Roll Up! Roll Up!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

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It would seem that lots of us have had some rain over the past 24 hours which has helped to bring the temperature down a bit and given the gardens a much needed watering. Despite the rain and the strong breeze down here in Kent, the temperature is still 26 degrees.

Apart from our usual TV shows coming up next month, the next big event on the Clarity Calendar is the Leyburn Open Day on Saturday 8th September.

Are you coming? It is sure to be a day full of great demonstrations, fun and lots of laughter!

Check out this video taken at our recent Crowborough Open Days in June.

Click HERE for more information and to purchase your tickets.

This year, we have added an extra event to our Leyburn visit. On Sunday 9th September, Barbara Gray, Linda Williams and myself will be doing an all day Groovi/Parchment Workshop. The cost of this event is £100 (Club Discounts apply) and includes tea and coffee throughout the day together with a sandwich lunch.

Spaces are limited and filling up fast.

For more information or to book a place, then give Jeannine a call on Monday morning (01732 868215).

It would appear that the naughty step was quite busy yesterday with lots of ice cream being devoured (and lots of stamps being added to baskets!)

So for today’s naughtiness, let’s talk about my very dear friend Jayne Nestorenko

For those of you who knew Jayne, will know that she could be very naughty at times. (I could tell a tale or two!) So I know that she will be giggling away, up above.

Jayne was a very talented artist and over the years created some beautiful designs (some of which we have already turned into Groovi & Stamps). Before Jayne became too poorly, she launched her own range of stamps which she sold on TV and at various shows. During her conversations with Barbara, Jayne mentioned that she had quite a bit of unsold stock and without any hesitation, Barbara said she would buy it.

So from today until the 31st July I have added Jayne’s stamps to the Special Offers section of the website HERE

(Some of the designs are limited in stock)

Here is a selection of finished artwork created by Jayne and her amazing design team……..


So, I hope you can join me on today’s naughty step!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

17 thoughts on “Roll Up! Roll Up!

  1. I’m hoping it will be a case of third time lucky next year for Leyburn. Last year I couldn’t make it and this year I am already committed to another event. I’d love to make it, but I don’t break commitments! Have a fabulous time everyone. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Oh Paul you bought a tear to my eye as that photo is lovely … Jayne was a beautiful lady inside and out and it was her that got me into stamping at the start. She was such a talented lady and I loved her art work.
    Thanks for sharing the photo and for remembering such a special lady xxx

  3. Jayne’s mandala wood block stamps were one of my first purchases. I loved watching her demo’s, and still remember the absolute biggest laugh out loud demo she did with Loen (who is definitely not a crafter) over on another craft channel, colouring a golfer stamp image. It was hilarious, and Jayne’s character shone through. I also have to say, Barbara’s shrink plastic demo with Dean Wilson was a close second !

  4. Thank you Paul for giving us a chance to buy Jane’s stamps. I already have many of her stamps but some of these I have not seen before so I will be ordering later today.
    We have had horrendous thunderstorms in the last 24 hours but it is still hot and humid this afternoon. Hope it will cool down for tomorrow so we get some respite before the next heatwave arrives.

  5. Lots of white fluffy clouds out the today swirling and moving around in the wind temperatures here down to 23. You encourage us all to stay on the naughty step hehe we don’t need much encouragement there have a good weekend xxx

  6. I have Jaynes flower stamps and her Christmas stamps too. They are so beautifully done it makes it so easy to craft with them. Have a lovely weekend. XX

  7. Afternoon bloggy friends, Yay it rained here a little bit yesterday and a lot this morning. Much fresher today. Actually feel like doing things today. XX

  8. Well today is the first one in a while that the Magnums have stayed in the freezer. My plants have suffered in the wind though, and I have had a few drenchings, rescuing pots and even the garden waste bin, which have blown over. However, I am not complaining, as it has been pleasantly cool.
    It was great to see the artwork and stamps from the lovely Jayne. Although I am not a stamper, I always admired her work and do have some of her designs in Groovi, the agapanthus being a particular favourite. The stamps above are such beautiful pieces of art and will give delight for many years to come, as they are timeless. Thanks Paul. Annette X

  9. Hello Paul, thank you for putting yourself on the naughty step. It is worth it with these beautiful designs and lovely artwork. Jayne was amazingly talented, and I did have the enormous pleasure of meeting her and watching her craft in person. Take care all, and enjoy the Open days if you are going. Bx

  10. Hi Oaul
    Thank you for being naughty yet again and adding these stamps to the sale. Jayne was such a character, I remember laughing with her at the nec one year as she coloured and image beautifully with one had and ate chips with the other, she said it waorked equally well with biscuits and chocolate! I wonder if she would have managed an icecream! The samples and stamps are lovely aren’t they. We timed our holiday last year to fit in with Leyburn, well holiday planned and Leyburn tagged on, it was a brilliant event but it’s not going to work out this year. I can recommend it though, a fantastic event.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. What a lovely lady Jayne was, and how lucky you were to call her your friend. I have a number of Jayne’s designs, older and newer, and a CD tutorial too which is wonderful. A talented crafter and artist, gone too soon xxx

  12. Good morning, we’ve had plenty of the wet stuff Ooo norf and would like the sunshine back now please.
    Will be joining you at Leyburn on the 8th September, can’t wait.
    I remember watching Jayne at one of the craft shows in Doncaster, such a lovely lady, RIP xx

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