Day 6 and Blog Candy…

Day 6 and Blog Candy…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Woke up to birdsong this morning, and caught Mr and Mrs Blackbird having their early morning shower.

I wonder what they are talking about. Shall we have a caption competition? We do enjoy them, don’t we? Leave a fitting caption below and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow. That winner will receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher. Got to be in it to win it, so have a think.

LAST LEG of the 6-day retreat marathon today. Not that I am feeling tired; not at all (there’s a lot to be said for a good nights sleep). I’m certainly not on my LASTS LEGS, as they say! We have had such a super week. The guests have been delightful, and the good energy in the room reflected that every single day.

The Clarity helpers are fighting fit too – fighting for breath and fit to drop probably! They must have walked miles round that hall, with another few furlongs still to go today! Many, many thanks to Paul, Becca, Linda, Dave and Rob.

Anyway, I must dash. Snip clinic at 8.30!

Love & Hugs,



78 thoughts on “Day 6 and Blog Candy…

  1. Have a fabulous last day! I think Mr Blackbird is saying to Mrs Blackbird, “Am I making breakfast today, or shall we go out?” I’m looking forward to Maria’s workshop with Eva, Barbara L. and Pearl today.

  2. Well my caption is
    Mrs B – Please can I go to the last day of the Clarity retreat
    Mr B – But I thought you said this was the last day
    Mrs B – Well maybe if I ask Barbara will manage to squeeze me in. I have my own money and can easily pay for myself.
    Mr B – If you can get in, then go and here is some spending money just in case you see something to buy
    Mrs B – Oh thank you dear. I love you so much

  3. My caption –“Better be a quick splash or Barbara will be sketching us and making us into a Groovi picture!!!!”

  4. Morning – I’m no good at the caption game, BUT, I can tell you that at 0430 this morning it wasn’t a blackbird having a drink it was a huge, cheeky fox!
    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie.
    PS please remember to keep some water at ground level too for the hedgehogs/eigels. (I keep a plant pot saucer on the ground full of water for them). If you have a pond, please make sure they can climb out!

  5. Hello Barb, you are up bright and early. Hope the last day goes well. Love the picture of Mr and Mrs B, and I think the caption should be “Dear, said Mr B, I thought in view of the lack of rain, we should perhaps share our bath water, so I hopped in before you, it is not too grubby, and still lukewarm from the sun! Mrs B chirps to herself, I hope he wiped his feet before he got in this time, there is no telling what he landed in last time!!” Have a great day everyone. Bx

  6. I heard on Twitter there is a drought? We’re never short of water here though, are we! You first!

  7. Hi Barbara,
    You are one busy lady.
    Make the most of these peaceful moments in the garden.
    Mrs Blackbird “I will be busy today watching the Clarity team, I hope you do not mind dear?”
    Mr B “oh that is a shame I hoped we could have a lovely day together” thinking (Hee hee hee! I can watch the sports all day, might even partake in a bit of car “spotting” myself)
    Have a great day with your fans.
    Linda xx

  8. If we sit here long enough do you think one of their design team will get the hint and make a plate of blackbirds?

  9. I hope tomorrow will be a day of rest for you and that you have plans to go out for a Sunday roast? We’re off to the Highland Games in Tomintoul today so I hope it’s not too wet after yesterday’s rain.
    My caption: “Now, you know there’s a hosepipe ban, so not too much splashing”

  10. My caption is – Well my dear, shall we sip or swim ?
    Hope you all have a great last day & tomorrow you can sit in your beautiful garden & watch Mr & Mrs Blackbird for a bit longer.

  11. Noticed that the little beggar hasn’t washed his neck again! You get him here and I’ll hold him down!

  12. Mrs B to Mr B “Can I go in first please as I have to get to the last day of the Clarity Retreats?”

  13. Bits what a peaceful morning babies all left the nest , let’s chill shall we eat or have a swim fist . While it’s quiet. X. Have a fantastic last day loved the pic clinic need to learn more know getting Groovi out today need to finish that project Bob back to work today . So just me and Katie and the new goodies and club letter to play with too xxx

  14. “I’ll be glad when the retreats are finished, might get a better breakfast!”

    Have fun you lucky people x

  15. “Good job it rained last night that Barb has been so busy this week she forgot to fill us up!”
    Enjoy your last day at the retreat! X

  16. Mr blackbird “do you see that nice newly washed car over there ?”
    Mrs blackbird “yes dear”
    Mr blackbird ” whose turn is it to decorate it first, it shall we do it together ? ”

    It always happens whenever we wash our car,I’m sure they do it on purpose lol
    Hope you have fun on the last day of the reatreat xxx

  17. I hope the last day goes well Barbara and the caption “After our morning dip do you think we might manage to get at those nuts in there?” x

  18. I think the female magpie is saying “quick love strike a pose and make it good then she will turn us into a stamp too….I’m not having those magpies getting one over on us”.

  19. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time at the retreats. You and the team do work your socks off to organise them.
    I think the blackbirds are saying
    “you go first ”
    ” no you go first”
    “OK Let’s do it together then”
    Hugs from Chris X

  20. Don’t look now but did you see that?
    I said don’t look!
    Oh my god, did you see that?
    Look they’re kissing!

  21. Hope the last day goes as well as the last 5 Barb.
    My caption:
    Mr B: aye up, she’s out with that camera again!
    Mrs B: Well I bet you a fiver we are a stamp within the week!!
    Mr B: So long as she includes the bird bath in the set I’m happy.
    Hope you get time to put your feet up tomorrow. Xxxxx

  22. Hi Barb,
    I think Mrs Blackbird is saying ” How am I ever going to lose weight when I’m there’s so much temptation !”
    Sorry not very good, but I tried!! Hope everything goes well today, love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi Alison, yes I am very happy, lots of time to do some crafting and just sit in the garden with a good book. Can’t wait! XX

  23. Mrs Blackbird is saying ” We forgot to put our towels out last night dearest, good job we got here before the sparrows. ”
    I have a bird bath in the front garden it used to belong to my dad. The birds love it and in this weather it dries up quickly so they sit there looking at the house waiting. Hope last day goes well. xx

  24. The next nest along is mr and Mrs magpie we must have a chirrup with them as they are keeping our chicks awake with all there chattering

  25. I was up with the birds this morning too. The garden was all fresh after the rain……
    I think Mr.B is saying to Mrs.B. “Here she is again with her camera – do you reckon we will be a stamp, a Groovi design or maybe another stencil this time? Sit still, then we can have our breakfast.”
    I hope you enjoyed today – wish I could have been there :(.

  26. I’m jealous!!! No rain here, no freshness, very oppressive: the rain seems to be avoiding Norfolk altogether. Bugs, ants and butterflies are doing well but very few birds so it was nice to see your blackbirds in a green garden. I’m no good at captions but I do like some of those already posted. Have we had a bird bath in the Clarity suite yet?
    Hope you are going to take a day to relax after the retreats, you deserve it.

  27. Had a really cracking retreat. Bib, big thanks to Barbara and the team. They were helpful and lovely. Over too soon and now back home. Also recommend Minor A @ E in Crowborough. had to visit yesterday as I had scratched my left cornea. So pleased it did not happen the day before in the middle of the retreat! Excellent service from everyone. Now will catch up on the programmes I missed. Hope Germany goes well – the phrase to QVC “Halt die klapper” and let me get on with it in my professional way!!!
    Mr & Mrs Blackbird says. “Gosh Mr Blackbird, Barbara should think of the neighbours before she dances naked around the garden and look, look Dave is at it too chasing her” Whatever is the craft world coming to.



  29. Good afternoon B
    I bet you are all cream crackered but look how many people you have made HAPPY 😊
    As for the little birdies
    I think you need to go to the snip clinic Mr B
    because if you were me having to lay all those flipping eggs you would definitely make me go.
    Now what’s for breakfast ?

  30. Glad the retreats went well
    Caption should be:- Barbara and Dave certainly leave us a good spread each morning. Enough for all the family…. Spread the word.

  31. Just got home from the retreat, what a fabulous couple of days I’ve had-loved every minute😄 Laughing and crafting with like minded people😍
    Huge thanks to Barbara for being patient, informative and entertaining, and thanks to Paul, Becca, Linda and Dave for making the two days fab!
    Caption comp-“I bet the squirrels will get into that inside 30 seconds”
    Thanks again, Janet/Karen-Carol 😂😂

  32. I love reading all the captions, but I am rubbish at it, so shall just enjoy everyone else’s.
    I hope you will all have a day to relax and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. Everyone seems to have had a great time at the retreats, but it must have been tiring, especially in the heat.
    Have a good evening. Annette X

  33. “well now we’ve polished off Lynne’s blueberries let’s see what Barb has to offer in her garden….” Xx

  34. Mrs. B, Oh No!
    I’ve forgotten my bikini!! Mr. B…never mind, we can skinny dip, theres no one watching!

  35. Evening glad all your workshops went well, I bet everyone who attended had a ball. Brain has gone to sleep and I literally can’t think of anything for the birds to say that hasn’t already been said. Have a good weekend. XX

  36. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good Saturday. Been busy today getting the final touches done on my sisters birthday card and a handmade picture. XX

  37. Thank you for a fantastic couple of days again. It just flew by and I can’t wait to have another go at some of the things we did again. Such an inspiring time!
    I think they’re saying ‘Do you think we’ll ever get any wedding cake crumbs?’. (Thanks for sharing it with us today. It was delicious.)
    See you all next year. X

  38. Mr: that grass looks so green- how have they managed it in this weather?
    Mrs: that’s because they’ve coloured it with Artistry Ink ….. amazon trail, I think!

  39. Hi Barbara
    It’s great to hear you are bouncing out of bed looking forward to the retreats rather than draggy your weary bones as you are on your last legs. The possitive thinking and spreading the workload and stress is working a treat. I hope you enjoyed the last day and you are all celebrating with fish and chips in the garden tonight. My comment is
    Mr B “look at that green grass, they must have had a fair bit of rain here lately, even the birdbath is full.” Mrs B “Mm I know dear, now is that colour Shabby Shutters or Peeled Paint?”.
    Love Diane xxx

  40. “Well the water hasn’t been warmed yet!”

    We always put a top up of warm water in New Zealand.

    Love your blog xx

  41. “Any minute now she’ll turn us into a stamp, Groovi plate or stencil, or maybe all 3!”
    Did you see on the news today, Brownies can get a Mindful Badge?

  42. “Hey Bob, is it my eyes, or have all the sunflower seeds gone? Looks like that Helga was here before us… again”

  43. Hi Barbara
    Pleased you have been having a great time on the retreat days, I’m sure they were worth every smile.
    My caption is:
    Mr B: “Did you see? Did you see? I managed a whole width in breast stroke!”
    Mrs B: “Yes dear, I saw. Now then do you want seed muesli for breakfast or shall we have fresh worms?”

    Love & Hugs

  44. ‘You go first and leave the water in for me

    That’s what we had to do as kids,.

    Have fun


  45. Phew…..well at long last the brood have flown the nest so perhaps we can now take a well deserved rest, well done old bird here’s to next year!

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