Happy Happy Happy.

Happy Happy Happy.

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping by on a Sunday. Whilst Paul and Dave are crashing around downstairs, unloading the workshop stuff, let me escape up here and chat to you. What a lovely morning again! The sun is shining – and it’s good to be alive. Am I tired after the Retreat week? Not really. It’s a mindset, isn’t it? If I tell myself I’m cream-crackered today, how will I find the energy to keep going next week in Deutschland? So I’m full of beans, raring to go, excited actually. Looking forward to it even. And nobody will convince me otherwise!
Thank you for all the super Blackbird captions yesterday; they were such a joy to read. They all made us smile, but the one which really resonated with me was
Chris Tyson
Perfect. Chris took on board my blog about Sadhguru – the guy I tune into quite often. So the £20 Clarity Gift Voucher goes to Chris this time.  Thanks all for joining in.
DO you know what GURU actually means? In Hindu, Gu means Darkness and Ru means dispeller.
So Guru = Dispeller of Darkness.
I like that; makes sense now.
Got to go, but wanted to leave you with a picture of Linda Williams. She has been helping us all week, running around, helping guests with their parchment, making sandwiches, doing dishes – and generally being a very good friend.
Here we see her guarding the cake! To know her is to love her.
On the last day of the retreats we had a little re-treat! We had had an extra wedding cake made, in case the huge one wasn’t sufficient on the day (spoken like a true crafter!). Well, yesterday, it was served and enjoyed. Spot the handmade paper bouquet too!
We do like a cake, don’t we? Lynne Bishop treated us to cake too. Thank you Lynne.
Time to pack.
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy.

  1. Congrats Chris – enjoy your spend! Lovely cake and once again I missed out on a Lynne Bishop cake!! Glad it all went well for the retreats and I am sure Germany will be a huge success – come on – how could it not be? 😊😊😊 xxx

  2. Once again the retreat was excellent. Lots learned and success with the geli!!! Knock em dead in Germany. You are a true star. Thanks again to Linda, Paul, Becca et al for all the help, friendliness and kindness. I will dwell on that for weeks, months to come.

  3. When we step into new things whatever they are it adds to our tapestry blanket that we each was given the day of our birth , yours barbara is full of fun and coloure and creativity have a wonderful time in Germany new stitches to your blanket of life xx

  4. Love Chris’s caption – very apt.
    As a cake maker I cannot envisage piping that design so I can only assume it was stencilled with royal icing. It is a beautiful effect.
    Never knew the meaning of GURU but now it explains my hubby – he is definitely my dispeller of darkness and always makes me chuckle .
    Have a good week next week in Germany and make them all as happy as you are.

  5. Now, far be it from me to doubt our lovely Linda, BUT, was how was she guarding the cake – to keep it safe for you or so that there might be an extra slice ………… I am glad that the final retreat went as well as ours did, but was there any doubt that it would. Likewise, I know that your German trip will be a rip roaring success and they will love you. Safe journey there and back. xxx Maggie

  6. So before we head off to Germany for the next chapter, A massive ‘Thank You’ from me also…To Linda and Rob for all their help and support, and for being really good friends ! To Paul Church for his invaluable support, and the rest of the Clarity Crew that were involved in the Retreat… for those back at Clarity Towers, keeping it all going …finally to all who attended this week, Thank you. p.s. Who ate all the cake ?

  7. If you, Barbara, don’t find the retreats tiring I certainly do with all the listening & watching my concentration is stretched. But I would not have it any other way. The one guarantee is that the retreat is one of the highlights of my year & this year it was no different. Many thanks to you, Paul & Becca for doing such a good job on the public front & also to Dave & the rest of the background crew. The cake was a very generous & tasty surprise. Good luck for Germany.

  8. Glad they all went well and everyone had lots of fun. I love the meaning of Guru, very apt for you too as you are my craft guru! Xx

    1. Same to you Donna- just think you can have a lovely lie in tomorrow! I bet Phoebe will be pleased to have her mam at home! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. So it’s onwards and upwards. Gorgeous looking cake just like the projects on the retreat no doubt. I’m sure Germany will go swimmingly. Well done and congratulations to Chris!

  10. What a great caption, so congrats to Chris. I love that pretty pink extra wedding cake with the beautiful flowers and gorgeous lace icing…yum yum, and enjoyed by you all I’m sure. You don’t need a good luck for Germany as it will be a massive success!! x

  11. Great caption Chris, and what a lovely cake. So pleased the retreats went well and have a successful trip to Germany

  12. Linda guarding the cake now that made me smile. Thank-you again for all that you and your team achieved for us last week. It was fabulous. Well done Chris, well thought out little saying. Good luck for Germany, you will be amazing as always. xx

  13. Well done to Chris – lovely caption. That cake looks delicious and almost too beautiful to eat. I’m sure you will be a great success in Germany, and I hope your stock doesn’t all sell out before you get to do some fabulous demos!

  14. What a great surprise. Thank you Barbara. When I posted the caption I hoped it would be take humorously . Thanks again. Enjoy Germany. X

  15. A perfect caption Chris and enjoy your voucher.
    All the best for the coming week in Germany Barbara and Dave and wishing you lots of success and safe travels.
    I am going to my granddaughter’s primary school leavers’s performance tomorrow and am prepared for an emotional evening, judging by the snippets I have heard. Oh how quickly they grow up!
    It is going to be another hot week folks, so stay cool. 😎 Annette X

  16. Hi Barbara
    Well done Chris, that was a brilliantly thought out caption xxx
    I love what Anita wrote about you creative quilt Barbara and it’s true what Donna wrote about you being a craft guru for all of us Clarity fans.
    Have fun in Germany, I’m sure you will be really successful.
    Love & Hugs

  17. A brilliant caption from Chris so enjoy your prize. You will be a knock out in Germany Barbara. XXX

  18. Hi Barbara
    Well done Chris that was a great caption. What an interesting meaning for the word guru, it’s so fascinating what you learn on this blog. What a beautiful cake, I’m sure it tasted as delicious as it looks and well done Linda guarding it so well. Have a safe journey to Germany, you will be amazing.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Well done Chris enjoy your voucher what s great week loved are first retreat first of many I hope. Clarity teamRocks . Have a great time in Germany hope it’s a bit cooler there this coming week looks like going to be even hotter hope after that it cools a bit and not as hot as forcast love hugs xxx

  20. Hi Barbara pleased to see you have all had a brilliant time this week.
    I’m sure you will have a great time in Germany they will love you as we do.
    Well done Chris enjoy spending you voucher

    Mary x

  21. Congratulations to Chris for her caption win. The cake & bouquet look lovely & I am sure the cake tasted good to.
    Enjoy the trip to Germany, I am sure you have prepped & double prepped for the show & everyone will love what you have to show them & the products will fly off the shelves.

  22. Hi Barb,
    The cake looks fabulous. Well done to Chris for her brilliant caption – enjoy spending. Like many others, I never knew the meaning of Guru – but I do now. Very educational blog this is. Been at a Groovi workshop with Linda Page today and was looking at some of the wedding photos on Heather’s tablet – everything looked wonderful, have to say your dress was beautiful. Hope Germany goes well and that you end up with lots more Clarity converts. Have a safe journey, love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  23. Congratulations to Chris for the winning caption, I knew that was a winner as soon as I read it, such a brilliant play on words.
    I’m sure everything will go well in Germany and you will be a great success xx

  24. Hello Barb, so glad the retreats were another success. I am sure everyone enjoyed them, and that cake. It looks really scrumptious! Well done Chris, that is a really good one. Take care all. Bx

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