the most of it. xxx

  14. I’m not surprised they all sold out so quickly today Barbara. I must admit I didn’t get a chance to look but will be catching up. I think the images would be great as stamps too. x

  15. Sorry, Steve! I ended up buying a second set of Linda’s designs to send to my little granddaughters. Hope you get to see daylight occasionally. Seriously, great shows from Paul and Linda and loved that tree from Josie. xxx Maggie

  16. Hello Barb, Paul did a fab job and so did Linda, what brilliant plates. The samples shown here are just awesome. I reckon Steve needs an apprentice to keep up with demand. Take care all. Bx

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