YouTube Tuesday: Aged Fossil Canvas

YouTube Tuesday: Aged Fossil Canvas

Hi there!
You Tube Tuesday today. 
Maria is showing us a super canvas technique using our Shell stencil, whick looks like a fossil actually.

Here are the products she has used, which now come with a 20% discount tag until next Tuesday, so do take a look…

7×7” Shell Stencil


Canvas Boards 6″ x 6″

Inka Gold


Decoupage Paste

Viva Decor Sponge Brushes


If you wish to view all the above in one place, we’ve created a page on our website just for that here.

Today was Day 2 of our Retreat Marathon. It was great today. What smashing people! They produced some super work too!

Tomorrow will be easier I hope, because now we know what we’re doing, how long it takes – and the possible pitfalls !!!

(That’s the theory anyway!)

I do enjoy the workshops. I think they are my favourite part of the job.

I’m afraid my Ipad is playing up, so I can’t show you photos. Let’s save them all for the end.


Love & Hugs



16 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday: Aged Fossil Canvas

  1. Maria makes it look so easy. So pleased the retreat is going well. It has been a little cooler where I am today, hope it has been for you.

  2. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely and again a good discount on the products. I must put my sale order in soon. Glad all is going well with the workshops, you almost need a trial run the week before with a local WI group or something. Mind you I’m sure each group must have its individual little quirks and what went well with one group could be a disaster with the next lot!
    Love Diane xxx

  3. I loved watching Maria’s shows today. She is so good and a pleasure to watch. Her getting Dave to use shrink plastic was hilarious! Thanks also Maria, for the tip on sharpening pencils at both ends to get a point and a blunt end. Simple but brilliant, as I have often rubbed away at a point to get a softer effect.
    As it was so much cooler today, I had to choose between housework and Groovi and I am sorry to say that housework won, as it had been sadly neglected because of the heat. At least I can now Groovi ‘guilt free’! Have a good evening. Annette X

  4. Hi Barbara and everyone hope you are all well.
    A lot cooler to day so able to get jobs done, with a little bit of groovi after.
    Saw Maria’s first show , very good with Leonie getting on with her challenge!!! What fun.
    Stencils looked good but waiting for the groovi show tomorrow.
    Glad the retreats are going well.
    Looking forward to seeing all the photos later.
    Keep well all, Lynn xx

  5. Loved Maria’s shows today – lots of inspiration. Cooler this evening so got some parching done. Praying for rain but it looks as though it will pass us by until the kids break up for the holidays, then it will rain until they go back to school and we’ll have an indian summer!!!!!
    Hope the retreats are going well.

  6. Oh boy! Am I confused? I read today’s blog and thought “Why is the YouTube being put out a day early?” Then I realised that today IS Tuesday. Doh!!! Better get my brain back in gear before tomorrow morning. Ok, having confessed my confusion, I will now go back and read today’s blog properly. See you tomorrow (as long as tomorrow is Wednesday). xxx Maggie

  7. Fantastic technique, didn’t realise how many different products were in the Viva line. Great canvases, thank you Maria. XX

  8. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Actually managed to do some crafting the last couple of nights!! Ssshhhh don’t tell anyone… XX

  9. Really looking forward to tomorrow as all tucked up in the B & B just down the road from the community centre in Crowborough. Xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Loved this video , one of my favourite stencils, although I think I preferred the one done with the copper instead of gold. Caught Maria’s first show and will catch up on other one tomorrow . Looking forward to seeing the ODS as well. Pleased to hear Retreat is going well, I’m sure everyone is having a fantastic time. Much cooler here today after a terrific thunderstorm last night and pouring rain. Everything much fresher, although for some bizarre reason my hay fever kicked in today! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today finds you as well as possible. Just got back from a lovely meal out with me driving! Went swimming for the first time today. Gosh I was so tired! Managed 32 lengths and some exercises so was quite pleased with that. The only trouble was, I’ve been swimming for over a year and a half with my brace on and therefore not using legs, that today I couldn’t get my legs to kick! That will take a bit of practice I think! Knee a bit stiff now which isn’t surprising really, been on it most of day, so it’s off to bed for me with the Bio oil on and painkillers. Night, night, love and hugs,Alison xxx

  11. How organised are you! I’m merely gathering together my fave Groovi plates to take on holiday & I can’t find my newest Club baby plate of houses. I’ve only had it 15 days for goodness sake.😱 Looked all over the house, it’s a massive mystery. 😕
    Hope you continue to have a great time at your retreat!!

  12. This shell looks like an ammonite, and the treatment given it by Maria is fabulous with the glitter shine and texture and the great contrast from dark to light. So pleased the retreats are working well and that everybody is having a wonderful time. x

  13. Hello Barb, another super arty lesson from Maria, she makes it look so easy. Love the end result. Glad the retreats are going well, I am sure everyone is enjoying the workshops too. Take care all. Bx

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