While the cats are away………

While the cats are away………

Hi everyone.

Paul here, taking over the blog for a week whilst Barbara and Dave head over to Germany for the BIG event on Wednesday.

So while the cats are away (aka Barbara and Dave), the mice will play! (me and the Clarity Crew)

Well the mice aren’t actually playing because the Half Price Club Member’s Sale is in full swing at Clarity Towers.

The uptake to the sale has been amazing and the mice are running around picking and packing all the orders, but in this current heatwave the orders are currently taking a little longer, so please bear with us.

In order to take part in the Half Price Club Member’s sale, you need to belong to either 1, 2 or all 3 of our New Design Clubs. There are some amazing products in the sale, from Stamps, to Stencils, Groovi, accessories and much, much more.

If you want to know more about our New Design Clubs, then check out this video from Barbara……

Since I have taken over the blog, I just wanted to say that I had an amazing time at the Annual Clarity Retreats last week, catching up with so many lovely crafty friends, old and new.

The buzz in the room each day was electric – full of happiness, excitement, anticipation and so many happy smiley faces!

The Annual Clarity Retreats are one of the many highlights of the year for me. Those of you who attended this year, or who have been before, will know that my role at the events is to ensure all the equipment is in place for each project, swapping it out each time a new project is started. Well this year, I had 2 superstar helpers helping me!

The lovely Becca and Linda.

Team work really does make the Dream work here at Clarity with Barbara and Dave being the capital “T” in team work and “D” in dream work!

Sooooooo, I thought we would have a little competition………..

With all the modern technology around, it is now really quite easy to find out how many steps we take each day, which in turn add up to miles.

So my question is:

How many miles do you think I walked around the hall each day?

Leave your answer below, and then on Wednesday I will go through all the comments, put all the correct answers in a hat and choose one person to receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

Happy Crafting!
Paul xxx

60 thoughts on “While the cats are away………

    1. Hiya Paul! The retreats were fantastic and you hardly stood still. I’m surprised you don’t disappear especially in the heat we experienced! I think you probably walked the equivalent of 10 miles a day looking after everyone and making sure Barbara had everything needed! Plus setting up for each day!
      Have a great week on here!
      Love and hugs xxx

  1. Well, what a question ! Only yesterday my brother-in-law said he walked 38 miles last week – is that any help – no ! I’ll say you walked 8.5 miles. Now, while the cat’s away what else can you do LOL !! Can’t wait to see ! Xx

  2. Wasn’t at the retreats to see you dashing about that big hall but guess you would travel about 6.75 miles average each day. Those steps do mount up!! I will be fascinated to see the correct answer.
    I know you are all busy, and like to give good fast service, but with this heat I would rather wait for my orders and know that the Clarity team are staying safe, taking it steady and not rushing around too much.
    I am old enough to remember 1976 but although it was hot I’m sure it didn’t last as long as this and so far there looks like it will continue for some time. 32 plus here today.
    Take care all Clarity crafters.

  3. Hmmmm tricky but at a guess i will pick about 10miles. Glad you had a good time at the retreats. XX

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. How hot is it today! Went to the cinema this morning so that was a little bit of respite. XX

  5. Purely a stab in the dark with not having seen the room, I would say nine & three quarters give or take a step or two. No wonder you look so slim on TV 😀

  6. Hi Paul,
    The Retreat certainly was a wonderful experience again and I’d like to thank you, Becca, Linda, Barbara, Dave and everyone else at Team Clarity for making it so enjoyable. I’m going to guess that you walked 4.3 miles around the hall each day. X

  7. Hi Paul, Glad you enjoyed the Retreats. As for how many miles you walked I guess 5 miles a day. Not so good when it comes to miles rather than kilometres 😉
    Am in Germany atm (and actually just around the corner from Duesseldorf) where it’s also HOT HOT HOT and of course, I’ll be watching Barbara on QVC on Wednesday. What time?
    Love to you and all the hard working team at Clarityour Towers . You all do an amazing job! Thank you. Xxx

  8. You walked a million miles to make everyone happy. Big thank you again. I had a wonderful time.
    I think maybe you walked 9 miles
    Take care
    Lots of love x

  9. Hi Paul. I love the retreats too. They are so much fun and it’s a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded people. Sorry I couldn’t make the retreats again this year…Cumbria Council just wouldn’t change their term dates for me to come. But today was my last day for thus year so it’s Freedom for the next few weeks and I’m heading down to Kent to see my family; think I need to pack my heatwave clothes though. I think that you walked 12.5 miles each day. Now I must go and have another look at that sale. My first order has arrived safely so thank you to the sweating Clarity Elves. Love and best wishes. Jeanette xx

  10. My guess is 4.25 miles. I expect your feet were pleased when you finally got off them each evening!!

  11. The retreat was fantastic. I think you walked just the right number of miles to keep us all happy, plus a few extra to nip outside! Ok if I have to put a number on it I’d say 2.2 miles.
    Looking forward to the mouse comments this week. X

  12. Retreat was fantastic. Thanks team for all your hard work. I think you must have clocked up at least 9.2 miles. x

  13. Shame I missed the retreats this year, but I know you didn’t stop for a minute last year so I would guess at about 6.5 miles a day. No rush for my order as I haven’t got time to do any crafting for a wee while! x

  14. I had a fabulous time too. I reckon you walked 3.5 miles if it was just around the hall but if we adding on your trips to Morrisons for our lunches then about 5.5 miles. you all did an amazing job, the lunches were lovely and greatly appreciated. xx

  15. Hi Paul. I walk a mile and a half to work each day which takes me about 20 minutes at a reasonable speed. So if we say 3 miles an hour. Not sure how long the day was but if we say 7 hours 3 x 7 = 21 a sit down for lunch may be, coffee break, probably not. I’m going for 18 miles. That sounds ridiculous but hay ho!

  16. I reckon about 7.8 miles Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed this years retreat, this was my third one and I think it was the best yet! Maybe it’s because I am growing in my crafting or more than likely it was the company was fab and seeing and sitting with some wonderful people that I sat with last year and being welcomed by the Clarity crew xx

  17. I’m going to join in as the more the merrier, going to guess at 5.75 miles. Anyway Paul hope you were drinking plenty in this heat. Got a feeling it would have been a lot more miles than I’ve guessed. Good luck everone.xx

  18. Hi Paul, I reckon you walked about 6 miles each day. I did so enjoy the retreats last week. Enjoy your time while the cats are away 🐱🐁

  19. I’m going to take a guess at 8.75miles.
    Hot and humid here today. I can’t cope with this heat as well as I did when I was young, went out on the sun lounger at 5pm one day and it was still too hot.
    I remember 1976 very well as I was expecting my first baby. I think the weather broke just before he was born at the beginning of October because I was still swimming in the sea well into September. I know it was wet and windy when he was born and winter had really set in by the time I came home (stayed in the maternity home for 6 days back then) . Going to take the grandsons to beach tomorrow xx

  20. Hi Paul.
    I will say you were so busy making sure everyone was looked after and you must have walked 11 miles. I hope you had comfy shoes. X

  21. Hi Paul
    I hope Barbara and Dave have a safe journey to Germany and you enjoy being naughty on the blog for a few days, it’s ok, we won’t tell them. I think you must have walked a fair bit each day, I’m thinking 11.5 Miles. I’m sure you were over and above your 10,000 steps each day by quite a long way. You probably walked about 78 Miles over the 6 days, frightening isn’t it how much it adds up.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. I couldn’t even guess , as I don’t know the size of the hall, it probably felt like a lot more at the end of each day. I would love to have been there, it sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  23. Hi Paul (squeak, squeak)
    I so pleased that all of your retreats went so well. I know how hard the Clarity Team work to keep everyone happy.
    All the figures for your mileage that I was thinking of have already been said (that will teach me to leave it so late) so I’m going to squeeze one in the middle and say 11.75 miles.
    Good luck with the blog this week
    Love & Hugs

  24. Hi Paul, so glad you had willing and able helpers. I am sure that those who attended the retreats have a better idea, but my guess is you walked 4. 75 miles each day. Take care all and look after yourselves in this heat. Bx

  25. Sorry I am late to the party, but had my granddaughter’s leaving performance last night. Having lived out of the country for so many years, I really don’t do miles, so will have a guess at 5.5 miles. I am probably way out, but what the heck!
    Thanks for taking over the blog Paul and hope tomorrow is a great success for Barb. Annette X

  26. Hi Paul I think you would have walked about 9.45 miles but it would have felt more like a 100 by the end of the retreats
    have fun while the cats are away lol
    Fran xx

  27. Hi Paul, love your blogs. I hope to attend a retreat one year, need to get a travel plan in place. I reckon in nearly 10 Miles!

  28. Im old enough to remember 1976 – and it was pretty hot in 75 too – in those days I lived in the SE of UK – but now I am in w of Ireland and the temps here, while record breaking, are kinder to us than in the UK.
    My guess is 3.75 miles.

  29. I’m so pleased the retreats were such a success and so thoroughly enjoyable, and just wish I could have been there. I know you must all have worked tremendously hard to make them run like clockwork, so I think you may have walked 6.25 miles Paul. Hope all is going well for Barbara in Germany. x

  30. Was a fantastic time thank you all for all you did and hel and support with Katie she had a ball and is loving sharing her makes with every one. I guess you did a lot of miles everyday around and round the whole 12.25 miles away hope you miss don’t play to hard have some fun xxx

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