Sunday Funday! Caption Competition

Sunday Funday! Caption Competition

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Well, I am not sure what the weather is like with you today, but down here in Tunbridge Wells, it is torrential rain! What a difference 24hrs can make! So my plans for having a day out and about were put on hold until the nice weather returns.

Instead, I attempted a bit of the dreaded “housework” (apologies for the bad language!!!) Well when I say attempted, what I mean is, that I looked at it, thought about it and then changed my mind!

So I had a bit of a lazy day, of doing nothing!

The naughty step is a bit crowded at the moment with you taking advantage of all the Special Offers.

I was going through my pictures on Facebook and came across these pieces of artwork I did using the Jayne Nestorenko stamps. So I thought I would share them with you.

Don’t forget to check out the Special Offers HERE

I thought, rather than tempt you with more naughtiness we could have a bit of fun.

This picture was taken at the Crowborough Open Days in June.

Here we see artist extraordinaire Mel Turner, head of Retail Picking Debs and super talented graphic designer Lisa all stuffing their faces with one of the wedding cupcakes.

3 wise monkeys? Mmmmm not sure about that (only joking!)

Add a caption to what you think they are saying and on Wednesday I will ask Debs and Lisa to choose a winner who will receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

Don’t forget if you are looking for a great day out later in the year, then why not come along to our Leyburn Open Day on Saturday 8th September. Tickets available HERE

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

76 thoughts on “Sunday Funday! Caption Competition

  1. Right, whoever can get a whole cupcake in their mouth without biting it gets to take the weekend off, ready, steady, GO !!!!!

  2. Mel is saying “look Lisa and Debs, I really can get it all in my mouth!!!!” (sorry Mel)

    Paul you need to wash your mouth out using language like that especially without some sort of warning you were going to use such a word but I am glad you soon came to your senses!
    Have a lovely relaxing evening.
    Love and Hugs xxx

  3. “If we are quick, Barb won’t notice if we have an extra ONE”.
    Swearing on a Sunday, Paul! That is definitely naughty step behaviour. I had to have that set with the little boy washing the Land Rover – a proper motor. (We were in our local Land Rover Club for several years, trailing in mud and dust, and dealing with all the memberships, so that stamp will get a lot of use, I reckon. By the way, will there be cake at Leyburn? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. “Right let’s see who can do the best moustache! “
    Tut tut Paul even thinking that word on a Sunday is a big no no . Glad you came to your senses.

  5. They say calories don’t count if you eat them standing up, lets put it to the test girls.

    How very dare you, H’wrk indeed! did you have no crafting to do?

  6. ” What you want them back ? Errmm that would be a no ! ”
    It’s been raining here as well so I’m ignoring the housework and am playing in my craftroom xxx

  7. Can’t imagine they’re saying anything with all that cake to eat – lucky ladies!
    Much cooler here today, intermittent showers and very windy all day. Just right for housework but decided to ignore it and recover from the heat induced exhaustion instead. Watched some youtube this morning, learned a thing or two, did some stamping and groovin’ this afternoon (very relaxing) and have a good book for later.
    Oh – and I also placed a naughty order!!!

  8. “Do you think we will be joining Paul on the naughty steps? If so we will be in good company with all our blog’y friends”.
    No matter you looked like your were enjoying.

  9. Hi Paul,

    my caption:
    “Oh, there was some glue in the cupcakes – can´t get them out of our mouths”

    Rolf xxx

  10. Ready girls first one to eat ther cake gets a second ready steady go. Oops Mel’s struggling to get hers in giggles all round shhhhh Barbara will hear is 😂😂😂. Paul what you doing swearing what’s that you talking about it’s time to play while cooler xxx

  11. HeeHee! I have been doing the same thing for a couple of weeks, but tomorrow I really won’t have an excuse and must have a go at least.
    Those cupcakes looked delicious and I am loving the captions so far, but I am not taking part in this one, as I won last time. Not that I am saying I am any good at writing them, but just feel it wouldn’t be right.
    Good luck everyone! Annette x

  12. Lazy days all round then. Finished a jigsaw and a book. Back to – grafting – sorry crafting tomorrow. Caption ‘Cake what cake?’

  13. Hi Paul as for the naughty word, my husband done my housework hehe.
    My caption is
    Eany Meany Miney Goooo Gulp

    Mary x

  14. We’d best eat them quick before anyone looks for seconds!
    Having been at Slimming World for what seems like years, it’s really lovely to see people enjoying eating cake without a care in the world!!! x

  15. The word ‘housework’ very rarely passes my lips, and I am the best round abouts for blowing the dust about a bit…lol, so don’t blame you for decided to have a relaxing day instead Paul. My caption “do you think Barbara gave us these to stop us from talking for a least five minutes, oh I don’t know though, perhaps we can still manage it”. I’m sorry ladies, I don’t know you personally but I expect like most of us you love a good chat, expecially about crafting. x

  16. ‘Let them eat cake – they don’t need telling twice !’

    Lovely stamps and what you did with them Paul ! As for the h word wash your mouth out ! Glad you thought better of it. Saying that ….. I did do some ironing today ! X

  17. “Let’s just say it’s research for some new cup cake designs – no one will be any the wiser. LOL”

    Paul + swear word (“Housework”) = naughty step AGAIN! I think you secretly like the naughty step Paul 😀

  18. I think they are saying “No, no, we shouldn’t ……….. oh b****r it! Life’s too short to turn down cake!”
    Paul, I find the following tip helpful when I feel I should be doing the “H” word. I simply lie down until the feeling goes away and it does every time. Unfortunately the housework doesn’t! Where are the houseelves when you need them?

  19. Had a lazy one myself today. Our weather has been changeable but we are back to open windows and fans blowing their heads off this evening.

    I reckon – see all, grab all and scoff all!

  20. Hi Paul

    I don’t blame you for having a lazy day, we all deserve one of them now and then, so just sit back and enjoy it.
    My caption is:
    One is for sorrow, Two is for joy, Three for the girls, and Four, well we won’t tell the boys!!!

    Love & Hugs

  21. Hi Paul, wow! another competition. We’ve had rain as well but not really torrential. Heats up again tomorrow.
    I think Debs is saying “Have I died and gone to cake heaven”.
    Good luck everyone.

  22. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are enjoying a bit of relief from the heat. Been making a few cards with the dies today and quite enjoyed having a change from groovi, been using the adhesive sheets with the super glitter behind the dies. Hoping to get to look at the members sale again tonight just in time to get another order in before it ends. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam,
      Good to hear from you. Great minds think alike – I’ve been doing exactly the same using the art nouveau dies and am chuffed to bits with the finished cards. Hope you are ok. Love and hugs

  23. These GROOVI cakes taste weird!
    That’s because the baker misheard Barbara when she ordered. He thought she said she wanted some GRAVY cupcakes.

  24. Hi Paul,
    You naughty person you, even thinking that word on a Sunday!!! This will have to be short and sweet I’m afraid as Poldark has just started! I’ll leave the caption comp to everyone else as my brain isn’t working too well . Rain yet again today – at least the gardens will benefit. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Definitely cooler here today ( I had to put the gas fire on for a bit this afternoon – for Scamp of course after all she is getting old!!) sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  25. My caption would read… Clarity presents the three 21st century monkeys: ‘Stuff in no evil’, ‘Taste no evil’, ‘Weigh no evil’.
    I have a notice in my craft shed. It says ‘Weekend forecast: Crafting with no chance of cleaning and cooking.’ It sits next to my Clarity calendar. Perhaps you should make yourself a notice like that too Paul, then you will no longer be even tempted lol.

  26. Cake? What cake?
    Busy day today, shopped for supplies so the boat can go to sea tomorrow and cooked the first roast for ages for son , daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Made paper beads with granddaughter and made her a necklace.
    Heavy rain through the night and windy but started to clear up at lunchtime xx

  27. Hello Paul, oh that is a very bad word, I must admit to having done about .005% of what needs doing around the home over the weekend, then doing what you need to do on the weekend – Rest! As for a caption, “we were told we could, so we did”. Take care all. Bx

  28. “Do you think we should crook our pinkies when eating these?”
    Hope you had a relaxed day Paul. The rain here has finally let us off garden-watering duties!

  29. The quality control test for the open day cakes was going well until they realised they had eaten the lot!

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