What’s just around the Corner now?

What’s just around the Corner now?

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

What a glorious day it is here! The wind chimes are tinkling away in the trees, the woodpecker is pecking away at the old Scots pine in the far corner of the garden and I am sat up here in my little art studio with the door open. Bliss.

Now if the cars could just go round the other way, and air traffic control could redirect the planes, and the neighbour – aka PITA –  could stop crashing around in his garden, and the builders across the way could get the tarmac done and dusted, but that’s life darn sarf. Loud and busy.

Tomorrow, Paul is kindly stepping in for me on TV between 2pm and 4pm. He is going to show you how to use this fabulous new Groovi Christmas Tree template, which our talented Josie Davidson designed.

Just look at some of the lovely designs!

Josie Davidson herself…

Sheila Bradley

Jane Telford

Glynis Whitehead

Chris Walker

Linda Page

Also on the show, Paul will be constructing




Paul’s very good at paper engineering, so that is set to be a very informative show. These 3-D elements are very trendy this year. The shops are full of them!

And then at 6pm Linda Williams is launching a collection of the loveliest, cutest build-a-snowman, penguins and polar bears you have ever seen.

Honestly, her work is breathtaking. She showed me the samples she plans to do over the course of the 5 hours One Day Special, and I suggested that she present a little gallery of all the pieces right at the outset. For 2 reasons: firstly, I think you need to see what the designer of the plates has created with the plates; and secondly, because I have a feeling they will sell out fast. So you may not even get to see the wonderful artwork later on!

I do hope you can tune in to cheer and watch Paul and Linda tomorrow.

  • SKY 673 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Anyway, more of that tomorrow. This time last week, we had checked into our Tree Houses at Port Lympne, and were feeding the giraffes. What a whirlwind life this is….

Rolling on.

Love & Hugs,



14 thoughts on “What’s just around the Corner now?

  1. No pressure on Paul then ! I only noticed this week a part of my last year’s star was on the floor – out with the glue again ! I have a feeling a cat might have tried some crafting in my little room! Love the tree, I’m a bit of a sucker for them and baubles at Christmas! My husband is moaning at the Christmas crafting on tv but you have to start early don’t you?! Where is the time going ?! Loved those giraffes. I’ve just done all my ironing in front of the fan at the cool end of the house. Good luck in Germany, not that you need it. Xx

  2. This time last week, I was frantically trying to decide what we’re the absolute essentials to throw into my suitcase for a one night stay down in Kent, and what would be easiest for climbing into a safari wagon. What a fabulous time you gave us! Meanwhile, the DVD is set for this weekend’s shows. I especially need to see the demo of that star. By the way, congratulations to the Clarity team for getting so many parcels out this week, and the monthly Happy Envelopes too. The stamp, in particular, made me smile, as it fitted so well with your little treats. When I use it, I will always remember last weekend. xxx Maggie

  3. The time certainly does fly by doesn’t it? Still many happy memories to keep the day alive I’m sure. I have seen so many beautiful photographs of your goodselves and your gorgeous family and friends I think it safe to say everyone, without exception had a simply fantastic weekend. I love my club goodies and can’t wait to use them. I am sure Paul will rock the ODS but I do think I may need to win the lottery very very soon. 😂😂 xxxx

  4. Loving the trees look great the y all sound brilliant think whole day may be sell out. Have just been setting record so what ever happens will see all shows it’s getting hotter not a fan of it so hot. Safe traveling paul and Linda xxx

  5. Well at least you can sit in your little studio safely, we feel under attack in our garden from footballs flying over the fence from next door. We did have a pleasant word earlier in the week but back to normal today. Never mind will just get some tin hats or use the colandar Will watch tomorrow, it all looks amazing. I will probably wait til retreat to buy though. xx

  6. Hi Barbara and everyone, I am sure we are all looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
    Loving the Christmas tree , I may have to have this one to try out . Need to order one of Time’s plates as they were all beautiful just have to choose one as I am still thinking of investing in a small Gemini but need to get more information from a friend who has one with regard to what it can do.
    Hope you have all had a good day , don’t forget to get the cushions out for tomorrow.
    Lynn xxx

  7. Wow oh wow! They are superb! Glad you enjoyed feeding the giraffes! The wind has got up here, so it’s much cooler, thank goodness!

  8. Looking forward to the shows. Beautiful samples. Club goodies came today, all brilliant, thank you. xx

  9. We made one of these trees at my friend’s Pergamano classes a few years ago. Beautiful but SO much hard work, I always wanted to make another but was put off by how long it took to make the first one. Then along came Groovi and hurray! a plate for the tree!!! Definitely got to have this one, THANK YOU Barbara. xxx

  10. Port Lympne sounds amazing, I haven’t heard of it before so I think I will have to google it. My club goodies arrived today, love them both but especially the Groovi. Lovely chatty newsletter as well, I always enjoy reading it. Very hot here today also but much quieter in our neck of the woods. xx

  11. Looking forward to seeing Paul on tv tomorrow, sounds like he will have a busy time, but probably there will be sell outs very quickly. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Doesn’t time fly! Can’t believe it’s time for another ODS already! Loving the Christmas Tree template, they are gorgeous made up. Also looking forward to seeing Linda’s new plates. I can definitely feel abuy coming on!! Going out for lunch today so the record has been set. Received my happy post yesterday and thank you for doing my favourite stencil into Groovi. I love all three and can see them being used a lot. Thank you and sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Wow Barb, what beautiful samples, these designs are sure to be yet another sellout. Will try catch the shows live, if not they are recording, Take care all. Bx

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